Summary: ... Showdown in the Hidden Castle...

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The frightened men hurried to obey their Lord and rushed out to see what had happened. Rahl turned slowly, his eyes narrowed. His gaze touched Kahlan like an icy breeze. He stared into her eyes, forcing her to stay seated on the chair, and approached and brought his face close to hers. Doubt and anger lay in his breath as it waved over her skin. She could feel a shiver running down her spine. He searched for answers in her eyes. Answers to questions that weren´t supposed to be considered at all.

There should have been only two ways for the Mother Confessor to be affected by his spell. Either she should have fallen in love with him. Despite all her concern. Despite the fact that they were natural enemies. And even despite her memories of battles and war... She should have fallen in love with him because his spell didn´t leave her an option.

This would have meant the spell had worked.

Or, his spell hadn´t worked! But in this case she should still the Mother Confessor he had known before: the passionate one who would spit her disdain on him with every word that left her lips, who would stare daggers into him and who, eventually, would give her life to kill him.

But the Mother Confessor who sat in front of him was neither head over heels in love with him, nor did she hate him with every fiber of her being.

By the Keeper´s darkness! - WHAT HAD HAPPENED?

Kahlan tried to flinch but Rahl forced her to look straight into his eyes and intensely watched the shadows that whirled in her gaze. They seemed odd. He had never seen such an effect before. But it was obvious that they were caused by the bond.

"I don´t know how it is possible that you are able to withstand me, Kahlan." His husky susurration was razor-sharp, his eyes gleamed viciously into hers. The Confessor just stared back, her eyes wide open, clouded but defiant. "I don't know which power allows you to fight my spell." He growled the words in an increasing threatening voice. "But I swear I will break you. You will be at my feet. This way or another!"

His gaze was dangerous, his breath swept against her ears and she couldn´t help but swallow a lump in her throat. She felt sweat breaking her skin, but her eyes narrowed in rage at his blank threat.

Into the air-thickening tautness that held them at bay burst the sudden snarl of a voice from behind them.

"You shouldn´t make promises that you won´t be able to fulfill, MILORD!" the words dripping with scorn.

He whirled around to see a blonde Mord Sith, leaning nonchalantly at the door´s frame, her arms crossed, her head tilted and wearing a mocking expression.

"And you won´t have the time to fulfill it. Because I will kill you. Here and Now!"


The heavy weighted silence melted with the still horrible noise from the hall outside. Exited yells mixed with terrified howls and moans of pain, orders shouted, the crackling of fire whispering through it all.

Inside, Rahl straightened, his eyes washed over the Mord Sith who raised her chin and glared back with pure threat.

"Well, well! A Mord Sith comes home to her Lord!" Slowly emphasizing the words, he had an eyebrow pulled up in mockery and made a step back to the edge of the table behind him. He sat on it, warily watching every move of Cara. While his lips turned into a leer, he shook his head slowly.

"So my dear brother has sent his pet for the rescue!" Cara´s eyes narrowed. "He should have known better. Haven´t you already failed him when you were my dear guest last time...?" A wicked grin appeared on his face, knowing, as always, how to hit her.

Kahlan sat motionless, still feeling the forcing weight of his mind´s pressure on her shoulders. But her eyes were glued to the blonde. The sight of Cara, as she leaned arrogantly at the door´s frame with canted hips, her entire appearance emanating deadly elegance, had caught her breath.

"It wasn´t you, who broke me, Rahl, remember?" Her voice was low and dangerous. "You were not even able to reach me! If it hadn´t been for the magic, I would have never broken for you again..."

"And I still wonder how this had been possible. My little brother" he chuckled, "can´t have been the reason. He isn´t man enough to change a Mord Sith of your caliber..."

"Whatever you think about him... He is Lord Rahl!... And I haven´t changed. I am Mord Sith! Let´s say… I have progressed; and you would be scared if you could recognize how much..." she almost purred.

Rahl smiled, his hands travelling to his beard to stroke it, barely showing any sign of worry. Speaking again, his voice had a sly tone.

"Well, Cara. Whatever the reason, I am sure that Dahlia... will appreciate welcoming you back, once you will..." He was cut off shortly.

"Dalia is no more!"

"What do you mean?" Suppressed surprise glowed in his eyes.

