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Harry Potter Witch

by Silverfawkes

Chapter 6

The moment light appeared the aurors went into action they enlarged the map. A patronus was sent to the waiting hit wizard squad to bring them to Potter's Haven for the assault planning. Jake and Annette were slightly overwhelmed as half the wizards and witches present promptly left and the hit wizard squad that had been on standby started appearing for their briefing. Ernie gave Harry's shoulder a squeeze and said, "We'll get it narrowed down. Hopefully we'll have the building by one. Susan will brief the hit wizards. How about you try to get another nap in and clean yourself up. Those of us that know you, know to find your current attire intimidating, but I would prefer that you dress to intimidate the hell out of these guys."

"I'll try. Thanks, Ernie."

"Not necessary." He guided Harry from the briefing room towards the Master suite. Making sure to put silencing charms on the door knowing his friend needed to rest.

The dozen aurors who apparated to the ministry apparation point nearest the target area from Potter's Haven were very focused on finding the building where Teddy and the American were being held. If they could, they wanted to spare Harry the process of going through the meeting with the kidnappers, but with a one o'clock time frame that wasn't likely. Ernie would be co-ordinating with the local police, and once he got Harry settled he would also be helping. A third of the aurors had either been friends or students of Harry's and took a personal affront that anyone would do this to Harry after she had gone through so much already. So they were at the top of their game.

Noon arrived and although Harry had laid down for two hours she hadn't slept. She got up and went to her closet she pulled out the basilisk skin armor, she had had made the year after she taught at Hogwarts. She had called herself seven kinds of a fool when she'd gone down and collected the skin, but now she was glad she had. Basilisk skin was as strong as dragon hide and offered the same protection but was much lighter and had more flex. She pulled a silk camisole out to go under it. She then looked at her clothes critically. Ernie wanted her to look intimidating. Harry wanted to look anything but. She wanted these wizards to underestimate her. She needed to look like a mother, but still be wearing something she could move well in. Skirt then, but not the pencil one. The full one she had worn for the date with Ike to St. Pauls, and a button up blouse that would hide the close fitting armor. And maybe give her a place to hide her sword. Boots that she could hide a knife and her spare wand in. She wanted these bozos to think mum and purity it would give her a needed advantage She pulled out a delicate silver cross she had gotten in Milan. On an impulse she switched her spare wand with her primary. She carefully layered charms on her primary wand and her knife in her boot and her sword in it's magical scabbard. She would be armed to the teeth and she hoped they would believe the image and not physically search her. figuring they wouldn't want her to keep her wand. This way as long as they didn't thoroughly search her with both a physical and magical search at the same time she would have her best wand and her weapons available to her. She used makeup to make herself look more pale, more delicate, more vulnerable never mind as far as she was concerned each and every one of those bastards was completely expendable. They had taken her son dammit and a man without magic to force her to bond with a dark lord so he could steal her magic. Amoral sons-of-bitches like that deserved whatever the hell they got.

She looked at the clock and went down stairs. "Did you find them?"

"Yes, unfortunately there are enough of them and positioned such to make it tricky. As it stands we cant guarantee the safety of the hostages." Susan said.

"I go in then." Harry handed the hit wizard team leader, Jefferson, her necklace. " Did Sue show you the list of surveillance spells?" When she got an affirmative nod, Harry continued. "Get as much detail on the location as you can before I get there. Be ready to move on my signal. Tag this so you'll know when I slide it along the chain. Twice it's a signal to get ready, two more times means go. I'll get myself in position to shield myself and the hostages. Anyone else there is fair game. Got it?"

Jefferson did a spell tying the necklace to a message board on his wrist then handed it back to her. "Got it."

"Need I tell you, I don't care what kind of shape these guys are in later."

"No, Ma'am."

"Well, I'm off to my meeting. Annette, I'll do my best to see that Ike gets back in one living piece."

"We appreciate that, Harry." She said from where she and Jake stood in the corner of the briefing room.

Jake desperately wanted to follow but he had been ignored for the most part and it was clear to him he didn't know enough about the area to be anything but a liability.

Jefferson gave Harry a set of earrings. "Latest from the Unspeakables the left is a mike. We should be able to hear everything you do, the right is a receiver you'll be able to hear us but only you will. They are designed not to register on a magic sweep. Crafter said you would know the spells."

