Title: Her First Kiss

Author: Lady Wisiaden

Disclaimer: I do not own Hey Arnold!

Rating: M

Summary: Brian didn't think the first time he really got to kiss Helga would be like this.

Pairings: Brainy/Helga

Warnings: Kissing and touching.

Author's Note: Another sad sort of thing. I think that even if Brainy and Helga had a relationship with each other, there would still be some shadows between them both, all because of Arnold. Not that they can't have a happy life together, but I think the early stages of their relationship would have quite a number of bumps. In this one, Brainy and Helga still aren't together, but it's getting there.

"You don't want this," Brian groaned as Helga ran her hands in his hair.

"Yes. I do," Helga replied back. She kissed him. He couldn't help it. Brian kissed her back just as hard. He could feel her hands sliding down the sides of his chest. She tugged at his shirt, loosening it from and out of his pants. Then, it was off. He almost whimpered when he felt her cool fingers drawing patterns and circles on his stomach. Then, Helga broke their kiss and trailed her lips down his neck. She bit down and licked. Brian couldn't really think. It was heaven. To actually be kissing Helga, even though he wasn't really doing anything. He wasn't a virgin by any means, but he had only slept with one girl in his entire life. Brian groaned again, and he thought, this isn't real. This can't really be happening.

This can't really be happening.

That single thought brought Brian back to reality. He pushed Helga away, panting, "You don't want this, Helga."

"I do," Helga growled. She tried to press her lips to Brian, but he refused.

"No, you don't!" Brian stood up abruptly, and Helga dropped to the floor. She glared at him from the floor.

"I'm not going to sleep with you."

"Isn't it what you've always wanted?"

"Yes," Brian snapped. "But not like this. I won't be your substitute. Not for him."

Brian fled the room. He wanted her, but not like this. He smiled grimly to himself. That was the first time Helga had ever kissed him willingly, without him even initiating it.