She only raised a brow. "I´ve killed her, Rahl! She joins all the others of your little army that I´ve sent to the Keeper..." Cara sneered at him.

Rahl looked her over, shot her a piercing glance, considering if this might be true.

"Is that so?" he muttered. And then, with knitted eyebrows, he continued, scorning her with words, set in mock astonishment. "So it was you who acted the deadly monster in this castle? It was you who shied away from an open, honorable fight? Who preferred to hide in the shadows - as any chicken-hearted coward would?" His mad laughter sliced through the air. "And you try to tell me you haven´t changed? Cara! Who are you? And where is the proud Mord Sith I´ve known?"

She straightened, her eyes stared daggers. But she still didn´t move.

"You...are certainly not the one to speak about honor, Rahl! Who is the coward? Who is hiding behind 200 men like a weepy little brat in a Hidden Castle? Who needed a whole troop of Mord Sith to shoot one woman... from behind? And who isn´t man enough to get things done without the help of dark magic - and fails each time all the same?"

He merely shrugged. "I am Lord Rahl!" He gave a sheepish grin. "But I still wonder what is it all about, Cara? Are you sent to destroy me? Isn´t it beneath you to rescue this woman who is your worst enemy? Who won´t falter in killing you if she gets the opportunity? What is it that tamed my unscrupulous weapon and aims it against me?"

Cara´s eyes flickered automatically to Kahlan, who´s eyes softened in a blink and answered her gaze with so much affection, that even Rahl had to recognize it. His gaze slid from the Mord Sith to the Mother Confessor, then back to Cara and again to Kahlan. His eyes widened in disbelieve as his brain slowly started to see...

It took him a few moments for the message to go from his eyes to his mind. And when it arrived, it left him stunned. This… couldn´t be true! This was the last thing he had ever expected. His mind raced. These two women were opponents! They were meant to be deadly foes. The only reason they hadn´t killed each other yet, should´ve been their personal commitments to his brother, who was presumptuous enough to force such silly relationships for the greater good...

But here she was, the last Confessor, her eyes glowing with affection, felt for the blonde Mord Sith who answered with nothing less than love...


He stood still, didn´t dare move the slightest bit. His chunky body wanted to tremble, every muscle aching with their tautness. He struggled hard to hold off the strain. The effort forced small trickles of sweat, running from his furrowed brows, dripping with salty pain into his widened eyes. He didn´t wipe them away.

His lungs longed for oxygen; the little air he caught with every breath was barely enough to give his hammering heart a reason to work, but he didn´t allow his chest to expand. Every motion had to be suppressed, had to be reduced to a minimum, to not disturb his focus.

He was a large, beefy man. He had never been a coward. And when he had met his foe today he had unsheathed his sword without hesitation. But she had been sent by the Keeper, there had been no chance to win in this unequal fight. The Keeper´s Shadow. No hesitation. No mercy.

She hadn´t killed him. She had granted him a choice. If he would stand it until her return, the Keeper would give him free.

And here he was, tied to a pile in this storage, his arms stretched shoulder height, wrists bound. Struggling hard to hold the weight of the heavy rock that was fixed to his forearm.

Every now and then his terrified gaze travelled between his tied hands and the long rope leading from his arms to a wooden cross brace above him and from there on to the fireplace. Its end was fixed to a small barrel, standing on a ledge.

The rest of the barrels, full with dragon´s fire, were arranged beneath it, around the small fire she had set aflame. He remembered her smirk, when she had turned and waved good-bye.

His arms trembled overwrought, eventually refusing obedience to his desperate will. They slumped slowly… and the rope stretched...


Rahl´s expression was steely, but inwardly he clamored. Again this cursed woman managed to fool him. His spell had not even touched her love; it had been aimed at the wrong person. His eyes narrowed, flashing with frustration and hate.

Kahlan groaned lowly as he used the bond to force her to turn to him. The shadows in her eyes clouded their brilliant blue into a fogged grey. She gasped for air as he dumped his will into her mind. From the corner of his eye he noticed Cara moving, enraged.

"The Mother Confessor and the Mord Sith?" His fleering laughter filled the hall. "This world is really doomed if such madness comes about..."