Harry nodded. She did indeed know the spells she had helped design them last year. Her primary wand, the knife and sword she was already wearing were covered in them. A thought occurred to her as she switched from her plain studs to the delicate looking crystal and wire chandelier earrings, "Percy could you go to Teddy's room I think he's got one of George's fake wands. I should take that, they'll expect me to carry a back up. That way we can show them what they expect without me loosing my primary."

He nodded and moments later he was back with it.

Harry left the house and apparated to the ministry point closest to the Hyde Park meeting point. She had to walk about a half mile. She arrived fifteen minutes early and acted the part of a panicky mum, pacing and acting as if she was blinking back worried tears. She could feel eyes on her and knew early though she had been, the kidnappers had been even earlier.

Jamal Rios and two of the others had all run sweeps they couldn't find any recognizable surveillance. She had come alone as ordered. 'Ms. Potter, If you want to see your son again, hand me your wand by the tip."

"Please don't hurt my son. I'll do what you want just don't hurt my son." Harry pulled her wand from her sleeve and extended her secondary wand.

"Cooperate and we won't have to. Put your hands on the bench, we're going to frisk you."

Harry didn't fuss; she cooperated, having expected this. They found the fake wand at her waist and stopped searching. One of them slapped her hard across the cheek. She allowed her eyes the natural reaction of tears, but compared to Dudley's old hits, it was nothing.

"Stupid puta, did you think we would not search you!" The wizard who found the fake wand snapped it.

They shoved her towards the edge of the park,where they apparently had a rental car. They drove around London apparently watching to see if they had a tail for most of an hour. Harry was actually frightened by this. The person driving had apparently used spells get the lease of a car. It was obvious he didn't drive often or well. When they finally entered the neighbor hood where she knew her son was she fought against the urge to sigh in relief, because this wasn't over yet.

Harry could hear the chatter of the hit wizard team and the aurors in her ear.

"They're here." she recognized Annie's voice.

"Confirmed." came Ernie's.

"Alpha team in position on the roof."

"Beta in position to follow up the stairs."

"Charlie. We' re ready to come through the walls."

"We've got them boxed in and are ready for your signals, Harry." Came Jefferson's voice.

Harry knowing she was observed gave an affirmative nod.

"Confirmed," came over the earpiece in Susan's voice.

They guided Harry into an office space in a mostly unused building. There was a reception desk a row of cubicles, what looked like a private office and a large conferencing area. Harry spoke to give the layout to the listening teams. 'Nice office space, no receptionist, does each terrorist have their own cubicle down the left side or do you have to share, does you leader have his own private office at the back?"

"Shut up, bitch!"

"Where is my son? You demanded I come here! I'm here! I want my son, now where is he?"

"When I have an Unbreakable Vow from you that you will come to the United States and marry my Lord. Then I will show you your son."

"You think me a fool." Harry needed this to go differently so she did something she had never done before that she knew was possible. She dropped the walls she kept around her magical aura and projected it and her anger for she was worth. "I have co-operated as far as I will until I see my son!"

Harry felt a surge of relief when it worked. The kidnappers mostly got terrified looks. Omar Rios looked at his brother and nodded. Jamal left where he was standing near Harry and headed to the office to get Teddy. Harry gave the ready signal and edged around to where Teddy would appear.

Teddy had moved away from Ike before the kidnapper entered the trunk. He kept up what he dubbed his crybaby act as the kidnapper levitated him out of the trunk and grabbed him. He knew he'd see his mum in a couple minutes. He made a point of distracting the guard so the man would forget to lock the trunk. He smirked a little as they moved away from the trunk.

Jamal kept one hand on this brat's collar, that witch scared him enough that he wanted to keep this brat between her and himself.

Harry dropped to one knee when she caught sight of Teddy, and grasped her wand.

Omar snarled, "You can see your son. Give me your oath!"

Harry gave the signal, then she cast a shield with her wand at Teddy. While drawing her rapier with her free hand. "I don't think so arsewipe."

The hit wizard squad burst through the doors, the wall and the outer window and dropped most the kidnappers with stunners. Jamal grabbed Teddy scooping him up and using him a a personal shield.

Teddy wriggled like an eel trying to get free, but the man's arm around his diaphragm quickly subdued him because he couldn't get enough air. He could feel a wand at his throat. He looked at Harry.

