Chapter 2: Collision


The Pillars of Regulos truly were not far from Valor Hold and there weren't many enemies between the Rift and the camp until one reached the base of the hill.

Author's Note: That was the last thing I wrote in this fanfiction, over two months ago. I'm ready to give up on this, but these characters and this conflict will be a part of my Doctor Who/Chronicles of Narnia crossover, but not until I introduce the character of Cadoc and he's 19. Extensive knowledge of those fandoms is not really required and it's actually prefered that you don't know everything for it all to make sense. I'm sorry that I'm leaving off with this, but if anyone really wants this back you can tell me and I'll try my best to get it back up and running. My real life just gets in the way of my writing life and believe me, I wish it didn't. -Cecelia