The deafening blast of another explosion stopped his speech cold. This time it came from nearby and echoed through the castle like thunder, followed by a few smaller bursts. The ground of the hall suddenly quivered. Kahlan jumped from the chair with widened eyes, fright written on her face; Rahl was thrown from the table and found himself lying on the floor which trembled in a short wave, his fingers gripping at the carpet to steady himself.

Cara had not batted an eyelid.

Outside the hall the noises had vanished for only an instant. But then the storm broke. Voices yelled in pain, howls and shouts for help welled up from the courtyard...The rumble of a crashing building, followed by more painful voices... Cracking noises from burning constructions...

Rahl had barely time to get to his feet, when the door was slammed open and two Mord Sith, followed by a dozen of his men stumbled inside, covered with dust and blood. They passed Cara without noticing and the first of them was breathless.

"Lord Rahl! The Castle is aflame. The troops are dissolving in panic! If we don´t stop them they will be scattered to the four winds. Some of them are already deserting. We have to abandon the Castle, Milord!"

Rahl shot her an infuriated glance, ignoring her words, pointing behind her, where Cara had pushed herself away from the door frame, her agiels ready to strike.

"Kill her!"


The group turned around, suddenly very aware of an opponent at their backs. The Mord Sith, trained to be living weapons to their Lord, didn´t waste time with calculating their position. They attacked Cara immediately. The soldiers refrained, trying to encircle the blonde. The last in their row approached from behind her and raised his sword as the fighters came closer.

The flash of a dagger´s blade, suddenly piercing his chest, stalled the strike in the nick of time. His eyes widened with his last breath, searching through the darkness that increased through his mind. The last he saw was whirling white that ripped the dagger out of him, leaving a bloody hole.

In that same moment, when Rahl´s group had turned to attack Cara, Kahlan had thrown herself into the battle. She handled Dahlia´s agiel as naturally as if it was one of her daggers. Striking against red leather, blocking a sword, flashing the weapon into the throat of a man, stopping his frantic howl as he jumped upon her, she fought her way to the blonde.

Within a few seconds she was at Cara´s side. The blonde welcomed her with a fierce, glowing glance, they both shared a loving heartbeat, before shifting to face their toes, gliding easily into their natural rhythm of fighting. Each one following a secret choreography, striking surely and forcefully; ducking and whirling. Each one leaving pain and blood on her wake. Both of them of deadly elegancy.

Together, they seemed to merge. Swaying in a dance, whose melody was played by death; each move a witness to their harmony. Never hesitating. Two halves of one. Leaving no break for their attackers to strike in. Their murderous dance a thing of breathtaking, ravishing beauty.

While they were focused on their fight, Rahl stood still beside the table and watched them warily. His eyes were glued to the two women, he couldn´t help but recognize the power that lay in the merging of the Mord Sith and the Mother Confessor. One of his own Mord Sith was dead. The other wouldn´t hold on much longer. His men started retreating already, despairing of the heavy blows the two women dealt. Some turned on their heels and rushed out, deserting from the hall, from the burning castle, seeking refuge in flight….

Rahl straightened and raised his chin. Resolving to bring it to an end, he called on the bond.


Kahlan´s sudden scream drowned the din of the castle out and unsettled Cara for an instant. She stopped and whipped around, her agiel still pressed into the last Mord Sith´s chest, who sunk to the ground, her eyes staring into nothing. Cara just stared stunned into the Confessor´s eyes, which were widened with an overwhelming agony.

Her pupils had become black suns, eating the brilliant blue of their surrounding skies, dimming them into a shadowy darkness.

The Mother Confessor stood rooted to the spot, gasping for air, her facial expression reflecting fright and pain. Unable to move against Rahl´s pressure, she struggled with all her mind to free herself from the firm grip that he held through the bond. A fist gripping at her heart, twisting it. A wall, blocking her thoughts. Rage and despair boiled inside her chest, every fiber of her rebelled, but his will was too strong. She couldn´t move; her hand that held the agiel loosened its grip and the weapon dropped to the floor. She could only watch helplessly as four men almost overwhelmed Cara, who barely fought them back, horrified of the sight of Kahlan´s agony. A loud moan escaped the Confessor´s throat, a moan of pain and horror.

