I know most of you were reading my story. I'm a Vampire! You're a What? But my laptop died a while back and I'm going to start all over but I'm just not feeling the story for now so I felt bad about not being able for you to read that one, so here is a new story by me for you to enjoy! I'll need your support and thoughts about the story and I hope you guys will be willing to give it to me!

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Emmett and Edward Girl

BPOV Chapter One

I have been a vampire now for 251 years. It has been 251 years with out Ed... it still hurts to say his name. I still remember the day he left me in the woods.

Flash Back

Edward said he needed to talk to me, so here we are standing in the woods.

"Bella we are leaving." Edward said looking at me with a blank face.

"Well I have to tell Charlie bye and..." I was saying but Edward cut me off.

"No Bella me and my family are leaving and your staying I don't love you Bella. I just said I did." Edward said looking at me with the same blank face.

"You don't love me then why deal with me." I asked with tears running down my face.

"Because I couldn't be with Tanya, I have to go bye Bella." He said then he was gone.

I started running after him deeper in the woods and I fell to the ground.

"Well if it's not the Cullen's little pet." said a voice that sounded it belonged to a little girl chewing on bubble gum.

I turned around and there stood Victoria.

"What do you want Victoria?" I asked even I knew that it was a stupid thing to ask her.

"Well I was going to kill you a mate for a mate but I think I will turn you so you can live forever with out Edward."

She ran at me and bit me. She looked at me with a smirk on her face as the burn started.

"Have fun burning." Victoria gave a high squeal of a laugh and ran off into the woods.

End of Flash Back

After three days the burn finally let up. I started to remember what he told me about the Volturi and I ran off to Italy. I begged them to kill me but I learned I was very powerful vampire.

I could think of a power and it was mine. So instead of being killed I joined and become princess of the Volturi and I'm called the Angel of Death.

I was taller now standing a 5'11", I love my new height. I could down at everyone around me and not have to worry about people making jokes and calling me short. I have black hair with hot pink highlights that flows down to the middle of my back. I have red eyes that have hot pink specks in them. One of my favorite things about my change was my voice. I sounded like the soft rain that you would hear in a rainforest.

I have gained many people in my new life. I have grown to love everyone in the castle, but certain people own more of my heart than others.

Aro the fearless leader of the Volturi became a father to me. One look at me and Aro acted like a little kitten instead of the mighty killer of those that wrong him and our kind.

Marcus was boring and never talked when I was here, but as soon as I started begging for death a light arrived in his eyes that made him become alive. He jokes and kids when I'm around and he has laughed for the first time in a thousand years. Marcus was a great uncle.

Caius was scary and mean to me when I first arrived, but he soon adopted me as his niece the first time I put him into his place. I was minding my own business one day when he comes barreling into my room screaming at me. I picked him up and threw him through ten walls.

Everyone loved me, but Jane. She hates that Aro has me as a favorite now and not her. She had dirty blonde hair that she keeps in a tight bun and bright red eyes. She has never been seen without wearing black. And if you speak of the devil the devil shall appear.

"Angel, Aro would like to speak to you in his study." She gives me a dirty and I feel her trying to use her power on me.

Jane could make people feel pain in there mind with her power. All she had to do was glare at someone and then her power started to work.

"I've told you a million times to not to use your power on me!" I scream at her and all she did was glare and run out of my room.

I walk up to my mirror and looks at myself thinking how I will look today. I think of how useful this power was also. My one power allowed me to change my appearance. Not the color of my eyes or hair, just so I can get dressed and style my hair and makeup however I choose.

I think of my hair in big, loose southern curls with my bangs in a bump. I made my eyes hot pink and heavy black eyeliner. My lips had a light glossy shimmer with hot pink sparkles. I was wearing a hot pink tank top with a black mesh over top with long sleeves and I was also wearing a black mini skirt with a hot pink belt. To top off my look I was wearing my favorite hot pink pumps with a black bow on top of them.

I winked at myself then teleported to my fathers study. I knocked once and he laughed at me.

"My dear I still don't see why you knock anymore." Aro said as he glides over to me and hugs me tight.

"Just being respectful father." I roll my eyes and give him a loving look.

"Come young one I must speak to you about something." He pushes me lightly toward the couch in the corner of the room.

I look at him and I get this feeling my life is about to change.

"My dear we have visitors coming and I need you to not kill them." Aro looked down nervous.

"Of course, but who is it?" I look at him greatly confused.

He looks up and he had fear and guilt in his eyes.

"Well it's….."

Well there is the first chapter! I know I left you wondering but I'm hoping you will enjoy my next chapter.