Chapter 1

A new meeting

"Hey Jedie", said Octavius as soon as he saw his friend, but weird enough Jedediah didn't respond.

"Jedediah?" said Octavius when he was sure he could hear him. Annoyed Jedediah gestured Octavius that he needed to be quiet. "In the name of Jupiter, what are you doing?" whispered the Roman softly.

"Nothing!" said Jed just to fast. He already wanted to walk away but Octavius stopped him. "Come on Jedie, why are you sneaking around like this? And on my land so to speak!"

Jedediah hesitated and looked to the ground. "It might sound ridiculous," said Jed after a silence. Just for a second the cowboy looked up to see how Octavius responded but he patiently waited for Jed to continue.

Jedediah couldn't find the words so he just pointed but still with his head bent down.

"What's wrong with that tree?" asked Octavius with astonishment in his voice. Startled Jedediah looked up. "Not the tree," he said a bit louder than wanted. "But what's standing below that tree." For a second it was completely quiet. "And then on the left side," whispered Jedediah.

For a second Octavius didn't know what to say and just looked at his friend in astonishment. "Are you trying to tell me that you're in love with that Roman woman?"

Jedediah let his head fall again and put his hat over his eyes so that Octavius didn't see that he was blushing. "Who had ever thought that a Roman woman could be that attractive…" said Jed, who couldn't resist to looking at her again.

While smiling, Octavius shook his head. "Oh how cute! De tough cowboy is in love!" That got him a smack against his helmet.

"I knew it sounded ridiculous! I knew you would react like that!" said Jedediah angry and he wanted to walk away again. Again Octavius stopped him.

"Don't worry," said Octavius, still with a big smile on his face. "I'm happy for you. And to show my good will, I'm gonna help you. Oh, her name is Serena."

After Octavius said that, Jedediah came out of his hiding spot and dragged him with to the women beneath the tree, before Jed could say no.

"Hey Serena," said Octavius from far. "Octavius," said Serena happily and surprised. All the women beneath the tree bowed. Then calmly walked away, but only Serena stayed.

Everyone knew Octavius and Serena had a special bond and because of that often had private conversations. Weird enough, no one knew what was so special about their bond.

"Do you already know Jedediah?" asked Octavius to Serena when he was sure that the other women were gone. "I've heard a lot of him but we never met." said Serena while she gave Jedediah a friendly smile. "You are the ruler of the Wild West and leader of the cowboys, right?"

For a second Jed didn't know what to say so he just stared at Serena. Octavius' elbow in his side made him speak. "Eh… Yeah, that's right. Eh… Yeah… That's me, yes…"

Octavius wanted to hit him so bad but he resisted it. Also Jed saw he was doing awful. "Uhm… I have to go," he said quickly and walked away, with his hat over his eyes again.

"This Jedediah seems like an odd guy to me." said Serena while she kept looking at Jed with a surprised look. "He is," said Octavius, "but also very nice, trust me."

Serena looked at Octavius again. "I've kept hearing you say he's stubborn and annoying." she said teasingly. "That was mean, that was in the time we were still in war." answered Octavius insulted. "Even though I have to admit, he can still be stubborn and annoying. But trust me, he can also be very polite."

Serena looked at Octavius full of disbelief. "He is a cowboy," she said after a while, "they always taught me that they don't have manners and especially not their leader. Even you said that a couple of times."

"Like I said," Octavius continued, "We were still in war then. I didn't know him completely back then. But I do know him now and now I say that he's really nice. Trust me, just come with me to the Wild West and talk to him for a while. Then you'll see he's not that bad!"

Serena hesitated for a second but then nodded in agreement. "I believe you," she softly said to Octavius, "and I would blindly trust your words. If you come with me tomorrow, I'll go."

"I will lead you through the Wild West, my lady." said Octavius with a smile on his face. Serena slightly bowed for her leader and then walked away.

Octavius stood there and smiled to it. He arranged this good for his friend.