So this is my first attempt at a CSI: New York story, so a huge thanks to anyone who gives this a shot. I hope you won't be disappointed. I'm still relatively new to CSI New York and was a big fan of Stella, but have to admit they have found a fantastic replacement with Jo and I adore her character. This story is based on Jo and set after Means To An End and the John Curtis storyline.

Summary: Jo Danville thought that the whole horrid case involving John Curtis was over with when she shot him dead, but now the case is coming back to haunt her. Jo knows the dead can't come back to life but the impossible seems to be happening when she beings to get stalked by John Curtis himself. He's leaving bodies for her to find with a signed confession by each one of them. It's a race against the clock to discover who is messing with Jo and who is killing and raping women of New York. Whoever it is tormenting her will stop at nothing to see her suffer, even if it means by hurting other members of the team or her family before ultimately going after Jo herself.

Disclaimer: Not mine if you've seen them on CSI: NY, I'm just borrowing for entertainment purposes.

Chapter 1

The rain was coming down hard by the time Jo Danville got to the crime scene at almost midnight on a cold Friday night. The angry rain pounded hard against the ground, her body, and anything else in its path. It sounded like hailstone and was unforgiving as hail. Her body felt bruised by it. She met Mac by where the latest body had been found. This one had turned up in the Rambles in Central park. She had to shout to be heard by Mac over the heavy down pour. "Is it our guy again?"

"Yeah! Same guy, same pattern, but there's more this time, Jo!" he yelled back as the made their way into the thick bushes and climbed over large slippery wet boulders.

"What is it?" Jo asked him.

Mac didn't answer her, he wanted her to see for herself. Finally they reached the body that had been covered over with tarpaulin to try to preserve what evidence they may be able to find. Officers stood guard over it with large black umbrella's. Jo crouched down next to the body. An officer held the umbrella over her as she lifted up part of the tarpaulin to reveal the dead woman's chest. Her blood soaked blouse was pulled apart and so exposed the writing that had been carved deep into the flesh between the woman's throat and the top swell of her breasts.

The rain suddenly stopped, as quick as it had started. Mac clearly heard Jo's sigh. "Sinner." she said as she read the word on the woman's chest. "It's definitely our guys work."

"Look at her stomach." Mac told her.

Jo looked up at him, confused. This was the fifth victim they had found with the word 'sinner' carved into her chest. They knew they had a serial killer and an enthusiastic rapist at work whose patterns never changed; the slit throat, the word 'sinner' on the chest, the multiple brutal rapes. The only thing that differed were the women themselves. All had been from different races, ages ranging from eighteen to forty three, different hair colours, backgrounds. Its why she didn't understand why Mac was telling her to look at the stomach, but trusting him whole heartily, she did as instructed.

She pushed the tarpaulin aside and felt her heart skip a beat when she saw what had been carved into the woman's stomach. "John Curtis." she gasped, wide eyed.

She quickly covered the body over again and stood up. Without saying a word she pushed past Mac and the officers. She felt dizzy, terribly light headed as she headed out of the Rambles. She knew Mac was following after her, she heard him say her name but it was nothing more than an echo.

She saw the night sky spin round and round above her before she felt a hard smack against her body and heard a crunch. She saw Mac leaning over above her, felt the rain begin to pound against her body again before everything went black.


Sorry this is a short chapter, the next will be up ASAP, if more is wanted that is. This will probably be a Mac/Jo story because I think they'd make a great couple.

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