Another need chapter 1

(I do not own the need series)

I walked up the steps to the giant mansion and stood there for a few moments taking deep breaths my hands went to my baby bump and slowly rubbed it through my wool sweater "alright here we go" I took the door knocker in my hand and banged on the door a couple of times a servant named James opened the door he bowed formally "my lady we did not expect you to return please come in" he gestured in the house and I did "James I need to speak with him right away" he nodded "of course your majesty right away can you please wait in the study and I shall fetch him I assume you still know your way there" I nodded "please don't call me your majesty" he bowed "as you wish" I went past familiar hallways till I came across the study I went in and settled down in a seat close to the desk. my mind was warped with so many things I was deep in thought till I heard him clear his throat looking up he stared at me intently and leaned on the desk "well to what do I owe this visit"

"we need to talk" I said my voice was slightly shaken

he stood there looking casual "I see well shall we talk then"

"there's no easy way to say this but- my words were cut off "how have you and john been" there was something behind his voice I just could tell what , tears welled my eyes and I gave him a sad smile my voice was a cracked whisper "I don't know I haven't seen john in a week- we decided to end it" I looked down letting a couple of tears fall in my lap

when I looked up he held a small smile "I'm sorry to hear that" he walked over to me and pulled me up .he cupped my face and wiped my tears with his thumb "why if I might ask did you separate" I sniffled a little and looked him in the eyes "that's the other thing I need to tell you I'm pregnant and the baby is yours" I closed my eyes waiting for a response after 30 seconds I looked at him his mouth was slightly open he let go of my face "do not toy with me are you sure its mine and not john's do you really carry my child" I nodded " the last time me and john did anything was a month before I was with you and the doctors said that I'm four months pregnant and four month ago -he finish my sentence

"you were with me " I nodded "why have you waited 4 month to tell me this why didn't you come to me as soon as you found out"

more tears came out "john and I tried to make it work when I first found out but we just kept arguing for the silliest things and I couldn't live like that, plus if I had told you when I was trying to make it work with john I new you would have wanted to be a part of my life and stepped in"

he nodded "so I'm your plan B" his voice was monotone

"what, no I just thought I'd let you know before I leave" this caught his attention "what do you mean leave"

I my voice was back to normal and no more tears fell "I'm leaving to Connecticut next week, I moved out of johns house and now I'm staying at a motel across from the grocery store. My friend has offered for me to stay with her his a reasonable amount of rent"

he didn't say anything for a moment "no"

"no? what do you mean no?"

" I mean no your not leaving to Connecticut and your not staying in any roach infested motel you shall stay here I can have a separate room for you or if you wish you may be with me in my room" I stood there silent "that's really not necessary I can manage- he held up his hand in a silencing motion then chuckled "still stubborn as ever-this isn't negotiable" his looks soften and he gathered me in his arms "please let me take care of you" he looked towards my stomach and stroke it softly "both of you" his eye like the rest of his body was glamour I looked deep into his eyes then finally nodded.

Authors note- sorry if I got the name wrong but I don't know the name of Zara's step dad or her mom It any one knows please tell me and I hoped you enjoyed chapter 1 :o)