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Ch 19

Katniss P.O.V.

Since Gale's and my conversation the other night, I've tried to avoid him as much as possible. I wasn't ready to face the fact that Gale hadn't cheated on me after all. That's what stifled all feelings I had for Gale and kept them under wraps. I clung to it and it was what led me to Peeta. Peeta. What was he going to do about Delly? I hope that he'll stay far from her.

I know that I love Peeta. He is the one solid thing in my life. He brings out the best in me, as I do him. We have a perfect balancing act. But what if he doesn't make it home? What do I do? Do I continue to push Gale away? Do I let him back into my heart?

The confusion that waves over me is overwhelming. I feel as if I'm drowning in my own emotions. My mind flashes back and forth between Gale and Peeta. The way they both held me, the way their lips felt on my own. With Gale I had my exact match in male form. We both did what we needed to survive. Peeta had everything that I didn't. He made me a better person. I know that he is the one for me, I just pray that he'll be able to return to District 12.

Peeta P.O.V

The next few days consist of training. Delly and I are instructed by Haymitch to stick together and be as affectionate as we can. I make sure to pretend that Delly is Katniss, which makes my act all the more believable. I'm not sure who Delly imagines me as, probably Gale. Sometimes my curiosity gets me and I'm tempted to ask about her and Gale's relationship. I wonder why they couldn't wait for him and Katniss to break up before pursuing something. Why did they have to hurt Katniss the way that they did? However, I always stifle those thoughts because it doesn't matter.

The other tributes are intimidating to say the least. The career districts like to group together and show off to us weaker districts. The most intimidating instance was when the male tribute from District 2, Cato, took every spear in the collection, threw them at the same time and not a single one missed the target. Delly looked at me and I rubbed my hand on her back to smooth her anxiety. Every day that we get closer to the arena, I get more and more scared about what we are going to face. I know that I must get through it in order to make it back to my Katniss.

At night, Haymitch and Effie work with us on how to play up the romance angle. Effie guides Delly on how to bat her eyelashes in order to reflect the desire that supposedly resonates within her. Throughout Effie's portion of the "training" with me, her hands were starting to get a little too friendly. Haymitch always knew when to step in, insisting that Effie practice on him. It wasn't until he started to clean the leftover vomit off of his shirt that she started to even get close to him.

However, I began to insist that I would learn better from watching, a suggestion that got me a wink from Haymitch. He would grab Effie and pull her onto his lap. She would then run her fingers through his hair and simultaneously twirl hers. Delly and I would attempt to interject something, but it got to the point where the two of them weren't even listening to us, so we snuck off and let them be alone.

We headed out to the main living room of our floor and asked an Avox to grab us a deck of cards. Neither of us really knew of any good games to play, so we decided to make one up of our own. It was pretty simple, if you drew a red, you had to tell a truth, and black it was a dare.

Of course, I had to go first. I grabbed a card and drew a red 10 of hearts. She asked me what I missed most about home. The answer was so automatic that I didn't even have to think twice about the question, "Katniss."

She didn't ask any other questions pertaining to the topic, but just grabbed a card and flipped it over. A red 7 of diamonds. "What is your favorite memory from when we were kids?"

She bites her bottom lip and looks at the ground. "Honestly, it was the day that we first met. I watched you walk in with your father and my eyes were drawn to your blonde locks. I knew that we would become friends when I saw you give your dad a hug goodbye. When we went to music, I made sure that I sat right next to you. I watched you the whole time, and saw the astonishment that crept on your face when Katniss stood up to sing. I could tell that you had fallen hard, so I did what any 5-year-old would do, I picked on you. I knew the second that you trusted me with your secret that I was right. We were going to be friends. Then I made sure to trip you at recess so I could make fun of you another time. That was my way of showing affection."

I don't even know how to respond to her truth. The day that I fell in love with Katniss is the day that holds her favorite memory of us. I quickly grab the next card, a black ace of spades.

"I dare you to go throw spit wads on District 2's floor." My stomach sank. Surely she didn't mean to throw wet paper like we did in school. Go trash a career floor? Is she trying to kill me before we even get into the games?

"Before you even think about backing out, I'll do it with you. We'll go as soon as Haymitch and Effie go to bed." We go back to our rooms and wait for our mentor and escort to go to bed. As soon as I hear their doors shut, I sneak out dressed in all black. Funny enough, Delly steps out in the same outfit. I sneak into Effie's bathroom and grab her makeup. I camouflage Delly and my faces by using tones of browns, blacks, and greens. I make sure that it is so intricate that you can't even tell who we are by the time I am finished. Delly pulls her hair up and puts it under a black scarf that she pulls from the living room closet.

Once that is all done, we grab a roll of toilet paper and run it under the sink in the kitchen. An avox walks out and stares at us. We giggle and shush him, even though they won't be able to really go and warn anyone of what is happening. However, he just silently chuckles and helps us wet down more paper. Even though he cannot talk, his eyes tell us all that I need to know. This is probably the first fun thing he's gotten to do in years and, unfortunately, it might be the last.

Delly and I slide out the door while the avox goes and puts pillows under our beds to look like we are occupying them. We head over to the elevator and push the button to the second floor. We slither down the grand hallway and start throwing wads all over the place. We make sure to hit up the tributes' pictures, the mirror, and the ceiling. Alarms start going off and we bolt towards the elevator. We get inside and as the doors shut I can see Cato and Clove running towards us. Delly hits the 4th floor button and the elevator shoots up. I look at her questioningly, but she grabs my arm and pulls me towards the stairs. We sprint up the 243 stairs that separate the 4th and 12th floor. Even though the run was awful, the idea was ingenious. If they couldn't see who we are, then they won't be able to track us. Hopefully they noticed the elevator stop on the 4th floor and think it was their tributes. I doubt that the Capitol will punish us at all seeing as it would be hard to replace both male and female tribute from 12.

We stumble onto the 12th floor and are greeted by our Avox friend. We look around to make sure that no one is paying attention and relay our escapade to him all while pretending that we were occupying ourselves with something else. We wouldn't want him to be punished for conversing with us, but they can't punish him for overhearing us.

He comes and helps us wash the camo off of our faces. It saddens me that he has to spend the rest of his life serving others and having no freedom. I suppose in a way that is what will happen to all of us. Either I give my life to the Capitol by dying in the Hunger Games, or I spend the rest of it mentoring other children to die. Overall I lose, but at least in the latter situation I get to be with Katniss again.