Rahl approached slowly, smirking slightly. His narrowed eyes travelled between the two women, he obviously enjoying the view. Focusing on the bond, he forced a groaning Kahlan to her knees. Cara had hardly emerged from her shock and back to her surrounding again when she found herself in the brutal grip of four beefy soldiers, a sword at her throat and Rahl dangerously close to Kahlan. She saw Kahlan shiver, saw how her body shook convulsively, saw the shadows in her eyes whirling like living ghosts, heard her sobbing beneath her moans. And her rage exploded into a red fury.

With a yell she slipped out of the men´s grip. She ignored the pain as the sword scratched roughly against her shoulder. In one fluid motion she grabbed the sword arm and forced it against the nearest man, cutting his neck. Whirling around she threw her agiels into a throat at her left and a chest to her right. The last man standing was too scared of her attack to react. He fell a second later with widened eyes and a still open mouth.

"Stop it! Or I will kill her!" Rahl´s voice bellowed through the hall. "And you will be the one to blame for her death…"

Cara whipped around with her jaw clenched. She saw Rahl standing at Kahlan´s side, his hand reached out, but not touching her. The Confessor knelt, her hands clutched at the Rada´Han around her neck, as if trying to remove it, sweat and tears running over her pale cheeks. Her agony was almost palpable. Her breath was heavy, mixed with deep sobs. But the most frightening were her eyes as she lifted them to stare at Cara. Their brilliant blue, that had always brightened Cara´s days, had vanished, substituted by whirling dark grey shadows, sparkled with glowing green flashes.

Cara felt her heart skipping beats, horrified at the sight. She froze and caught her breath, reluctantly shifting her gaze from Kahlan to Rahl, her brow scrunched together, a trace of blood trickling down her arm.

"Let her go! She will never serve you!" she breathed in despair. "But I will! Take me instead" she hated hearing her own pleading voice. Ever so weak, so broken. All she cared was the woman in front of her, who worked up all her strength to slowly shake her head, desperately whispering "No, Cara…".

Rahl stared with narrowed eyes at the Mord Sith, who dropped her agiels, standing slouching, almost humbly, waiting for his speech.

"I have no use for a progressed Mord Sith! I can´t trust you anymore…"

"You could break me again…"her voice was small. She felt an unfamiliar wetness welling up in her eyes.

"Are you begging for her?" he growled contemptuously, then laughed. A laugh filled with disdain. "No, Cara. I have other plans... To make her live, you will sacrifice yourself. I will give her another chance and renew the spell, but this time it will be addressed at the right person. So your death will mean her life…" He sounded amused, smirking at her, his chatting, priggish tone covering the murderous frenzy that lay in his words.

Cara´s eyes were on Kahlan. The Confessor´s gaze had turned inwards. Cara could sense how she called desperately for her own power, struggled heavily to pass the force of the metal ring that bound it, not willing to surrender. It shattered Cara´s heart into pieces.

And then she heard the noises. Small short noises coming from Kahlan´s throat. She wheezed and growled under broken breaths. Sweat poured off her face. She fought with a vengeance. Rahl heard the same, scared, as she straightened ever so slowly. He warily tried to intensify his grip on the bond. But Kahlan came to her feet on shaky legs, gasping heavily, swaying slightly. Her eyes were surrounded in scarlet, they seemed to throw out green sparks; dark, bloody lines appeared on her neck, a net of hot and feverish stripes, spreading slowly over her chest. Her entire body trembled. And suddenly the Rad´Han changed. Its silvery shimmer faded, it became darker until it started smoldering in black and green, its cold blaze searing the air, a humming sound piercing the hall.

Cara was magnetized by the sight, didn´t dare move; The Confessor´s eyes were a black and green whirl, her hand rose and reached out, heading for Rahl, the Rada´Han vibrated at her neck, sending green and black sparks into the air, and with a sudden sharp clangor it burst into pieces...

Everything seemed to fade in that moment. Cara could barely see a flash of black-green sparkles, connecting between Kahlan and Rahl, saw the both of them convulsing in the same rhythm, heard Kahlan´s scream and Rahl´s wheeze and sensed the deadly bond that threatened them both, through her own skin. Now, that Kahlan was freed of the Rada´Han the connection flew free in both directions, Rahl´s will smashed against Kahlan´s resolved mind; and she fought him back and shattered him with the power of confession, both of them fighting their last, ultimate battle.

