March 21st Middle School Freshman Year

"Mom, why can't we stay here?" asked Midori.

"Your father was transferred to Tokyo. We have to go with him," replied her mother.

Midori frowned with real apprehension. They had to move from the city of Kobe to the city of Tokyo, right when she was going to be promoted to her junior year of middle school. What made her anxious the most was the fact that she was going to lose her best friend that she made recently. Green eyes sadly looked down at the floor; feet shuffled a bit making her anxiety obvious.

"Midori, you can make new friends in Tokyo. It's not a nine-headed dragon dear." Her mother sat beside her, on the couch. It was as if her mother sensed her apprehension.

"You just need to act as yourself and forget your shyness."

It was easy for her to say. It was already difficult to keep her cosplays hidden from the other classmates, afraid of being judged. As far as Midori cogitated, her mother was already very displeased that her daughter enjoyed those types of things, maybe preferring to have a daughter – or even better – a son that would bring her pride.

Her mother tucked a few lose strands of orange hair behind her ear.

"Come on, Midori-chan, give mom a smile."

Midori simply looked up. She didn't exactly want to disobey her mother, but she also wanted to tell her what she really felt about all of this. Against her better judgment, Midori gave a smile.

"There we go, now Midori-chan, go to your room. We have a lot to pack tomorrow."

Nodding, Midori rushed to her small room. Sighing, she turned to the window, observing the lights of the city that drowned out the light of the stars. Approaching the window, her round green eyes spied the night sky. Most of the shiny stars were drowned out by the artificial light of the city, leaving much to be desired. Two bright stars were close to each other – maybe they were Gemini. She couldn't be sure.

Midori pondered, she wanted her life to like Tsukiko Yahisa's from the dating sim Starry Sky; but she knew it wouldn't be possible – nothing in shoujo anime or manga was possible anyway. There was no way that she was going to a rural high school, to be the only girl in the whole school and have all the boys fall heads over heels for her.

The young girl turned and sat on her bed. This weekend, on Sunday to be more precise, she was going to move to Tokyo. That left exactly one last week in her current middle school. It was not as if she had many people she had to say a goodbye. Just her friend Nao and her track team coach.

Midori sighed, staring at the ceiling. It would be better if she got some sleep. Tomorrow and the rest of the week the routine would continue itself for the last week. Morning classes, afternoon, the track team practice; and then going straight home for the evening, a rather dull routine. She just had this sinking feeling, a feeling that… She was going to regret something later on in Tokyo, something she couldn't put a finger on, unsure of what it could be.

Shaking the thoughts out of her head, Midori got dressed in her pajamas and laid down on her bed, ready to sleep. She took one last look at the picture on the bedside of Nao and herself before falling asleep.