Summary: When Arthur is invited to have a few drinks with his fellow doctor Alfred, he and Alfred end up sleeping together. If that wasn't enough Arthur finds out that Alfred has had a crush on him ever since his first year of medical school.

Main paring: USUK

Side pairings: Spamono, Gerita, and Prucan. (Prucan might not happen for a bit)

Warning: This is a yaoi story, meaning, Boy X Boy or Man on Man action. If you still don't get it, you're a retard. This story is homosexual in nature, I warned you.

Another Warning: I do not own Axis powers Hetalia! I claim nothing.

I will take the time to properly edit this later, but for now you'll have to bear with my terrible writing . I edited out the sex scene because it was out of place and stupid.

Sorry Readers

Arthur walked down the halls of the hospital looking for a certain doctor who was neglecting his paperwork at the moment. Dr. Jones was a nice man, always cheery and friendly. A large portion of the staff and patients loved him. Arthur on the other hand found him extremely annoying. Arthur jerked open the break room and glared at the sleeping form on the couch.

"Dr. Jones!" He shouted. Jones didn't move an inch, and continued to snore loudly. Arthur was tempted to grab the sharpie that he kept in his pocket and draw a mustache on his sleeping face.

"Wake up you sodding git!" He yelled as he delivered a swift kick to Alfred's backside. he jerked awake with a loud snort.

"wha- " he said still half asleep. Alfred's glasses were askew and his straw colored hair was rumpled from the nap, in Arthur's opinion he looked surprisingly handsome like that. Not that it mattered he wasn't into him anyway.

"Ah, oh hey Arty, what do ya need?" Alfred asked as he stifled a yawn. Arthur glared at the other doctor.

"I need those charts for Lovino and Feliciano Vargas." he snapped. Alfred rubbed his chin while looking up at the ceiling in thought.

"The Vargas brothers? " I must have forgot all about it." He hopped up from the couch and motioned for Arthur to follow him. They walked down the halls toward Alfred's office.

"Isn't it funny that the twins had to get their appendixes removed at the same time? It's really amazing how twins work." Arthur rolled his eyes.

"Did you forget you have a twin too?" Alfred paused.

"I don't see or hear from matt all that much anymore, so it's easy to forget." A sad expression appeared on his face momentarily, before being replaced by a bright smile. "Of course Mattie is so quiet it's hard not to forget about him." He laughed.

Alfred stopped when they finally reached his office. Alfred ducked in and came back out with the files.

"Here they are, sorry for the inconvenience." He smiled at Arthur in apology. Arthur snatched the files and flipped through the papers inside.

"Thanks to you, I'm an hour behind in my work today." he grumbled. Alfred looked away and started to rub the back of his head.

"Uh…yeah…sorry about that." Arthur paused and looked up at the other doctor. He seemed genuinely sorry.

"Apology accepted." Arthur said. Alfred's sky blue eyes lit up with joy at his forgiveness.

"I have to go now." Arthur said as he looked at his watch, but before he could even put one foot forward Alfred stopped him by grabbing his shoulder gently.

"Wait a minute." He said suddenly.

"Arthur, I really feel bad about making you run around for those files, if you have time after your shift is over…I'd really like it if…" Alfred paused and averted his eyes.

"If?" Arthur raised one of his thick eyebrows.

"If you would join me for a couple of drinks." Arthur was stunned, he'd never been invited to do anything with his coworkers since he started working at the Hospital. This was this first time anyone had bothered to invite him anywhere.

"That would be lovely."

Arthur couldn't help but notice that Alfred's hand was still on his shoulder. Alfred also noticed and drew his hand back as if a snake had bit him.

"Uh…I guess we both should be getting back to work, I'll see you around six in the lobby?" Arthur nodded and walked down the hall toward his patient's room. Arthur felt Alfred's eyes on him the entire time he was walking away.

The Vargas brothers were certainly a handful, Lovino was one of the more cranky patients in the hospital, but his twin Feliciano was one of the friendliest. Arthur walked into the small room and Feliciano smiled and waved at the doctor.

"Hi Dr. Kirkland." Feliciano said with a bright smile.

"Hello, Feliciano." He turned to Lovino. "Good morning, Lovino." Lovino snorted and turned his head away. Feliciano shook his head and motioned for Arthur to come closer. "Fratello's in a bad mood today." Arthur nodded he didn't find it too surprising, Lovino was never in a good mood. He flipped though the charts and smiled.

"From what is written here you two are recovering remarkably well, you should be able to go home in a few days." Lovino's face seemed to light up a bit at the news. He was very eager to get back home. Feliciano responded with a smile

"Vee~ Now I can have pasta again." Lovino blanched. "The food here tastes like crap." Arthur didn't think it was all that bad but he kept his mouth shut.

