Hello everyone I'm afraid that this is not a chapter, I have some good news and some bad news.

1. The ending will come eventually, when I get a chance to write it.

2. I will be posting it on my new account on Live journal It should be posted on my profile page

3. I will be reposting the entire fic on my journal rewritten and cleaned up for a smoother read

4. I will continue with my next project GAME OF SPADES on LJ along with FROZEN HEARTS

5. I will be abandoning Fanfiction. net

I am sorry that everyone has had to put up with this, due to the censorship on this site I feel I am being stifled as a writer and artist. So I will be moving on to a different site. Thank you all for your kind words and comments, I really hope that you decide to follow me on my new site.

I want to thank you all for staying with me so far and I look forward to my new projects.

if you have any questions message me.