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Hannah came back to the dorms that Sunday, thoroughly exhausted from the weekend. Normally cons took a lot of her since they were basically three straight days of nonstop geeky fun but for an unknown reason, she felt particularly wiped out as if she went to seven consecutive cons instead of just one. As soon as she crossed over the county line into Ipswich she felt any energy she had left over sapped from her body.

She barely made it to her room before collapsing onto her bed. Her arms felt weak and her eyes heavy as lead, she could barely get back up to change into her night clothes. With the last bit of will power she had, she texted Tyler to let him know she made it back safe and was going to crash early. As soon as she hit send she closed her eyes and went into a deep sleep, she didn't even notice Tyler's reply text.

Hannah's room was completely dark with the exception of the rays of moonlight that filtered through the glass window. As the moon rose and the midnight hour grew closer, the sleeping witch felt a stir, her body making little tremors but did not arouse her from her slumber. It wasn't until the pale celestial body was highest in the sky and its light shone on her sleeping form that she fully awoken and obeyed the call.

Her eyes opened suddenly and they were as black as the night's sky, without thought she slipped out of her bed and opened the antique window. The frigid winter air breezed upon her skin but she felt none of the cold. She was as part of the earth as well as the wind and fire; they would not harm her and recognized her sovereignty. She saw that the ground was sparkling with the crystals of winter, snow blanketed everything for miles. The witch gracefully leaped out the window and she rode the air gently to the ground. As soon as her bare feet touch the fine powdered snow, it melted away to reveal lush green grass; flowers bloomed in her wake as she made her way to the grove of oaks that lined the streets of the campus.

All of Ipswich slept as Hannah Takalua stepped to the closest oak and disappeared within its trunk.

She didn't notice the world change around her but when she stepped out of the tree, she was suddenly in front of the old Danvers cottage. The building stood the test of time and was still erect centuries after it was built, strong and sturdy against the winter. Its rooms lay abandoned since William Danvers passed away, Gorman the groundskeeper resided at the main mansion since his services were no longer needed to care for the deceased patriarch.

Hannah did not know where she was going but followed she followed her feet as they led her into the colonial mansion. The wood worn smooth from time, the rooms echoed with the sounds of her bare feet. While deserted, magic radiated from the very foundation. It was a place of power and it bade her under the thrall of the full moon. Still following pure instinct, she glided down a narrow winding stone staircase hidden behind a benign looking bookcase, leading her to the crypt beneath. Candles flickered to life at her presence, illuminating the cellar and all its contents. At the heart of the room lay a stone altar with a five pointed star sandblasted onto its surface. At each point, stood a stone seat meant for each member of the founding families of Ipswich. The walls were lined with book cases, filled with dusty tomes that hadn't known a human touch in decades. From the distance she saw the large Book of the Damnation with its silver inlay.

She was not there to read.

She crawled onto the center of the reliquary and lay on her back. A pulse of energy shot through her, heating her skin and arousal pooling between her thighs. She was ultra-aware of every hair on her body and the clothes that felt suddenly too hot even in the glacial January air. Her hand slid underneath her flannel pajama bottoms and into her slick wet folds. She rubbed her center vigorously, trying desperately to ease the desire but it was to no avail. She needed someone desperately to quell the command of the moon.

"Caleb," she whimpered into the air, her plea sailing across the woods and carried on the wind.

The Danvers' scion rose quickly out of bed, awoken by a distressed female voice calling to him. He had long ago fallen to the fever caused by magic, unable to properly think straight for days. His body reacted to the Hannah's siren song and he knew were to go without having to be told. Caleb didn't even set foot on the floor before he disappeared in wisp of black smoke.

When he re-appeared he was in the basement of the cottage, not having been there since the night his father died. The night William Danvers did the only unselfish thing in his young son's life; he gave his powers to Caleb in order for his only heir to defeat Chase.

The gift was also a curse that caused the teen great pains but that night, he would find respite in the embrace of Hannah.

