Miki: Well here we are.

Nate: Tainted Rose…

Miki: Nothing else is necessary…

Disclaimer: If only I did…

Tainted Rose


What started it all

The great desert… A place where little flourishes but the predators and the mobian eating plants... A place of endless dunes and sand… The only thing that stands out is the crimson and pink of one hedgehog that is lying in the sand… Let's look back at what started this all…

Three weeks ago was the election for the president of the United Federation. In a surprising turn of events the reformed Eggman won the election fairly. Sonic didn't take too kindly to this event and vowed to stop him at all costs. This lead Sonic to spread rumors that Eggman rigged the vote. Amy, who had helped reform Eggman, confronted Sonic in a rage. She couldn't believe that Sonic would do this even though he was once enemy's with Eggman. Sonic eventually just sulked off curse at Amy's stupidity. Amy couldn't care less. She should have cared because what happened afterwards was devastating.

Tails and Knuckles confronted Amy about helping a public enemy. Amy was enraged about how narrow minded they were. Amy stormed off extremely mad at them. She thought they were being unreasonable about things.

Two weeks ago Amy got in another clash with Sonic. This time she didn't care about what the thought. She had her mind set and wasn't going to change it. Then it happened. Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles decided they had had enough of Amy's nonsense and attacked her. This resulted in how she is now. Injured almost beyond recovery and two of her quills broken in two separate places. Left on the dunes to just disappear from the mind of everyone. Tainted by her own blood.

She whispers.

"Why? Why did this have to happen? Why?"

She then passes out.