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The slight drizzel of rain fell onto my hair and face, as I attempted to run half a block in 4 minutes. It seemed possible... for one of those Kenyan runners who are in the olympics. But I was just a white boy from Canada, and held no comparison to that of an olympic track-star.

On my home stretch, I had almost tripped over some children, a homeless person camped out on the sidewalk, anmd an old lady who was taking her good old, sweet time getting into a taxi. I mumbled a quick apology to her and proceeded.

Approaching the high class apartment building, "The Golden Key" I realised how out of shape I really was.

Even with all the sex, that didn't really help my cardio. Sure, it kept me fit and make me keep a young looking body, but I had ran in quite a while. Months, actually. Not since Bullfrog had went to the hospital on the count of a stroke caused by substance abuse... the only time I had to stop an appointment and bring the client with me... the time I had mentioned Faydra Wallace as not only a friend, but my girlfriend.

You see Faydra is not only one of my highest paying clients, but is also an international super model. Now she was a looker, that much is for sure. she could have any guy she wanted with just the bat of her gray eyes and a flick of her jet black hair... but she called me.

The only reason Faydra had contacted me in the first place was because she claimed she was "missing" something in her life.. She wanted someone that would make her feel cared for and safe even when being intimate. And that's what a gigolo does... he pleases the client. And that's what I did, and that's what I've always done.

Faydra have been seeing each other for awhile before I actually made a move to ask her. The first time I had been called in I thought it was going to be another lonely woman who's husband is never around. But when that big oak door opened, I was stunned. There stood the Faydra Wallace in all her glory in only a a silk, semi- see through, crimson colored mini robe. I was stunned. I still remember the shy little look the goregeous woman had on her face when she invited me in.

But, long story short, we started going out about four times after my first visit. And we're still going strong. And infact, it's Faydra who I'm late for... and she doesn't like it when I'm late.

Being a Gigolo can really effect relationships. The jealousy, the coming home late, and the constant sleeping around with other women. Even if it is for money... But Faydra understands. She knows time are rough and you have to do what you can to make end's meat.

Opening the door to her apartment building, the one person who I hate most walked out fixing his tie. Chance Garcia.

I wasn't even aware he had clients in this building... and I know he doesn't live here...

Shrugging to myself, I gave him a curt nod and proceeded inside.

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