Queens's pov

The days went by very slowly toward the end of the second week everyone was getting ready for the banquet cleaning and decorating the dinner hall. Zara moped the whole time the only time she was allowed to leave her room on the week end was when I took her shopping for a new dress to wear for the event. After many hours and stores later we finally decided on a dark blue party dress with rhinestones around the top.

Finally the day of the banquet came I hurried through the kitchen making sure everything was in order I walked out to the dining room and saw James with a clip board

"James how are the arrangements going along has anything one wrong yet" I asked he smiled at me

"Your majesty you act like this is the first banquet that were are throughout" I smirk he always knows how to lighten the mood

"It's just...I don't know ...I guess I don't know" I frowned I looked at James he had a smile on his face

"With all due respect your highness it's understandable how you feel" I cheered up a little "really"

He nodded

"Yes completely I mean it's not every day you meet your daughter's fiancé" he chuckled

I frowned again and this time James noticed

"My apologies perhaps I was to bold with that last statement"

I shook my head "not at all I mean it is the truth" we finished our conversation and I began to get ready

Other servants helped me curl my hair and pined it up, I dressed in a long dark blue dress it was strapless but clung to my curves. When I put my shoes on and finished my make-up. I went to check on Zara her hair was a complete mess and her shoes were off, she was sitting playing with her stuffed animals "Zara why aren't you ready!" she looked up at me with guilty eyes and responded "it's not my fault mommy Lionel wanted were a suit to the party" she held up her lion and it had a tiny tuxedo on "Zara this is not the day you can't bring Lionel to the party now get your shoes on and come here so I can do your hair".

when her hair was curled and ready I went to meet him in our room he was attempting to tie his bow tie but failed miserably I giggled a little, he looked at me through the mirror and gave me a crooked smile then turned to me his eyes made their way up and down my body and gave me a lustful look I giggled again and walked up to him tying his bow tie and I rested my hands on his chest

"what would you do without me" I sighed he took my hands and pulled me closer I wrapped my arms around his neck

"I wouldn't want to know" he replied he looked down at me his hands sliding down my curves and rested on my hips "you look ravishing " he leaned in and rubbed my nose against his "I might keep you here all to myself and cancel the banquet" I smiled

and tilted my head to the side and pretended to think for a second he chuckled and kissed me carefully not to smear my makeup we pulled away when we needed to breath. After a few second there was a knock on the door her went to answer when he opened the door "your highness the star clan has arrived" he nodded and held out his arm to me I hooked mine around his and we walked out to the hall.

Zara was walking out of her room to meet us she quietly went to my other arm and clung to it. My blue skin clashed against hers she stared at them for a second then looked ahead. I looked back at him and he noticed it to, he frowned slightly and looked ahead we all began to walk till we got to the banister he let go of my arm and went to the middle of the banister to introduce them to the court the room went silent and his voice boomed throughout the mansion

"My loyal subjects today we have been honored to have the star clan come to our court and tonight we through a banquet to celebrate their arrival" the court bursted in applause as soon as he stopped talking but when he held his hand up in a silencing motion the room went quiet again"

"my friend I wish to introduce you to the queen and princess of this court" he gestured us to come forward and we did Zara held my hand tightly and we walked out to the spot light I saw the star clan king by his wife there blonde hair clashed against both of their skin and behind the star king you see another small head of blonde hair that was comb back to match his fathers.

we made our way down stairs to them and stopped in front of them the two kings shook hands and smiled the queen in front of me had a forced smile her jewelry consist of nothing but rhinestones and clocks

"your jewelry is lovely" I said with a fake smiled she medley shrugged "yours isn't so bad yourself " her tone was snobby and she looked around the mansion wrinkling her nose "your home is very...quaint she paused and continued to look around a bit. I turned my attention to him and say he was watching us the with his brows arched he responded for me "yes well our home is very quaint as I'm sure yours is to along with your subjects" there was an undertone in his voice I could tell was sarcasm the star king spoke up "please excuse my wife she isn't used to coming out of the comforts of our own home" he stood back and gently pulled his son out from behind him and my king did the same to Zara they both faced each other I bend down to Zara height

"Zara I would like you to meet astley"

Zara's p.o.v

I looked to the little boy in front of me I looked down at my shoes and held out my hand to shake his "it's nice to meet you astley" he bowed slightly and took my hand kissing really quick then looked down I wrinkled my nose a little bit "you don't have coo-dees do you"

"Zara!" I looked up to mommy

"what it's just a question" I looked to daddy and he gave me a serious look and he responded "Zara mind your manners and apologies"
I looked back to astley and mumbled "sorry" he looked back at me.