He saw the witch writhing on the stone alter, trying to give herself relief but nothing could quench her desire. He hardened at the sight of her, blood rushing to his cock as his body cried out for her. He knew her struggle and now they could both get what they so desperately needed.

Caleb rushed to her and reached down to grab her hand; the force of their magics from the simple touch crackled in the charged air. The foundation of the house shook and nature bent in reverence to their power.

Already he could feel her healing energy wash over him and restore all that his own magics were destroying. He suckled on her slick fingers, tasting her honeyed essence and wasted no time in taking what he wanted. Without speaking he willed away all their clothes and delved straight into her tight heat, both sighing at finally coming together as they were meant to.

Another wave of energy burst through the two of them, too lost in the ecstasy and pure rightness of being joined so intimately that they didn't notice the walls fracturing around them. A tempest swirled in the air, gaining force as their copulation become more frantic; an iridescent green cloud formed, saturating the crypt with their power. The epicenter of their magical heritage came alive after centuries of being dormant. The world around them sang and acknowledged their masters, releasing the full potential of their magics.

Hannah could no longer think but submit to Caleb's aggression as he slid in and out of her, recognizing his dominance and yielding to his will. He needed everything she had to offer and she was more than willing to surrender. In that moment in time, nothing else mattered but the two of them and he was ravenous for her touch. He embraced her tiny frame into his strong arms, his hands traveling to every inch of exposed skin. His lips roving over her face, neck and shoulders; he was doing everything and anything in his power to claim all of her and leave his scent. He wanted to wash away the marks of his brothers and leave his own.

Soon the delicious friction detonated between them, creating an explosive release.

Across town, the other Sons felt the discharge of energy as they woke from a dead sleep; all three crying out from the sudden pleasure, their release covering their sheets and stomachs. Tyler, Reid, and Pogue could not question the onset of orgasm as they were overwhelmed with the degree of new magic that pulsed through their systems. Their bodies forced them to rest while the new powers became one with them.

The two lovers lay in their embrace, catching their breath as they convulsed with utter bliss and an awakening of new power. Their minds were still fogged with lust and need; neither registered the gravity of what they had just done. It didn't matter to them that he was dating Sarah or that she was with Tyler. All that mattered was that they stayed together, locked in each other's arms. How natural they felt to be with each other superseded everything else.

Hannah's skin became a luminescent green with a gold shimmer reminding Caleb of a fae, her body offering him the healing he desperately needed. He bent down to kiss her, taking in her energy and restoring every fiber of his being. The light from her was transferred to him, filling every cell and healing months' worth of magical harm.

The air rippled around the warlock, looking as if he was encased in water. She had tried to absorb the magic from him as she had with Reid and Tyler but she jerked away slightly in pain as the power snapped at her. It was made apparent quickly that Caleb's power much more potent than either of his brothers. She had tried again as she knew she needed his energy but more pain shot through her and became too much. She wasn't able to take from him what she was giving to him and he stopped seizing her energy when he realized his power was harming her. With pitch black eyes he apologized without words and she silently soothed his guilt as he wanted nothing less than to hurt her.

She reached up and brought his lips to hers, letting him know it wasn't his fault. Her sweet kisses reignited his desire, growing hard within her and slowly moving in and out of her. Hannah was tired from their earlier activities and not being able to get back the energy he took but the need to be with him overrode any exhaustion.

Caleb reveled in how malleable and submissive Hannah was being. He turned her over to her knees and mounted her from behind, loving the arch of her back. Unlike Sarah, the witch instinctively gave in to his demands, letting him claim her as he wished. She wanted nothing more than to be his and only his. His movements were not as frantic as they were before, they had settled into an ancient rhythm and a song that sang through their bloodlines since the first of their ancestors. Their heartbeats pounded as one and their blood pulsed for each other.