The Mord Sith reacted with her heart, as she saw Kahlan breaking, saw, how the Confessor fatigued; she didn´t notice that Rahl crashed to his knees, how he screamed in agony and finally his gaze broke, staring into nothing. All she saw was the Mother Confessor, close to breaking down and she was at her side in an instant. She embraced her, didn´t care that the magic was still alive, and pulled her tight to her own body. A thunder with no sound blared through her mind, caught her breath and rolled away through the burning castle.

Kahlan collapsed in her arms.


It was a meddlesome small beam of sunlight that woke her, tickling her nose. Kahlan hummed lowly, comforted by the warming sun. Until the sudden flash of memory made her eyes snap wide open and sit up in a blink, frowning deeply. Her gaze warily searched her surroundings. She found herself in a small clearing, the sound of a chirping bird in the treetops and a fire burning. The sunlight told her it was late afternoon. She heard someone breathing beside her and whipped around, her hand already raised for confession.

Cara smirked at the sight, staring at the hand and pulling up an eyebrow.

"Seems you can´t get enough of it?" her voice an amused smile.

"Cara!" Kahlan sighed in relief. Her hand grabbed Cara´s arm and pulled her close, her head buried in Cara´s shoulder. "I was afraid..."

Cara slowly shook her head, her voice softly reassuring. "No need to be afraid, Kahlan. No more!"

When Kahlan pulled back and looked straight into the green eyes that searched hers, the blonde could barely avoid a happy laugh. The brilliant blue had returned, beaming clear and bright.

"But...What happened? And how is it that we are here?" Kahlan felt still dizzy and puzzled.

"You collapsed after killing Rahl and I almost hauled you the whole way through the tunnels. You were more dead than alive..."

"Wait...I´ve killed Rahl?"

"You did." Her mouth dropped into a frown. "Though I had planned that pleasure for myself, actually!"

Seeing Kahlan´s expectant look she asked "don´t you remember?"

The Confessor frowned, concentrating on her memory. "I saw you, they kept hold of you. And hurt! It was all pain." She lifted her eyes to Cara´s and swallowed. "And... you´ve offered him to break you." Her gaze went wet, her voice small as she shook her head. "I couldn´t allow that..." She shrugged uncertainly, "the rest is...blurred."

Cara settled behind her, her arms wrapped around Kahlan, who leaned back with a sigh, her hands stroking Cara´s arms.

The blonde breathed a kiss on the top of her head.

"It was breathtaking, Kahlan! He forced you through the bond that his spell had created. You fought against it. I don´t know how, but... you were stronger. And then the Rada´Han glowed in black and green and finally it broke. And once, your power was free it was as if you were the one who was in charge of the bond. Your magic... killed him. And when you fell... I was there..."

Kahlan held her breath, looking behind to meet Cara´s gaze.

"Have...have I hurt you?" Her voice a frightened whisper.

Cara smiled thoughtfully. "I don´t know. I think... you confessed me...I felt your power rolling over me, through me; it was tremendous." She gently hooked a wisp of raven hair behind Kahlan's ear. "But, see! Here I am!" She smiled.

Kahlan nodded and turned again, feeling slightly numb she huddled against the Mord Sith and sighed contently. They sat in silence, staring into the flames, losing themselves in the warmth of each other´s touch.

After a while Kahlan sighed again.

"I´m sorry, Cara."

"Sorry for what?"

"That I didn´t follow you out of the dungeons. That all wouldn´t have happened if I had!"

She received a playful slap on her shoulder.

"I´ll remind you, when you disobey me next time!"

Kahlan snorted. "Fine then, Mistress!"

Cara smirked satisfied. "If I had known where this all would lead us, I would have blown up this damn castle..."

Kahlan turned to look at her, an amused expression on her face, her brows pulled up.

"Cara... you have blown up this damn castle!"

The blonde shortly thought about it and then nodded satisfied. "Yes. I guess I´ve been effective!"

They kept silent, until Kahlan started speaking again.

"Do you think Richard has closed the rift?"

The Mord Sith snorted noisily. Somehow Kahlan could sense the blonde rolling her eyes.

"Without our help? Probably not..."


