BPOV Chapter 5

I raced through the woods as I passed trees and jumped over rocks to get to my children. I could hear their thoughts and they were unsure of what to do. I could also tell that the Cullens were fallowing me even though I told them not too. I ran right past the twins while telling them in my minds to watch and do what I do.

I saw a buck and jumped in the air letting my beast take over. I landed on top of it and snapped its neck and sunk my teeth into its tender flesh and muscle. After I drained it I landed on another and repeated the movement. I could tell the Cullens were shocked of my grace of the kill.

I was full so I piled up the carcasses of the deer and watched my children do what I had done. I saw they have grasped what to do without a problem and was very proud of them. Even with them being covered in blood they were having fun even though the taste was getting to them.

"Come and grab a carcass and keep it with you." The twins looked at me like I was crazy and I just shook my head.

I set the others on fire and ran off in the direction of the wolves. I looked at the pack when we got to it and asked if any was beyond wounded or sick that I would take away the pain and feed the others. When I had first discovered this power it scared me, but now it was helpful. The pack leader looked as I set down the deer carcass as did the twins and five wolves walked over. Three was sick and was in great pain. I touched them and they died as if they was going to sleep and was not hurt at all.

I handed them to the twins and they slowly drank one a piece and waited for me to get the others. I done the same to the other two wolves that had been caught in a trap and lost back legs and had a hard time moving because of pain. I drank one and handed the other to Jane and Alec drank the other that was already there.

The pack was watching the Cullens closely and told them I wouldn't allow them to hurt their pack and they looked at me with thanks. I used my other power to raise the earth and placed the wolf carcasses in it. I buried them and had my other power to cause beautiful flowers to cover the grave and told the wolves good bye.

"Stay away from the wolves." I told the Cullens and grabbed the twins and teleported to the car.

"How did you do that mom?" Jane asked looking at me with awe.

"I'm very powerful and gave up on trying understanding how I have so many powers." I gave her a smile and drove off thinking what I'm going to do about the Cullens.

I know it was a short chapter, but I've been planning my summer and I didn't want you all coming after me with pitchforks and fire. Lol. I'm happy to say I'll be writing a lot on this story during the summer and I hope to finish this and hopefully I'm a Vampire! You're a What?

Thank you all for reading!

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