High in the misty Highlands
Out by the purple highlands
Brave are the hearts that beat
Beneath Scottish skies
Wild are the winds to meet you
Staunch are the friends that greet you
Kind as the love that shines from fair maidens' eyes

Thomas grinned and spun his bride around as the bagpipes played and their new countrymen sang. Lottie's heart was light as a feather as she danced with her new husband. Although saddened at the prospect of possibly never seeing her mother or siblings again, she looked forward to beginning a new life in a new country with the man she loved. Thomas had been offered a position of leadership in the fledgling Presbyterian church, whose members regarded him as a hero. Lottie, who still secretly held some degree of sympathy with Catholicism, was nevertheless happy to see him amongst his friends.

That night she smiled to herself as she waited for Thomas to come to her. They had come together before, in another lifetime, but she hadn't truly loved him then, hadn't truly desired him as she did now.

As Thomas approached her, she saw the same desire in his eyes that was burning in her own heart. She reached for him, and he came to her, joining his body with her own for the first time in this life.

I never conceived a son for Portugal. I could have, but I didn't. Yet I shall conceive sons for Scotland, and they shall become great rulers, not of an earthly kingdom, but of a heavenly one.

The list of their descendants would come to include such names as Thomas McCrie, Robert Murray MacCheyne, William Chalmers Burns, George McPherson Docherty, John Witherspoon, and Peter Marshall.

The proudest moment of Katherine's life was the coronation of her daughter, Mary. Looking back on the day Henry had declared their marriage vows to be null and void, she couldn't help but smile at the irony of it all. Henry had been so sure that he would get a healthy son from Anne Boleyn. He had been wrong, of course. With Jane Seymour he had once again been sure that the fates would smile on him at last and give him what he most desired. Yet Edward had been sickly and had died in his teens, and now it was Mary, her Mary, who sat on the throne of England. The child Henry had rejected and cast aside now sat on his throne.

She heard someone call her name and, to her surprise, saw that it was Charles. Not as he had been at the end of his life, but as he had been when he had been young and virile, with his whole life still before him.

"Katherine, my love." His hand was extended toward her. "It's time for you to come home. We shall be together again at last, my love, and this time it shall be for all of eternity."

"Charles!" She was so happy to see him again that she had to fight back tears. "My Mary is Queen now!"

"I know." Charles smiled. "I watched her coronation from up here. You did very well, Katherine. Very well indeed. And now it's time for you to rest. You've earned it. You deserve it."

Katherine felt but a moment of fear as she looked at his outstretched hand, and then the fear was quickly replaced with longing as she eagerly grasped it. She had forgotten how nice it felt to hold hands with Charles. She glanced behind her to see her body lying peacefully asleep, and then she turned to look at Charles' face shining with joy as he led her to the new life that they would share together, forever.