"You know we have to search for him...and Zedd..." Kahlan´s voice was low and the way she said it was almost apologizing.

The Mord Sith sighed resigned. "We will, Kahlan! The Spirits know what troubles he´s gotten into meanwhile... Just not now! We will leave tomorrow – and we will find him! Until then... we should use the break we have here..."

Her arms, still wrapped around the Confessor, moved slightly and gently stroke Kahlan´s, who snuggled impossibly closer against the blonde, feeling warm and safe.

The sun was already setting, when a sudden thought made Kahlan sit up abruptly. She moved and turned until she kneeled before Cara, her eyes wide.


The blonde tilted her head, questioning.

"If... if my power can´t hurt you..." she blushed deeply.

Cara´s face brightened as her lips turned slowly into a mischievous smirk. The blonde chuckled.

Kahlan frowned slightly. "What?"

Green eyes travelled pleasurably down her neck and rested on the seductive mounds which crested the beautiful cleavage in front of her. She bit her lower lip and lifted her eyes again, locking with bright blue ones and reached out to pull her close. Gloved hands claimed her back. Her answer was a hot breath in Kahlan´s ear.

"I wondered, if you would ever get the message..."

Her chuckle was cut off as soft lips brushed against hers. Kahlan pushed her and they rolled over on their backs, giggling like girls. Cara found herself pinned to the ground, Kahlan´s face incredibly close, blue eyes trapped in her own. The giggles slowly died, as her gaze went serious, brilliant blue looking deep into glowing emerald green. Ever so slowly, almost devoutly, Kahlan leaned in and her lips touched Cara´s. Carefully. Exploring. She pulled back, a look of wonder in her eyes and let her tongue glide over her bottom lip. Cara´s eyes followed the motion, magnetized of the view, feeling something inside her reacting; heat rising inside her. Heat that was not only from her body but also from deep inside her heart. Her hand reached out to pull her close, and then she kissed her. Their lips brushed together, and Kahlan´s tongue found its way as Cara slightly parted hers, taking it as an invitation, probing the edge of her teeth, meeting her own tongue with a tender touch, and, encouraged by the response, moved and sucked on it. The Confessor lowly groaned while their kiss went deep; her hands moved and cupped the blonde´s face, her thumbs stroke her cheeks; their tongues danced in a feverish rhythm and teeth ran along her lips. They only pulled apart to gasp for air, panting heavily as the blonde flipped them over. Straddling the brunette, Cara lowered her head to taste her skin with the tip of her tongue, creating a delicious line along her neck down to her cleavage; marking it with small sharp bites that made Kahlan growl; swallowing her familiar smell. Small noises escaped Kahlan´s throat, her hands glided into the blonde´s hair; she moaned as her eyes closed, drifting with the unfamiliar sensation of being touched and trusted. A feeling that made her dizzy; that sent hot shivers down her spine. Her breath quickened as she felt Cara nibbling at heated flesh.

"Wait, Cara" she managed to moan under her breath. "Wait!"

Reluctantly the blonde dragged back, her hand still cupping one of Kahlan´s luscious breasts. Her eyes searched the brunette´s, beaming with dark green of passion. Kahlan´s heart skipped at the sight but her hand was at the leather that covered Cara´s chest. "Get out of it!" she whispered. "I ... touch you... Please!" Cara rose with a leer on her face. "As you command, Confessor" she moaned huskily. Kahlan propped up on her elbows and watched; hungry eyes followed Cara´s hands as they unbuckled her belts, stripping seductively slowly, her fluid motions causing goose bumps on the Confessor´s skin, she lowly moaned as wonderful breasts were freed from their covers. Cara moved, but she reached out and stopped her, shaking her head devotedly. "All of it..." Finally naked, the blonde stood straight in front of her, motionless; emerald eyes narrowed, breath quickened in expectation.

Kahlan licked her bottom lip and let her gaze travel over the strong and beautiful body that waited for her. The flickering light of fire painted playful dances of shadows and lights on tanned skin. Cara felt a hot wave blossoming under her skin and growing onto her belly as she watched Kahlan slowly move to stand, raising her hands, felt them cupping her breasts. Her nipples hardened at her touch as if they had waited just for this. She couldn´t hold back the moan that escaped her lips as Kahlan rolled them tentatively, pinched them. And as the brunette leaned in to lick hot wet circles around them, as she felt her forcefully sucking on them Cara couldn´t help a soundly growl. Kahlan lifted her eyes with the sound and held her gaze, passion glowing in velvet blue, while she slowly stripped herself. The Mord Sith swallowed as the silky white fell; she felt wetness pouring between her thighs and groaned as she couldn´t help but reach out to help her impatiently out of her corset, dragging her near against her own bare flesh.

