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I was running—running away from the demon that hurt Erza, Happy, Gray, and. . . . Natsu. He was chasing after me, not satisfied that he has hurt my precious teammates.

I heard his roar and footsteps getting closer. I needed to get away and I couldn't protect myself since I was all out of magical power.

"Run, Lucy!" I heard Natsu shout at me and I quickly turned to see him on the floor, bleeding and hurt.

After being all beat up—all he could think was me.

I tried running faster but tripped when my foot got caught against something. I fell to the ground and quickly turned around to see the demon in front of me, teeth bearing at me and that blood covered claws ready to scratch my face off. "

LUCY!" I heard my teammates scream.

I closed my eyes shut and prayed I won't die right in front of my friends, in such a painful way. The demon roared at me and something came out of its mouth, something purple and black. It started to swirl around me and I felt dizzy, lifeless, and cold.

Next thing I knew I was getting dizzy and a flaming fist made its way to the demon. The demon fell to the floor, as Natsu started to attack it subconsciously.

I was on the ground, mind swirling and stomach turning. All I remember was me blacking out, and Natsu hovering over me.

In a flash, Lucy's eyes popped open and she blinked rapidly as the blinding light took away her vision. She saw white, everything white and bright and it reminded her of a hospital and it was a hospital. More like a room that looked like a hospital room.

Looking around, she took in the place as she noticed it looked sort of familiar.

She also noticed somebody right next to her, head down and hand grasping hers gently.

She moved her numb hand and immediately the pink haired man shot up, looking at her with wide eyes. It freaked her out a bit as he gasped. "Lucy. . ." He whispered making her blink as she saw the pink haired man, looking at her with a hurt but excited face.

"Y—you're awake!" He cried out softly as Lucy sat up and looked at him. She blinked and shook her head as she sighed. "Doctor, how long was I out?"

Immediately, Natsu's smile turned into a frown.

"What... what did you call me?"

"Doctor? ..are you not my doctor?"

"Doctor? I'm not the doctor, I'm your husband."

Lucy looked at him with wide eyes as she felt her heart stop inside her chest. She stared at him for a long time before she looked down at her left hand and noticed a ring on her fourth finger. "M—my husband?"

"You... don't remember me?"

"N—no . . . who are you?"

"I'm Natsu Dragneel. And you're Lucy Dragneel, my wife." He stated as Lucy's entire face went red. She shook her head furiously as she waved her hands around in the air. "Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no. I—I'm not married, yet!"

"Yes you are. You're my wife—we got married last year."

"I—I don't remember getting married! I... I'm single."

"Okay... uh, wait, here. I'll go get Mira." Natsu said softly as he stood up and slowly walk towards the door.

His hands trembled and tears were threatening to fall and all he could feel was the pain shooting through his chest. His entire body was numb and when he opened the door, he closed it and pressed his back against it.

Soon, his tears fell as he slid down and sat himself down right in front of the room.

After almost two months without the love of his life and after two months of praying, crying, and begging for her to wake up... this is what he gets in return? Her memories lost and forgotten and everything about him thrown away?

It hurt, badly.


"She doesn't remember me. . ."

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