Metal Gear Job Listing

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Standard soldier

2 Pay

$15,000 a week + bonuses on "intruder" kills

3 Description

Bored? Tired of TV? Want some action? Well take a trip to the three of the following places: Shadow Moses, Big shell and the odd tower Babel. You will be given a free escort to the compounds and knowledge of where not to go too! (NOTE: be specific on your job skills or we may have to put you down!)

Within your job as a guard, you will swear an oath to be forever loyal to the following people and groups: Patriots, Solidus Snake, and Liquid snake.

(NOTE: Again if you fail to obey the oath, we will put you down)

As part of a large society of terrorists, you could enjoy the following:

All-you-can-eat rations and daily free beer.

Special events such as or "50-feet-drag-and-necksnap"!

Take the chance of acting as a "human-shield"!

Be aware that the idea of coming in contact with a "intruder' you will be put in a compromising or dangerous situation in which case your survival rate drops to a sum of 12.0718%. To ensure your short life at these times, feel free to call whatever backup is necessary.

Remember the lives of you and your fellow terrorists remain only a short while from being cut short due to a USP/SOCOM to the head or a 120mph kick from a 50 ton foot or a single neck-snap! If you happen to be lucky enough, you may only end up with a M-9 to the head! (Or eye or groin).

Take note that some of our employers may take out their anger at you so do your best to remain a perfect decoy and simple for your friends to run away. (or stay if they are "wise" enough).

You will be provided a decent bunk to sleep in, a AK-74U, several grenades, night vision goggles, a radio, a toy knife and a FREE Russian uniform or even a FREE American Arctic terrorist suit!

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[Thanks to Hideo Kojima for providing MGS into our lives and to me, myself and I]