Her heated skin brushed against firm breasts, her hands roamed greedily over hills and valleys, touching and squeezing, her tongue set hot marks on sensitive spots; and she could sense Kahlan´s wet respond. Quick and warm breathes mingled with small noises escaping their throats. Craving left no longer space for patience. Cara´s teeth roughly moved against the Confessor´s swollen lips. Kahlan felt forcefully led to the ground. She felt Cara´s hot tongue playing with the hardness of her nipples and growled as her teeth scratched along and she felt her arousal slick between her thighs. Her loud moan encouraged the blonde, made her passion burn with even more fire. As her licks and nibbles continued Cara lifted her gaze, inhaling the view of Kahlan. Her hand glided down over a tight stomach, felt the muscles tense with her touch and slid around the soft curves of a hip, gripping firmly strong buttocks. Kahlan had her eyes half closed, low groans escaped her parted lips, tiny pearls of sweat glistened on her skin and her body trembled. The sight of Kahlan´s aroused beauty made her shiver with pleasure, it caught her breath; a sensation of never expected warmth filled her chest, wrapping her heart, knowing that she was the one who was able to evolve such feelings in her Kahlan.

"Cara..." a whisper between low moans. The brunette rolled her hips against Cara´s, longing for her. Waves of heat rolled with them; Kahlan felt them reaching her core, made sweet moisture cover her folds. Her hands clutched desperately at Cara´s back, pulling her closer, wanting. Wanting this woman, wanting to feel her, needing her...

Cara could feel her passion, could smell her arousal and tasted the salty heat on her skin. It was more then she had ever experienced; their moves, beyond all sexual arousal, melting together in magnificent coalescence. And she knew she would memorize this moment forever. She didn´t look away as her thigh pressed firmly against Kahlan´s center, probing the wetness that welcomed her skin. Kahlan gasped at the sensation, moving her hips in circling motions as she rubbed her moisture into Cara. The small noises that escaped her throat mingled with Cara´s whimpers who felt the throbbing in her own core. She could sense the Confessor close to the edge and moved to kiss her again, her tongue claiming her mouth forcefully. She dragged her thigh away and replaced it by her hand, firmly stroking up and down the wet folds, pressing and rubbing her fingers where she knew they were needed until Kahlan moaned desperately.

"Cara... please..." Her back arched against Cara, inviting her to go further and the blonde followed her request. She gasped for air as she felt Kahlan´s hand glide between her own legs, coated with her own wetness. As her fingers slid inside Kahlan, hot and wet, she did the same. Cara felt the brunette´s fingers matching her own moves inside her, thrusting, curling and her back bucked against her. She heard herself moan Kahlan´s name loudly, heard Kahlan respond with throaty groans and pushed forcefully against her, reaching deeper with every thrust. Their pace getting quicker, their pushes harder. The smell of their moistures thickening the air with sweet arousal; their groans and moans becoming more and more urgent. Their fingers kept thrusting, faster and faster and Kahlan whimpered desperately. She felt her powers scratching at the walls and a short hesitation flickered through her mind, but Cara pushed harder, feeling her doubt. Her heavy moan touched Kahlan´s ear.

"I love you Kahlan... It will be fine... come for me..." and Kahlan let go. Her eyes went black as their bodies rocked against each other, shuddering with pleasure. Her scream welled up from deep inside, echoed by Cara´s cry a she lost herself. Thunder with no sound rolled over its walls, burying the world beneath their love, washing them both away in their common bliss...

As they lay later, still panting, Cara gently covering Kahlan´s body with her own, feeling the brunette tenderly stroking her back, she suddenly knew with absolute certainty that all the different trails in her entire life had only had this one purpose:

To find the Mother Confessor. To love her. And to be with her like she was now...

Skin to skin... Soul to soul...

For the rest of her life.


The End