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*shows tied up Germany*


...2 hours later...

*Sonne's POV*

As we watched the first few episodes, I noticed something.

Double Dee's hat.

It intrigued me. A lot. One side of me wanted to rip it off his head, the other saying that was VERY rude. So I did the only logical and rational thing.

"What's under your hat?" I looked at me shocked.

"N-nothing of concern! Just hair!" he said nervously. I raised an eyebrow.

"If it was nothing...why are you so nervous sounding?" I said, in monotone, similar to L (who I worshiped).

"I, um...Hey is that!" He screamed as i pulled the cap from his head...

What I saw was...



*Italy's POV*

"Buttered toast." said Ed, still staring off, as i came back to reality.

"What was I doing...OH YEAH!" I said, opening the door.





There was...what looked like slime...and vines...and...random junk...


"IT'S LIKE A HORROR MOVIE IN HERE~!"I squealed, hopping.

I need to take pictures!

As I took my camera out of the box, Lilli came in, and made a strange face.

"Looked better on the outside..." she said, putting down the crate she had.

"I love it!" I said taking pictures of all the rotting junk.

"Of coarse you would! Now go pick a room." She said, trying to find a light switch.

"M'kay." i said, walking up some rickety stairs. I immediately walked into the first room.

Medium, way cleaner than the downstairs, black and white wallpaper with an Ivy pattern, and an old metal bed frame that was quite shiny looking, an old wooden dresser, a antique wardrobe, and a closet.

"I CALL FIRST ROOM!" I yelled to the downstairs, as a walked over to the dresser. As i opened i realized all that was in there was an ancient book. I looked at the fading title.

"Memoirs of a Fallen Angel..."I said, rubbing the title with my fingers. Such a pretty title...I could tell it was sad, from the picture on the back.

A male angel, his wings drooping, feathers falling, and a look of pain and sadness...

The look I knew too well...

I then checked the large wardrobe, opening it widely. In side were several dresses, some of which looked like french maid dresses, and Lolita things. I squealed on the inside.

I had always secretly loved things that were lacy and pretty.

I then pulled out a knee length dress that was dark periwinkle, and had white and black lace on it, with an apron.*

I decided to wear this tomorrow.

As I put the dress back, I noticed something sparkly lightly. I looked down and saw a small locket, in the shape of a heart. I picked it up, noticing that it had an intricate design of angel wings on it.

I tried opening it.

No luck.

I then put it around my neck, liking the weight on my neck.

Like it belonged there.

As I walked down the stairs back to the main room, I noticed Ed had come in, looking around with amazement.

"Awesome, I'm I right?" I said, as he looked at me and nodded.

Suddenly, a broom was thrown at me. I caught it, see as my sister threw it.

"Start cleaning, baka!" She said, also holding a broom.

"Not without music we aren't!" I said, taking out my Mp3 player, setting it on shuffle.

Heavy metal version of Love is War. One of my Favs.

"Mou ikiba ga nai wa
Kono koi no netsuryou
Haiiro no kumo
MONOCHROME no kesonu
Hizashi wa kageri
Yuugure wa iro wo kaete iku
Aa, sekai ga nijin de
Soredemo suki de irareru ka nante
Kedo dou sureba ii no
Dou sureba
Baka da na

Hajimeru no yo
Kore wa sensou
Ureshi sou na kimi wo miru nante
Sestu naru koi
Sore wa tsumi
Misete ageru
Watashi no omoi wo

Saken de mita MEGAPHONE wa kowareteta no
Dore dake senobi shitatte
Kimi no shikai ni hairanai
Aa, itsunomanika hareta sora
Zenzen niawanai
Kimochi ga osaerare nakute
Dou sureba
Naite nanka
Nain dakara ne

Tatakau no yo
HEART wo ute
Shudan nante eran de rarenai
SKIRT hirari misetsukeru no yo
Kimi no shisen ubatte miseru no
Geigeki youi
Senkyou wa imada furi nano desu
Koi wa moumoku
Kimi no kuchizuke de me ga sameru no" As it finished, the last guitar going off, i had realized we had done a lot of work.

It was now almost done. It would be complete if Sonne had been here, the maniacal cleaning machine he is.

Where was he any way?



*happy face*

What hapens next? WHO KNOWS!


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