"So scone bastard how many days total are we talking here?" Arthur grimaced at the name that Lovino called him. " At the most four more days." Lovino smirked and looked out the window.

" I can't wait to leave this damn hell hole."

"Be nice." Feliciano mouthed To his brother but he did not pay attention.

"Thank you for taking care of us Dr. Kirkland, we'll miss you." Arthur smiled a bit at Feliciano's sweet words.

"You're welcome, and I will miss both of you very much as well." Arthur looked at the charts and remembered something.

" I heard from a nurse that your side still hurts a bit Feliciano, do you need some morphine?" Feliciano shook his head.

"No I'm fine now." Arthur took a note on one of the papers.

"That's good. Now, if you'll excuse me I need to go. If you need something, don't hesitate to call one of the nurses to help you. I'll see you tomorrow and well see if you're both well enough to leave yet."

With that, he wrapped up his visit and headed out the door. Suddenly a large mass blocked his path.

"Oh, good afternoon Ludwig." The senior doctor peered down at Arthur and furrowed his brows.

"Your awfully late in making your rounds today Kirkland." Arthur flinched; he'd hopped that he wouldn't be too behind in his work for Ludwig to notice.

"I was looking for Jones earlier today; he had some paper work that I needed." Ludwig face palmed and he muttered something to himself.

"I'll have a talk with him later." He said.

"That won't be necessary, he already apologized." Arthur didn't want Alfred to get into trouble.

"He needs to be more organized." Ludwig said more to himself than Arthur.

" But, I'll let it pass today." Arthur sighed as Ludwig walked away. He had only a few more patients to check up on before his shift was over and he could meet Alfred. For the first time in years, Arthur was actually looking forward to something besides work.

Six rolled around quickly and Alfred sat in the lobby of the hospital bouncing in his seat with excitement. Arthur had agreed to go out with him! It was just for drinks but it was a start, maybe he'd finally work up the nerve to confess. feelings from long ago welled up inside of Alfred when he thought about the other. Alfred stared at his watch and jiggled his leg in impatience.

"Come on hurry up." He mumbled as he gazed at the elevator across from him. It felt like an eternity before he heard the Bing that signaled the elevator opening. He watched as several people filled out. But no Arthur.

"Darn it." He said as he stood up and puffed out his cheek in a pout. Alfred was so busy pouting that he didn't notice when Arthur walked up behind him and tapped him on the shoulder. Alfred turned around and a confused look crossed his face.

"How? What….huh?" he pointed at the elevator over his shoulder.

"I took the stairs." Arthur said.

"Oh, so you ready to go now?" Alfred asked. Arthur nodded and they walked out the door into the frozen night air. Alfred had chosen a particular bar not too far from the hospital; it was one that he visited quite a bit. When they got there, Arthur looked up at the sign above the door.

"Gilbert's and Antonio's bar of awesomeness" He raised an eyebrow.

"What the bloody hell kind of name for a pub is that?" Alfred laughed.

"The two guys that run the place named it that; let's go inside its cold." Arthur was pushed inside by Alfred and he was immediately greeted by the sound of a roaring fireplace and the faint smell of pine. It was warm and cozy inside the tavern and Arthur couldn't help but feel like he was inside the tavern from beauty and the beast. Not that he watched it enough to remember every little detail. (Yes he did)

A stuffed deer's head was on the wall overlooking the fire place and several seats surrounded the area. Only a few tables were occupied by costumers, most of which were chugging down frosted mugs of beer.

"Pretty sweet isn't it?" Alfred said as he shrugged off his coat and took a seat at the bar.

"It's really lovely, it reminds me of something from Germany." Alfred beamed and patted the stool next to him.

"One of the owners is from Germany so he decorated it this way, said it reminded him of home." Arthur sat down and waited for the bar keep to appear.

"Uh Alfred, were…" before he could say anything a white shock of hair appeared on the other side of the bar.

"What can I get ya guys?" Arthur almost toppled out of his seat in surprise.

"That's gilbert for you, he always pops out of nowhere." Alfred patted his companion on the back.

"You're not going to have a heart attack are you?" Arthur's face was ashen and he clutched his chest.

"I'm quite alright, just shocked is all." After a moment or two, Arthur's skin returned to normal and his grip loosened on his shirt.

Gilbert leaned on the bar and studied Arthur.

"Hey Alfred, do I know this guy?" Gilbert said when he was done.

"Oh I forgot to introduce you to each other, Arthur this is Gilbert one of the owners of the bar." Arthur extended his hand toward gilbert.

"Nice to meet you." Gilbert took Arthur's hand and shook it.

