I stared up at the night sky, my knees tucked under my chin. Should I tell Akira? Or will he reject me? I asked myself. A few weeks ago, I figured out how I felt about the orange-haired, tanned werewolf. It wasn't appreciation; it was love. His gold eyes had been worried when he caught me after I tripped over Nozumu's leg in the kitchen. I reckon the blond, blue eyed vampire did it on purpose, his kansai dialect was thick as he apologised to me.

I remembered the green-haired tengu's brown, annoyed stare as he yelled "About time, airhead!" Though he doesn't call me airhead in front of Akira; it pisses him off. But how did he guess it before me?

Also Mahiru's soft blue eyes were understanding, her blonde bob shook when she asked "How long have you felt this way about him?" How did she know? In truth, I've loved Akira ever since he saved my life.

"Misake-chan?" A familiar voice with a north-eastern accent called. I turned to see Akira climb up onto the roof.

"Hey, Akira" I greeted, my green eyes on his warm face (three earrings on each ear and two studs on each cheek)

"Mind if I join you?" he asked.

"G-go ahead" I stuttered, looking away as I blushed. I heard him sit beside me. His fingers brushed my bubblegum pink cropped hair.

"Misake-chan, is something wrong? You can tell me" he asked. I wanted to tell him but my lips were sealed. But, according to Misoka, Akira and I share a bond that has been there long before our birth. I wondered if it was true. Is it more than just a pure-blooded werewolf being overprotective towards The Priestess of the Stars and reincarnation of the Minamori shrine maiden herself?

I forced myself to look at Akira. His face was bright but concerned. That's good about Akira: you can always tell what he's thinking. "If you must know, I...I...I...Iloveyou" I mumbled.

"Misake-chan, say that again please" Akira requested, leaning towards me. His wolf appendages appeared from nowhere. His liquid gold eyes made my hesitation melt.

"I..I love you" I told him. Akira moved closer, his lips connected to mine. His tail starting wagging excitedly, like a dog's. His ears twitched affectionately, like they had the first time I touched them. I caved in and kissed him back. My arms found their way around his neck, his hands were on my waist.

I realised, the short, glasses wearing, black-haired, 20 year old, grey eyed half-kitsune was right. Akira and I DO have an ancient bond, one My ancestor Emiko Minamori and Akira's ancestor, Mamoru shared. The difference, Akira and I are both 16 year old orphans and nothing is in our way.

After what felt like an hour, the kiss broke. I was breathing heavily, my heart pounding in my chest and threatening to burst. Akira's face was flustered, panting. But identical grins spread across our faces. "I love you too, Misake-chan" He confessed and laced his hand in mine, his arm touching my bandaged arm. "My Priestess" he whispered.

"My wolf" I sighed.

We decided to head back down to the Moonshine, holding hands. Nozumu's eyes narrowed, Misoka shook his head and Mahiru smiled at us. "I take it you two are officially a couple then, Priestess?" Misoka, the kitsune asked. I nodded, not bothering to correct him; he always calls me "Priestess" and Mahiru "Princess" because she's the Princess of the Moon. The usually grouchy tengu, Mitsuru saw our hands then smirked.

"I see you've become a man, you dumb oaf" he teased Akira. He shrugged. Mahiru had a hard time holding back a laugh. It was nice seeing Mitsuru smile for once, I always thought he was a sourpuss.

Nozumu stumbled around dramatically. "No!" he cried, Shakespeare style.

"Don't go all Gung-Ho on me!" I yelled.

"I won't allow it!" Nozumu cried, lunging but Akira moved me out the way.

"Quit ticking me off! I'll break your arm if you touch Misake-chan again!" he threatened. Yep, that's how strong our bond is, like Akira's inhumane strength and speed. I had to hold him back to stop him transforming; Akira's true potential comes from his determination and over-protectiveness, leading him to be a little short-tempered. A member of the Lunar Race's transformations are sometimes controlled by his or her temper.

"Akira! Don't let your temper get the best of you!" I almost screamed. Good thing Oboro and Katsura aren't here or we'd be busted!

Akira's tense muscles relaxed under my hands. He turned to me. "You are so cute when you fuss over what I do" he complimented, back to his happy-go-lucky self and placing a kiss on my forehead.

"If my observations are correct, you two are soul-mates. Like Mitsuru and the Princess" Misoka interjected. No one listened to him. Suddenly I let out a yawn. Akira took me upstairs to my bedroom, which is next to his.

"Goodnight" he said, hugging me.

"Have a blissful night" I told him, out of habit. He pecked me on the lips. I then went into my room, changed into some PJs and lay on my bed to sleep.