"What are coo-dees?" I giggled a little

"you don't know what coo-dees are?" he shook his head, I thought for a second

"well coo-dees are boy germs" he thought for a second

"well I'm a boy but I don't have germs" it was quiet for a second then he said "do you have coo-dees"

I gave him a surprise look "no I'm a girl and its impossible for girls to have coo-dees!" after that someone cleared there throat I look up to see daddy with a funny look "Zara why don't you introduce astley to your friends" I nodded "c'mon astley" I took his hand and took him to the court yard where every one else was playing I go up to Morgan and Ian "hi you guys this is astley" they both waved at him

I turned to him and his face and he holds out his hand "it's very nice to meet you" his voice sounded very polite with an accent Morgan and Ian broke out laughing "you talk funny" I looked at astley to see him look very sad I look back at them "you guys that's not nice he doesn't talk funny" then they stopped laughing but still smiled and Morgan replied

"Yes he does he sounds like a leprechaun" I got very angry "no he does not!"

"Yes he does!" they both look at astley and began chanting "leprechaun, leprechaun" in a voice trying to copy astley I look at astley who began to cry and walk away

and I turn to them Ian stopped and looked at me seeing how mad I was, Morgan was still laughing I got up to her and pushed her as hard as I could she landed with an "oomph"

"Shut up Morgan!" I yelled before I could see what she did I turned and ran after astley "astley wait" he was halfway across the court yard and I grabbed he hand "astley I 'm sorry please don't cry" he looked at me and his eyes were blue and had tears in them "I'm sorry" I said again

he looked at me and stopped crying "there not nice why are you friends with them" I shrugged "they're not always mean and I've known them my whole life" we were at the end of the court yard "still" he looked forward it got quiet until he talked again "Zara how come you aren't a pixie I don't mean to be rude but your mother and father are why aren't you" I looked at him with a little frown

"My mommy was human when she had me in her tummy and when I was born my daddy turned her into a pixie" he nodded

"Can you do pixie stuff" I looked at him

"What do you mean" we sat down on a bench

"You know like disguise yourself, talk to birds, and since you're a princess then you might be able to fly" I thought for a second

"Can you fly astley" he nodded "ya but I can't get down very good I always crash"

"Can you show me how" he shook his head

"Why not" I wined

He blushed a little looking at his feet "because you're wearing a dress and if you fly in the air everyone will see your undies" I blushed

"Oh" It was quiet for a second then we bursts out laughing when we stopped he looked at me "Zara you look blue" I gave him a question look "what do you mean?"

"I mean you look a little blue look at your arm" I looked down and my normal pale skin had a tint of blue

"it's probably cause its cold I mean my friend Issie's lips turned blue cause she was cold maybe that's what's happening to me" astley shrugged

"Maybe" we talked for awhile until mommy came out with daddy "you kids getting along?" I nodded daddy turned to astley

"Astley lets go back inside your parents are looking for you" he nodded and turned to me

"Bye Zara see you later" I waved at him

"Bye" when astley and daddy went inside I turned to mommy she had an angry look on her face "mommy what's a matter"

She looked at me "you know what the matter is Zara and as soon as your father comes back you are gonna explain yourself" a moment later daddy comes back outside and stands in front of me with his arms crossed

Mommy talked first "well Zara what do you have to say for yourself" she stands next to daddy and they both look at me mad

"it's not my fault mommy Morgan and Ian were being mean to astley so I told them to stop but Morgan kept teasing him so I got mad and I pushed her"

mommy nodded but still looked mad, daddy's face looked a little less mad and he spoke first

"Zara you did the right thing sticking up for astley but you did it in the wrong way, you can't solve all your problems with violence OK"

I nodded then mommy spoke

"were going to have a talk with Morgan's parents but for the moment dinner has began and we all are needed in the dining room lets go"
mommy took my hand and we all went to go eat

me and astley talked some more at dinner and after words we played with the other kids. Ian came to apologies to astley but Morgan stayed away from us the rest of the party.

Queens p.o.v
the party was over and we escorted the star clan royalties to their rooms after that I went to tuck Zara in and went to my room I quickly took my shoes off and began to rub my feet. A moment later my king walks in undoing his bow tie. I spoke first

"well besides that crazy clock obsessed women I say this evening went well" I went up to him and turned around so he could unzip me

"I agree" when he unzipped me he wrapped his arms around my waist and he whispered in my ear

"we could always makes it better" his hand slide up my chest and rested on one of my breast massaging it softly. I tilted my head back and moaned he kissed me passionately but I pulled away smiling

"not tonight my love tonight I just want to relax" I pulled away and then began taking my jewelry off and slid out of my dress leaving it on the floor. A moment later I turned to him his mouth was slightly opened then turned into a small smile "that's not very fair of you to play dirty like that" I merely shrugged and went up to him giving him a peck on the cheek he smiled a little more. I went to his ear and whispered.

"life's not fair" and crawled into bed with a grin on my face

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