As he sat at the deadly silent bar before him, Brian Bradley let his mind wander idly for a few moments; he knew that his old partner, Kyle Hyde, had sat in the very same stool a year ago. He felt a little bad, what with sending Hyde on a rather unnecessary wild goose chase, and even worse for betraying him and the whole of the NYPD for such a ugly cause, but that was all in the past now.

He swirled his glass around and watched the amber and ice float around- then he paused. For some crazy reason or other, his memories from back in the day had reminded him of something he had completely forgotten.

Now, he was free.

A strange warmth grew inside him- he wasn't exactly sure if it was just the drink kicking in or not, but it felt good.

Suddenly, a voice shattered his contemplation.

"Hey, you OK?"

It was the bartender, someone going by the name of Louis DeNonno- he was nice enough, he just had a serious lack of brain cells.

"Yeah, I'm fine."

Without even thinking, he added,

"By the way, if Kyle Hyde ever comes back to this old dump, tell him Bradley says hi,"

And with that, Brian staggered his way back to room 213- belief.

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