As soon as the foreign wizard grabbed Teddy, Harry focused on him. She scarcely noticed as the leader of the kidnappers moved to attack her. She instinctively moved her rapier to intercept her attacker and didn't really notice as she ran him through. All her attention on the wizard holding Teddy, and on the yellow spell he held at the tip of his wand that was touching Teddy's throat.

Ike moved the second the trunk lid began to close. His tool was set for knife use and he held it in his teeth so he could use both hands to climb. He nearly swore as he failed to get to the top of the ladder before the lid fell completely shut. Teddy was supposed to prevent the kidnappers from locking it, hopefully that had gone as planned. Ike smiled as he pushed up on the lid. He crept out hoping to maintain the element of surprise. He abruptly changed tactics when he could tell from the sound of things the party had already started. He headed to the door of the room. Only to be met with the back of a man. Over the man's shoulder he could see Harry's white face and the fact that the leader of these cretins had been run through with a rapier. He could see that the person in front of him had hold of Teddy, so Ike did what he thought best. He grabbed the man's wand arm and pulled it away from Teddy while sinking his knife in the man's side to the hilt. He was horrified when the spell he had pulled away from Teddy instead hit Harry.

Harry saw the spell coming and was glad she had donned her armor. Because there wasn't even time to step to the side.

Seconds later she heard, a chorus of clears from the hit wizard squad, as she felt the most wonderful sensation in the world: her son's arms wrapping around her. She looked into Ike's eyes; she owed him for this. The spell that had threatened Teddy was a dark one. With the wand touching Teddy as it had been, it would have killed her son. Harry probably would need a potion herself despite her armor. She smiled.

Ike saw the smile on Harry's face and joined her and Teddy in a three way hug.

Aurors crowded into the room to deal with the criminals. Harry ignored them she said, "Let's go home."

"Shouldn't you get checked over by a Healer?" Ike asked.

"We'll call Poppy from Potter's Haven. She can deal with most anything."

"Sounds good. Sorry you had to work so hard. I didn't mean to miss our date."

'You're forgiven. I'm just glad you're alright." She said as she laid a hand on his whiskered cheek. Harry lead them the two floors up to the roof pulled them close and apparated them home. Jewel might harass her for ignoring ministry apparition points but she figured it would more likely go unremarked amongst all the other magic that had been worked here today.

Teddy headed for the house the moment they landed.

Ike looked at the large Tudor style house. "Nice."

"We call it home." Harry said.

They were met at the door by Percy, Annette and Jake. Percy took one good look at Harry and promptly excused himself, "I'll call Madame Pomfrey."

Annette and Jake spent the next half an hour assuring themselves of Ike's well-being.

When Poppy Pomfrey arrived she checked Teddy, then Harry then Ike. She cleaned and healed the couple of cuts Harry had gotten from flying glass and splinters and said she would send a potion for Harry. She recommended that Ike rest and drink plenty of fluids, and warned Harry that Teddy was likely to have bad dreams for a while. That if they got bad Harry should contact her for dreamless sleep.

Harry's lack of sleep was catching up with her. Yawning Harry announced, "I think I'm going to head to bed, catch up on my sleep."

"Mum, can I join you?" Teddy asked.

It had been many years since Teddy had slept in Harry's bed to stave off bad dreams but she wouldn't deny her son the comfort of that right now. "Sure." Harry felt like she was being very forward, but Teddy wasn't the only one who felt the need for comfort. She looked at Ike, "Would you like to join us?"

Ike was a little surprised at the invitation, but he doubted he would ever get a better one. "I would."

An hour later after they had notified the family in the States, Jake and Annette checked on them. Ike opened an eye when he heard the door open, but Harry and Teddy slept on. They went back out.

"I think Uncle Marius is going to have to find a new muggle liaison officer for the Confederacy." Jake said.

"Looks that way. It also looks like your mom will need to find a new history teacher." Annette agreed.

"I still don't get it. Why would a witch as obviously powerful as her settle for someone like Ike?"

"I think Harry isn't drawn to power at all. She has more than enough and understands the drawbacks to having it. According to her friends she didn't have a great child hood and she's drawn to what her childhood lacked, love. You have to admit that if there was one thing that Ike has always had an abundance of it was love to give. I don't think Harry is settling at all. I think Ike is offering her exactly what she wants most."

"Guess so." Jake leaned forward and drew his pregnant wife into his arms. Sometimes all you need is love.


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