Btw, Me no care about Big Picture Show. It sucked in my opinion. Forgetting all that. No BIG PICTURE SHOW in my story. It didn't happen.

They are teens,BTW.

Ages: Ed-17 Edd-16 Eddy-16 Rolf-19 Sarah-13 Jimmy-12 Nazz-17 Kevin- 17 and 1/2 Johnny-15 Lee-17 Marie-16 May-15 Lilli-18 Italy-16 Sonne-16

Okay, NOW you can read.

The blasting sound of heavy metal appeared one day in the small Californian cul-de-sac. It become louder as the door opened to the small moving van, that was parked in front of an ancient house. Out of the van stepped a tall woman, with strange long, light pink hair, wearing a simple purple sweater and blue jeans with purple converse. On the other side, a slightly shorter girl stepped out, with bright teal hair, and a strange blood splatter patterned school girl outfit, with dark red Mary Jane's. She was arguing with another, a boy, who had stepped out the other side, with the other one. He had medium length blond hair, that was tied into a pony tail. He was wearing a black button up shirt with a light red tie, and dark blue jeans. He was carrying a light purple satchel very close to him, clinging to it for dear life.

"I don't see why you had to drive so fast Lilli! You could have been arrested! Or worse!" Said the boy, to the Older girl, who was now Lilli.

"Well, I was very exited to get here! Just look at it! Beautiful!" she exclaimed, marveling at the abandoned house.

"It's so cool. And stop nagging Sonne*." said the other girl, talking to the boy, now Sonne.

"I wouldn't nag if you two had any common sense, ITALY!" said Sonne, smacking the other girl, Italy, as she came to the back of the van with the others. As Italy rubbed the back of her head, a small group of teenagers and pre-teens grouped a distance behind.

"Well, If I'm not the son-of-a-shepard! Newcomers!" Said a taller blue headed teen.

"Look at her hair Jimmy! It so cute!" said a smaller red head girl to a even smaller curly blond boy.

"I don't know Sarah...They look scary..." said the curly boy.

"I love her shoes! Aren't they cute Kevin?" said a blond teen girl, holding hands with a red haired boy with a base ball cap.

"Yeah, okay Nazz." he said rolling his eyes.

"Plank says he like the bloody one!" Said a dark teen, holding a plank of wood with a drawn on face.

"Look Double Dee, Lumpy! New scam opportunities!"Said a somewhat shorter male, to his two partners, a much taller red haired boy, who was staring into space, and a slightly shorter boy, wearing a black sock hat on his head.

As they unpacked the boxes out of the van, Italy noticed all the people behind caused her to put the box down and walk over to them.

"Neighbors! God morgen!** I am Italy Giovanni! It is mediocre to meet you all!" She said, waving wildly. The blue haired teen's eyes widened.

"Du taler sproget i mit hjemland?***" He said, making Italy nod.

"Ja, jeg lærte det et stykke tid siden, tilbage i min gamle by.****" She said, gesturing a hand shake, which the boy accepted heartily.

"Ah, det er rart at tale sådan her igen! Mit navn er Rolf!*****" Said Rolf, stepping back into the crowd. Italy nodded, dazed by the overwhelming hand shake.

By now, both Sonne and Lilli had walked over, looking over the crowd.

"Ah, um, this is my twin brother, Sonne Giovanni," she said pointing at him, "and my older sister, Lillian Lukami Giovanni, but call her Lilli." she finished, pointing at Lilli.

"It is a pleasure to meet all of you!" said Sonne enthusiastically, waving slightly.

"Ah~ I didn't think there would be so many people to make friends with my little chibis!" said Lilli, smiling warmly. This caused several males in the crowd to blush.

Suddenly, there was a loud banging sound coming from the moving van.

"Ah! Look at what Ed found!" said the tall red head, now Ed, from the inside of the van. This made both Sonne and Italy panic, for two entirely different reasons.

"It is pretty dress for lady!" he said, pulling out a long, princess like yellow and black dress. Italy's eyes widened.

"DON'T YOU DARE TOUCH MY KAGAMINE RIN COSPLAY DRESS WITH YOUR FILTHY HANDS!" Yelled her brother, who had run up and snatched from his hands.

"Oh dear god...Not again!" sighed Italy, face palming.

All translations brought to you by Google Translate. Yay.

*Sun in German

** Good Morning in Danish.

*** You Know the language of my home country? (Danish) ...Yes. I made Rolf Danish. I love the Danish. Great people, they be.

**** Yes, I learned it a while ago, back in my old town.

*****Ah, It's nice to speak like this again! My name is Rolf!

Ha, Sonne cosplays. BTW, Its a Daughter of Evil dress.

Fits like a glove~ *smirk*