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Leon woke up from his deep sleep.

He was surprised at how comforting it felt, he hadn't felt this way after waking up since who knows how long. He was glad he now had fully replenished his energy and was ready to kick some ass. The agent got up from the bed and when he looked around he noticed the barricades he set up were removed from the door and the window and that Ashley was nowhere in sight.

"Ashley?" He asked but there was no answer.

"Ashley, where are you?" He asked now louder and with a hint of worry in his strong voice, but still no answer was heard. He cursed at his late awareness and for not being able to wake up when something happened around his surroundings.

Then he heard something coming from the room far back in the corner.

The government agent quickly grabbed his hand gun and went straight towards, he put himself against the wooden door to hear better, the sound seemed to be coming from the inside of the room. While leaning against the door Leon grabbed the doorknob and asked again for Ashley. Again there was no response. With that he decided he had to throw the door open and find out for himself what was going on.

He kicked the door open with great strength using only his right leg, his gun held out ready for anything, before his sight could focus on whatever was inside, Leon received a hit straight to his flawless face, and a loud scream filled his ears.

"Leon what the fuck!" He heard the loud apparently angry voice say.

He now looked up while holding his left hand on the place he was hit.

What he saw left him shocked and filled him with embarrassment.

Ashley was there inside the room which is known as a bathroom, under the shower with nothing but a white towel covering the front of her body. The towel didn't cover a lot, only the most private parts so Leon could get a good look at her figure.

"A-ash I'm so, so sorry I-I didn't know y-you were here uh- naked…" He said trying to not look at her. He blamed himself for forgetting the door he forced open lead to the bathroom.

"Just get out!" She yelled with an angry yet nervous tone in her voice.

"Yeah ok, uh I'll be out here." He said closing the door still without looking at her.

'I hope she doesn't tell her father about any of this, if she does I surely won't have a job, or worse…' The young man didn't want to think what the President would do to him if he found out he disrespected his daughter's privacy.

'It's not like I really saw much though, not like I wanted to see anything either…' The young man thought remembering the image of her figure, when he realized what he was doing he repressed himself from thinking any further about it.

Minutes later Ashley came out of the bathroom, she was wearing the usual clothes except they looked cleaner. She had tried her best at wiping out the dirt, mud, and blood stains with a small rag drenched in water.

She looked so much better now, it was as if her skin was brighter and her face was better defined.

The young woman looked now more filled with life than Leon had ever seen her before, ironic considering the place she was in and the parasite she hosted.

"So, you're ready to go?" Leon asked still feeling a bit awkward to look straight at her.

The blonde woman didn't seem to notice his awkwardness or simply ignore it by looking at Leon fully taking notice of every detail in his appearance. This made Leon felt uneasy and even more awkward, which made no sense to him considering worse situations he has been in.

"You're not going to clean yourself?" She finally asked.

Leon looked down at his body noticing his clothes were also dirty, the good thing was he was wearing dark clothing and the stains did not stand out in the fabric.

Ashley noticed Leon hadn't answered so she spoke again, this time trying to persuade him to take some time to take care of his hygiene.

"I think some warm water will make you feel better."

"Well I guess I could wash my hair and my face." Leon said. He liked taking care of his appearance when he had time, but in missions he usually had many more priorities than checking his face every five minutes on a mirror to check how good he looked.

"Good then, I'll warm some water on the stove for you." Ashley said taking another look at Leon's face before she turned to walk towards the kitchen.

"Ashley." Leon called out to her, still not looking at her.


"Sorry for what happened earlier, I had no intention of disturbing you, I was just-"

"Worried, I know." She said finishing what he was about to say. "It's cool; next time just knock the door before you enter a bathroom." She said with a playful tone in her voice, and with that she resumed her way to the kitchen.

"Yeah. Where are my manners." Leon replied feeling a little dumb by what he did. Even if he did called her name, she probably didn't hear it by the sound of the water.

Minutes later Leon washed his face with the water Ashley warmed for him in a pan. It wasn't a lot but he appreciate the feeling of the warm soothing water running through his head and his face. His hair now lost the sticky feeling it had with the layer of dirt it had.

After he came out of the bathroom he felt refreshed and with even more strength.

"That was good." He said.

Ashley was sitting on the bed looking towards him, she noticed how her savior looked much better now and couldn't help but smile at him.

"I hadn't noticed there was soap in here."

"Oh well there wasn't, but when I woke up I moved the bookshelf a little from the window to see if there were any monsters but I only saw that man you buy guns from. So I went outside and bought some stuff we needed from him." Ashley said.

"You shouldn't wander around on your own, you could have gotten into trouble." Leon said with a serious tone in his voice, his protective instinct taking over.

"Well every time we saw that merchant there was no danger close to him. So I thought it would be ok." She said with an apologetic tone in her voice. "I just didn't want to wake you up."

After seeing how Ashley looked like she was really sorry now he felt like he was being too hard on her so he softened his voice.

"It's alright, don't be afraid to talk to me next time; doesn't matter what time it is or what I'm doing. You are my priority right now, and you don't disturb me, remember that."

Ashley nodded and gave him another small smile.

"Wait, where did you get the pesetas to pay him?" Leon asked curiously.

"Uh, I might have found some around this place… in your pocket." She said in a sheepish tone of voice.

Leon couldn't help but laugh at how she said she practically took his money from him. He shook his head and looked at her, the earlier awkwardness totally fading away.

"I guess I can find more in treasure chests and conveniently placed inside barrels."

"About that, I wonder who leaves gold lying out there carelessly and why."

"I wonder the same thing Ash."

After they finally got out of the house they resumed their way to find a way out of there and back to their land.

Leon lead the way as usual killing any enemy that got in their way.

When Ashley saw Leon shoot them down, she wondered if Leon felt something, any remorse or regret for taking away their life. She still hasn't gotten used to seeing Leon ruthlessly get rid of anything that crossed their path, she knew those villagers used to be human, and probably still were, they were being controlled against their will. It made her feel terrible that neither she nor Leon could do anything to save them, to bring them back to themselves.

This also reminded her that they hosted the same parasite the villagers did, they could become part of them if they were late, and she didn't know how much time they had left until their will ceased to exist.

'I can't become one of them. It would be devastating if I went back home to my father while being possessed by a psychotic religious ruler.' The young blonde woman thought sadly, desperation starting to crawl into her mind. She looked up at Leon who was shooting the last Ganado blocking their path. She saw the determination in his eyes, those fearless blue eyes that made her look for hope when it seemed useless.

When he killed the last Ganado Leon took her hand into his and guided her towards a gate.

"Come on Ash, we're one step closer." He said taking a look back at her.

"Let's go." She said with an unreadable expression in her face.

'I can't let desperation take over again. Leon doesn't need more trouble with me.' Ashley though while looking at her savior from behind. 'We will make it. Leon will save us both, I trust him.'

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