"Nice to meet you too, I heard you talking about the bar. Glad you like it. My awesome self, did most of the decoration." Gilbert said as he started to clean a few glasses. "So, I'm going to assume that you're not here for chit chat with me, what's your poison?" Arthur was about to order a glass of beer, but Alfred beat him to the punch. "Gilbert, can you hook us up with the Gilbert special?"

Gilbert paused his cleaning and his red eyes widened, he looked around to make sure that Antonio wasn't around.

"Dude, Antonio made me take it off the menu last week. It's too awesome for mere mortals to consume." Alfred leaned in as if he was doing a drug deal.

"Two Gilbert specials on the rocks." Gilbert placed the glass he was cleaning on the counter with a sigh.

"Don't say I didn't warn you tomorrow." He turned around and started to mix the drink. Arthur turned to Alfred and whispered,

"What the bloody hell is a gilbert special?" Alfred grinned.

"It's the best damn thing you ever tasted, and it gets you drunk in half the time normal alcohol does." Arthur looked to the counter and he watched as a cloud of smoke rose up from the mugs like a mini nuclear explosion.

"Uh huh, this isn't going to kill me right?" Alfred laughed as Gilbert slid the foaming amber liquid over to each of them.

"No it won't kill you." Gilbert said. "Just gives you one hell of a hangover in the morning." Arthur didn't have to be a work till later in the afternoon tomorrow so a hangover wouldn't be much of a problem. Arthur took a swig and a rich creamy flavor exploded inside his mouth. It was soft and foamy but at the same time bold and tangy. Arthur took another mouthful. Alfred sat beside him and watched as he emptied the glass in no time at all. Alfred finished his soon after and then ordered two more. By the time they had their third glass. Alfred was talking about coming out and Arthur was leaning his head on the bar listening.

"So then ma and da foun out an were really pissed, they kicked m ass out o th house, now days mattie doesn't talk to m and ma and da don act like I exist." He laughed bitterly.

"But y no wha Im fuckn happy, so who gives a danm!" he punctuated that sentence with another swig of alcohol. Arthur nodded.

"M parents wern' happy either, thy stopped talkin' to me six years ago. I dindn hav a goo relaionship wi them either." He felt some tears trickle down his face.

"I hate being alon tho." Alfred patted Arthur on the back. "we'er all alon." Gilbert watched as the two bonded over past trauma, and that was the moment that Antonio decided to walk in.

He looked at Alfred and Arthur.

"what is going on here?" He watched as Alfred slipped out of his chair and fell to the floor laughing.

"Alfred doesn't normally get this drunk." Gilbert hid the mix behind his back.

"yeah he doesn't." He laughed nervously. Antonio narrowed his eyes.

"what do you have behind your back, mi amigo?" Gilbert pulled the mix from behind his back and showed it to him.

"He asked for it." Antonio shuddered.

"Not again, any damages that happen tonight are on you. I won't patch up the walls like last time." Gilbert smirked.

"Alright whatever, my awesome self can handle it."

Arthur and Alfred had talked about coming out, so they progressed to what type of man that they liked.

"That's easy it'd be a guy like you." Alfred said pointing at Arthur. Arthur choked on his drink and started to cough uncontrollably.

"Why me?" Alfred shrugged.

"I always had a thing for guys like you, and the British accent just adds to the package, it's sexy." Arthur blushed.

"To tell you the truth I've always had a thing for idiots with blond hair and blue eyes." Alfred dropped his mug in shock and watched as it shattered on the floor. He vaguely heard a shout from Gilbert and Antonio's laughter in the that didn't matter at the moment, the only thing that mattered was Arthur. He had more or less confessed that he liked Alfred a bit, and that was all that Alfred needed to hear.

Arthur didn't know when it started, but suddenly Alfred had pushed him up against the bar and was kissing him like there was no tomorrow. Alfred's tongue danced around in his mouth enticing soft moans and gasps to spill from his parted lips. Gilbert looked at the couple and smirked. "And that my friends is why you don't drink more than one glass of the Gilbert special." Antonio shook his head. "That's why I told you to take that off the menu." Gilbert responded with a chuckle as he watched the make out session turn even heavier as Arthur shoved one of his hands down Alfred's pants.

"Let's go somewhere more private love."


They lay Together floating in a pleasurable haze. Arthur was barely aware when Alfred scooted closer and hooked his arms around his waist. He settled in and let Alfred's comforting warmth wash over him as he drifted off into a blissful slumber, filled with nothing but pleasant dreams of the man beside him.

That's it for now, it was such a long chapter, I don't think any of the others will be this long. But I hope you guys liked the lemon. It was the first time I've written one so I'm not sure how it turned out.

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