This summer so far had been dismal. Harry still had a few weeks till he was out of the Dursley's house for good. He would live in the world that he belonged in. A few years ago, that idea would make Harry giddy with joy, but now it only depressed him. The summer would be over, but he would not go back to his safe haven, Hogwarts. He would not go back there and see the Professor that he loved.

Dumbledore was dead, and now the fate of the war was up to Harry. Dumbledore had been murdered, and he couldn't fight back. He was to weak from a potion that he drank, and there was no way he could fight back. Snape knew that. He was a man that Dumbledore trusted, and Snape looked him in the eye, and murdered him without any hesitation. Harry vowed, after that night, he would kill Snape with his bare hands. While making breakfast, Harry stewed over these thoughts. There was a loud pop, and a huge crash. The loud pop was a noise that Harry knew. Someone had just apparated. The source of the noise was in the back yard. Grabbing his wand out of his pocket, Harry ran out the back door. Laying in the grass, a large, black object, was approached with caution, unsure of what the mass was, or if it was friend of foe. "Harry." The person groaned, and they lifted there man's face was bloodied and bruised, so much so that he was almost unrecognizable. Harry realized who it was. His day was about to get much better now that Severus Snape was laying defenseless and weakened, much like the man he murdered.

Harry walked confidently toward Snape, and stopped right in front of him.

"Harry." his enemy groaned weakly. "Please don't."

Harry kicked Snape hard in the ribs. Snape was rolling over, trying to get away from the kicks, but he just caused himself more pain. Harry didn't stop until they were on the far side of the yard. Snape was now on his hands and knees.

"Harry…..Please….Stop." Snape begged as Harry drew back for another kick.

"Why….Should….I…..Stop?" Harry asked between kicks. Each kick got closer to Snape's face. "You….Didn't….Even….Think….About….It…..When….You….Killed…Dumbledore"

The last kick caught Snape in the nose. There was a pop and Snape could feel blood gushing down his face like a raging river. Snape was already losing so much blood, he couldn't afford to lose more. His vision was red, but he could imagine Harry's face. It was filled with hatred. Harry pulled out his wand and Snape knew he was about to be tortured again.

"He found out." Snape said as loudly as he could.

Nothing happened, which meant Harry was listening.

"Who found out?" Harry questioned, clearly confused.

"The Dark Lord found out that I was spying on him." Snape groaned between gasps of air.

The edges of Snape's vision was getting darker, and the center was all blurry.

"You were what?" Harry questioned in astonishment, lowering his wand.

Snape couldn't answer though because he had passed out, and he was close to death.

Harry knelt down next to Snape and rolled him over.

"Hold on, Professor."

He pulled out his wand and whispered, "Apeskie." Snape's nose cracked back into place.

Now what was Harry suppose to do. He wasn't a doctor, he had no idea what to do. There may be someone who knew well enough though. Harry reached under Snape's armpits, and dragged him into the living room of the house. Running up the stairs, Harry wondered if this was a good idea. She was the only one who might be able to help him, but would she wasn't revenge for Dumbledore's death.

Harry grabbed a large bag of floo powder from his dresser. Dumbledore once told Harry that the fireplace was equipped for floo travel, and he could only use it in emergencies. This definitely constituted as an emergency.

Now that Harry was in the living room, he grabbed a handful of powder and yelled "Burrow", and threw it into the fireplace. Emerald flames exploded in the hearth, and Harry, reluctantly, stuck his face n the green flames. After a few seconds of green light, Harry could see the living room of the Burrow, where the Weasleys lived. The living room was empty .

"Mrs. Weasley…..Mrs. Weasley!" Harry shouted as loud as he could. There was the sound of clicks and Mrs. Weaseley's face finally came into view.

"Oh Harry, good to see you. When…" Molly Weasley began, but Harry cut her off.

"I need your help, Mrs. Weasley."

"What's wrong?"

"Professor Snape just appeared in my backyard. He is seriously hurt. Before he passed out, he told me that Voldemort found out something that got him hurt." Harry wasn't sure why he didn't tell her that Snape was a spy for Dumbledore. Maybe that just made his death even worse. "I didn't want to move him very much because I was afraid that I would hurt him even more."

"I'm on my way. Where are you right now?"

"Number four, private drive."

"Alright. Stay there and don't move him anymore."

She disappeared, and Harry pulled his head out of the fire. Snape looked really bad. His face was white, and he was starting to look grey. Harry placed his hand on Snape's chest, seeing if he could feel his heart beat. It was there. He was alive, but just barely. There was a wossh, a flash of green light, and Mrs. Weasley stepped out of the fire place.

"Oh dear." Mrs. Weasley said in concern.

"He's still alive." Harry told her as she knelt down.

Harry feared that she was going to curse Snape when she pulled out her wand, but she didn't.

"Harry, we really need to take him to St. Mungos."

"We can't do that. If we take him there, then we have to turn him over to the Ministry. He is a wanted man."

"Alright then, Dear."

She began to ruffle through a basket that she had with her and pulled out multiple bottles. One by one, she spelled the contents into Snape.

"What are you doing?" Harry questioned

"Do you know how to spell potions into someone?" she asked


"These are potions that you will need to give him." Mrs. Weasley said after she had finished spelling all of the potions into Snape. "This is a list of all the potions in here."

The slip of paper that she handed to Harry had almost twenty potions on it.

"This is the list of potions that I gave to him, and you will need to give it to him as well." The list had about nine potions on it. "Each time you pull a potion out of the basket, it will appear on the list with directions. Are you sure that you can handle this?" She asked with a hint of concern in her voice.

"Yes. I'll take him up to my room, and make sure that my aunt and uncle don't know that he is here. He'll be safe here." Harry reassured her.

Harry carefully lifted Snape off of the floor, and struggled to his room. Laying Snape on the bed, Harry took the potions from Mrs. Weasley, who had followed him up stairs.

"Thank You, Mrs. Weasley. I wouldn't have called you if I didn't think he was almost dead."

"It's no problem Harry. What happened exactly?"

"I heard a crash in the backyard, and Snape was just laying there. He told me that Voldemort…." But Harry couldn't finish the sentence.

"That what, Harry?"

"You have to promise me that you won't tell anyone."

"Harry, I don't know."

"Promise me." Harry cut her off.

"Oh, alright."

"Voldemort found out that Snape was spying on him."

"Oh my, but….he killed Dumbledore." Mrs. Weasley was very confused, as was Harry. It didn't make sense.

"I don't know what is going on, but you can't tell anyone. If anyone finds out…"

"I understand. Harry are you sure that….?"

"Yes, I can handle this."

Harry accompanied Mrs. Weasley back downstairs, and watched her disappear in a whirl of green. He picked up the bag of floo powder, and slowly walked upstairs. Stowing away the powder, Harry grabbed the list of potions that he had to give to Snape. He sat carefully on the edge of his bed, and read.

"Dreamless sleep, given once every twelve hours for three days. Calming draught, given once every twelve hours for three days. Nerve concoction, given once every two hours for three days, can lessen the effects of nerve damage. Skelegrow, once given every hour for five hours, then once every fifteen hours for two days. Muscle regeneration elixer, given after Skelegrow had been given five times. Elixer should be given twice every hour after that for ten hours, then once every fifteen hours for a day. Pain reliever, given once every ten hours till the pain had dissipated. Blood replenisher, given once every twelve hours for a day."

"Holy cow. This is a lot of stuff, but it's all going to work out." Harry thought.

Harry remembered that he told Mrs. Weasley that Snape couldn't go to St. Mungos. Did Harry say that because Snape was a wanted man? No, he had said it because Harry needed to figure out what happened.