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He stared up at the woman rising above him moaning at the exquisite feeling. His hands landed on her hips, helping her movements.

He groaned when she leaned forward, landing heated kisses over his chest. He snaked a hand up the curve of her spine, twining his fingers on the silky strands of her hair as soft curves grazed his toned body.

"No!" He all but shouted when she climbed off. His eyes were glued to her backside, mesmerized by the sway of her oh so feminine hips. She hooked a finger in his direction, indicating he should follow.

Eagerly, he shot off the couch and went after her.

An alarm mixed with a moan of his own awoke him. Annoyed, Booth slapped the alarm clock on his nightstand.

He was panting, as if he really had been making love in reality. He was hot, reliving the last moments of his dream.

As he stepped inside the shower his thoughts inevitably led him back to his dream. He wasn't able to see who his lover was, but at some point he felt like he knew who she was.


It shouldn't be such a surprise, really. She was a very beautiful woman and there was definitely attraction between them.

Rinsing off, he shut the water and got ready for his day. With each second that passed his dinner date with Temperance got closer.


It had been a long and frustrating week for her. After working long and difficult hours, the case was finally closed. Brennan left the lab with enough time to swing by her apartment to get ready before her dinner date with Booth.

She arrived at the restaurant a few minutes before the accorded time, instantly spotting him walking towards the entrance.

"Hi." Brennan called before he went inside.

"Temperance." Booth returned the greeting, suppressing a groan when the scent of her reached him.

They were given a table by the corner, nice and private in his opinion. The waitress introduced herself and recommended a few dishes. The waitress left after taking their order, promising to return with their drinks shortly.

"So, uh, how was the rest of your week?" Booth asked, initiating conversation.

Brennan couldn't give much detail, but she told him the murder case she was called on as a consultant was finally closed.

"Ah, that's great." Their drinks arrived and he proposed a toast. "To a relaxing weekend." They drank to that.

"What about you?" Brennan wondered how the rest of his week had gone. Considering how mouthwatering he looked sporting a leather jacket she could conclude that perhaps his week had gone better than hers.

"Oh, it could have been better." He briefly told her about a case he got earlier in the week and how it promised to be a long and tiring one.

As they ate and continued conversing Booth wasn't really paying too much attention to her words. He kept getting distracted every time her lips closed over a forkful of food or the way her throat moved every time she took a sip of her wine.

He couldn't help but tug on the neck of his tee as he felt the heat rise. With every move, every gesture, every bat of her eyelashes brought to the forefront of his mind the very hot dream he had the previous night.

"Huh?" She'd asked him something, but he didn't know what it was.

"I asked if you're feeling alright." Her brow furrowed with concern. "You seem flustered."

"Oh, nah…" He shook his head, mostly to get rid of the very inappropriate images. "It's just a little hot in here." He tugged on the neck of his T-shirt again.

Brennan signaled for their waitress, asking for a glass of water. She rose from her seat and walked around the table. "Perhaps you should…" He looked out of it so she stood behind him, dragging the stiff material of his jacket away from his shoulders and down his arms.

Booth shuddered at the feel of her hands following the glide of his jacket down his arms.

"Better?" She asked, her breath hitting his neck.

"Definitely." She was leaning towards him and he came face to face with her breasts. The simple, yet alluring, cleavage she had going did nothing to help him get his mind out of the gutter.

Brennan returned to her seat, the heat reaching her now. Dragging that jacket down his arms, the back of his head pillowed against her breasts for the briefest of moments, had a delicious effect on her.

She watched him gulp down the cold glass of water and after a few minutes of fighting the urge to remove her own jacket, Brennan suggested they went outside for some fresh air. For his benefit, of course.

He felt bad for ending their dinner short, so it was his turn to make a suggestion.

"How about we get some ice cream?" He waggled his eyebrows at her as they walked down the sidewalk and away from the restaurant. "You know, for the heat."

"I'd like that." Brennan agreed, the cool night breeze hitting her heated skin.

They crossed the street to a small ice cream parlor. It was closing time, so the two hurriedly choose what they wanted.

"Thanks." Booth paid for their cones and walked out with Brennan. They spotted a deserted bus stop bench ahead of them and sat down.

"This is nice." Brennan commented, indulging in the taste of the dessert.

"Yeah." He didn't bother putting on his jacket so he could better savor the moment. It felt fantastic to cool down, sitting on a bench with Temperance and having some ice cream. It felt so intimate and innocent.

When the wind picked up they rose from the bench. He walked her back to her car, conversing softly.

"I had a very good time tonight." Brennan admitted when they reached the driver's side door. Booth smiled pleased to know that even through the dinner mess she still enjoyed herself. He was about to step back so she could open her door when he felt her hand close over his left wrist.

"What?" Booth asked, leaning down to level their gazes. Brennan used her napkin to wipe a small drop of melted ice cream clinging to the side of his mouth. Booth cringed, voicing his embarrassment. Brennan laughed, the sound drawing him closer.

She felt her pulse quicken when his lips crashed against hers. The kiss was soft and exploring at first, but the second her mouth opened it escalated. Tongues mingled, tasting the other's mouth.

She tasted chocolate and the unique taste of him.

He tastes mostly the ice cream they'd just had, but there was a powerful hint of her taste as well.

On a rushed exhale their kiss ended. Brennan gave him a playful shove and angled inside the vehicle. Through the haze Booth held her door and poked his head inside. "Will I see you again?" He hoped so.

Brennan winked and started the engine.


She trailed her hands down his arms, following the movement of his jacket.

"Better?" Her lips brushed against his earlobe.

"Definitely." His tone was huskier.

"Good." Brennan smiled, walking to stand in front of him. She placed her hands on his shoulders and straddled his lap. A smug little smile spread across her face when his hands landed on her hips.

Their lips fused together, immediately their tongues tangled. Her hands slipped under the hem of his T-shirt, nails scrapping the muscular abdomen.

Clothes were easily discarded. Once naked she reclaimed her spot, straddling his lap. They moved as one, her hands and lips seeking his neck and shoulders.

"More." She couldn't get enough of him, her mouth sucking his throat frantically.

"Yeah." The word escaped on a groan, his hands moving up the sides of her body.

The slam of the front door startled her awake.

Brennan kicked the sheets off her body, her skin tingling from the memory of her heated dream.

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