Hannah leaned up against Caleb's strong body, twisting so her mouth could meet his in a heated kiss. Again, he could not keep his hands from roaming her warm flesh creating goose bumps from the erotic sensation, especially as his hands ghosted over her puckered nipples. The feeling coupled with being filled by him proved too much and she shuddered with another orgasm, milking him to his own release.

Caleb proved to be insatiable when it came to Hannah and he ravished the witch through the night.

The next morning, the warlock woke up feeling more refreshed than he had in months. No longer was his world a painful haze of fatigue but filled with a satisfied energy he never had before. He couldn't remember feeling as invigorated when first waking up and despite the small ache from sleeping on an uncomfortable stone slab, he felt completely recovered and then some.

His good mood did not last for long when it finally dawned on him where he was and what he had done. He saw that he was in the hidden basement of the Danvers' cottage and wasn't sure how he got there. He remembered being with Hannah and the absolute necessity to be with her. He clearly remembered the many times he was with her, heating at the memory of being inside her. Now that he could think clearly, the guilt started to eat at him that he cheated on his girlfriend. As much as he could admit that bedding Hannah was essential to his health and well-being, he couldn't get rid of the bitter disgrace he felt at having to hurt someone he cared deeply about. He also hated that Hannah also lost control and had to be with him; he was certain she was happy being just with Tyler, and also Reid if what Pogue told him was true, and she too would be upset that what they did would hurt Sarah, a friend of hers.

Caleb's eyes widened at the damage to the foundation of the house they had caused. There were deep fissures in the stone walls and all the books were strewn about. There were scorch marks on the walls from the melted candles and he was surprised they hadn't burned to death. While he was hesitant to use his magic to fix things as it was what got him in trouble in the first place, he couldn't believe how effortless it was to mend the broken house. Not only had Hannah healed him but it seemed he had an even bigger boost in power.

He looked at her in his arms, ignoring how nice and perfect it felt for her to be there. He doubly ignored the treacherous unbidden thought of how it never felt like that with Sarah. Shame rippled through him when he saw the injury he had done to her in his savage love making. There were bruising all over her hips where he grabbed her too hard and love bits all over her neck. They looked sore to the touch and if he had been in his right mind he never would have been so brutal.

As gently as he could, he tried to use his powers to heal her but a cry of pain escaped her throat when his magic touched her. He quickly stopped what he was doing and wondered what he was doing wrong. He started to get worried when he tried to rouse her from her sleep but she would not open her eyes.

"Hannah, wake up," he frantically commanded her; growing more and more concerned when she wouldn't respond. He also noticed that she was starting to sweat and her breathing became labored. He swiftly picked her up and ran outside, not caring they were both stark naked. He stopped dead in his tracks as he saw what was once a winter wonderland was now a lush spring time field. The grass was a vibrant green and wildflowers dotted the landscape. It went on for about a mile and he could see that at the edge of the property's grounds, the real season could be seen. There were still several feet of snow covering the rest of Ipswich but their powers had created an area where winter did not touch it.

He didn't have time to worry about anyone seeing as it was a recluse area that hardly anyone ever drove by, the witch in his arms needed medical attention and he needed to get home quickly.

He cursed when he didn't see his car anywhere near the property and he vaguely remembered getting to the house via magic. He didn't have a choice and he felt like he could conquer the world so he didn't think twice before using to transport them both to his room.

As soon as he reappeared and saw his familiar bed, he gently laid Hannah down and called for his mother.

"Mom! I need you to call Dr. Philpott!" he shouted at her as she walked in his room, taken aback to see him completely naked.

Evelyn was already on her way to see if her son was fairing and she was surprised to see him so awake and no sign of the fog he had been under. She was even more astonished to see the curly haired teen in his bed. She didn't have time to be joyous at Caleb's miraculous recovery as she saw the girl was looking rough and needed the help of their discreet home physician.

As she dialed the doctor, she prayed that in his need for the witch he hadn't gotten forceful. While she wanted him cured she didn't want it to be against the will of the witch.

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