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Chapter 13: New Members.

When Lena re-entered the room, everyone stopped to see what she had to say.

"While I was busy working around here I found two interesting people." She said,

Wario scoffed, "And?"

"They seem to know you."

Tension started to rise as she left the room to bring the strangers in. The Rebel rose from the sofa, Wario walked closer to the door while flexing his fingers, Mona just stood where she was, and Jimmy walked closer to the door as well.

But as the two strangers walked in, tension was replaced with relief. The first one to enter was an average built man about as tall as the Rebel. Besides the dark blue uniform and black shoes, he also wore black sunglasses to conceal his eyes.

His hair was a combination of blonde and gray. His hands would often rub themselves for unknown reasons. Finally, his face was rat like which only seemed to complete the picture and didn't seem out of place at all.

The second stranger was a woman built like the man. Her hair was dark pink along with her fingernails and eyes. Her left hand was usually in her pocket unless she needed it while her right hand would often grasp her neck or stand still.

Wario was the first to interact with these new people, shaking the man's hand as he grinned.

"Well, well," He said, "If it ain't Mickey himself."

Mickey smiled as he shook Wario's hand and then shook the Rebel's.

"I can't believe it's been so long," the Rebel said,

"Not long enough," Mickey joked in a German accent.

Mona was the only one confused

"What's with his voice?"

The Rebel continued ignoring her "So, do you still go by your nickname?"

"'Mad-Rat Mickey' you mean? Of course, I think it fits me well to be honest."

"Hello," Mona said, "Is anyone listening to me?!"

Everyone stopped talking and looked at Mona, wondering what she was talking about. After recovering from the swarm of awkwardness Mona sighed and asked,

"Uh Mickey-"

"Yes?" he asked, slowly coming towards her.

"Well, I-I wanted to know why your voice sounded different."

Mickey stopped and had a confused look on his face.

"What is wrong with my accent?"

"That's an accent?!"

This puzzled him until he realized the problem, "Ah. You don't know where I come from."

He looked at the rest and said, "Should I tell her?"

They either shrugged or said something along the lines of 'Sure, why not?'

"Well then," he said facing Mona, "You see, I'm not from here."

At first, this didn't make anything click in Mona's mind until her eyes widened and she said, "Wait, you mean, you're from-"

"Yes, I'm from the so-called 'other realm'. My kind call it Earth but as they say 'different strokes, different folks' correct?"

Mona just stood quietly looking at him in a sort of awe,

"But," she stammered, "How-"

"Did I get here?" Mickey asked, "Oh that's simple. You see, in about 1968 I was visiting New York suddenly I'm greeted by these two people." he pointed at the Rebel and Wario. "They had come to me personally to make a hell of a proposition. They wanted my skills and for me to be a part of their little group. I wanted to say no at first but it seemed like I had no choice in joining them for I feared they would have killed me if I said no.

So I said yes and followed them here and now I'm one of the most respected members of the King's group. Though I'm not so sure that's an honor."

Before the Rebel could make Mickey clarify what he had meant, Mona asked him another question.

"Why is your nickname 'Mad-Rat Mickey'?"

"Hmm, well you see when I was young and in Germany-it's an Earth place I was an outcast. The other children at school would always pretend to confuse me with a rat because of my face and the fact that I liked cheese. One day however I had had enough with all those kids calling me things like 'Rat-Man' and 'Mickey Mouse' that when one of those bastards mocked me for the hundredth time I acted like a rat and bit him very hard.

Of course the bully was treated with care while I was suspended and when I came back I didn't really care that much so I started doing the biting trick which lead to the other kids now calling me 'Mad-Rat Mickey', however I liked it. It seemed to fit my image well actually. So from there on I used that nickname proudly and encouraged people to call me it constantly. Does that answer your question?"

Mona was speechless but she gained the courage to ask one more question,

"A-and what is your specialty?"

Mickey shrugged, "Dynamite," he said, "Grenades, just Explosives in general, though I was also helpful for the King to get information on Earth or as he called it 'the other realm'. I'm also sort of an inventor; you see I'm responsible for the B-bomb."

This piece of information surprised almost everyone except the Rebel and Mickey himself. Jimmy spoke for the first time in a while and said,

"Well why'd you call it a B-bomb?"

Mickey faced Jimmy and said, "Two reasons. One,"-he raised his index finger-"I didn't want to call it a regular old bomb because it could walk, was smaller, and contained more firepower than an old bomb. Two"-he raised his middle finger-"I couldn't think of a better name honestly."

He then lowered his fingers as he chuckled a bit. Then, it was the pink haired woman's turn to speak up as she said, "I guess no one's gonna mention me huh?"

The Rebel then faced her and awkwardly shook her hand, "Sorry Brittney."

"For that or for other reasons you should be sorry for-"

"Brittney, how are you doing?!" Said Wario as he quickly shook her hand to prevent another close call from happening,

"Just fine," she said as Wario let go of her hand,

The Rebel then glared at Brittney, "That happened a long time ago."

"Oh yeah, it's not like it was a big deal or anything, you just-"

"You knew what you were doing! Don't put all the blame on me!"

"Anyway, I thought you guys needed help, or did we come here for no reason other than to have a reunion?"

The Rebel grunted as he walked to the centre of the room to get everyone's attention.

"Alright, listen up!" He said, noticing that Lena was absent. "I need help with an assassination, Koopa's assassination to be blunt."

Mickey and Brittney just nodded,

"You see I was thrown into an asylum years ago thanks to him and now I'm going to get back at him for it. Why? Because one, I had no reason for being disposed, two, I had to eat crap during my stay there, and three I was mostly tortured either by interrogation or sadistic psychiatrists."

"Yes, yes it was terrible." Mickey said, "But what do you need us for?"

The Rebel pointed at him and said, "I need your skills at explosives."-He pointed at Brittney-"And I need you to tell me what security changes have been made. Plus I could use an extra hand."

Brittney sighed and said, "Fine, I'm in."

"You have no problem with me." Mickey said,

"Alright then, let's get to work."