A/N: What would've happened if Roxas accepted Xion's offer of training in 358/2 Days?

"I have nothing else to do in this holiday, so I guess I'll just train." Xion said, looking at the blonde. "I want to show Saix I'm strong!" she said, with a determined nod.

Roxas thought for awhile and decided to agree. What else did he have to do?


And with this word of agreement, events were set into motion for the pair.


"Come on Roxas~" Xion said tantalizingly, "Lets train~ So we can go get sea-salt ice-cream after~"

His eyes lighted up at the idea, and gripped harder on the 'Keyblade', a.k.a. a kendo sword found in the training equipment provided.

They fought again, blocking and attacking. Xion thrusted her kendo sword thinking, "Woah, Roxas is really good! I have to catch up..."

"Ugh, I hate these boots sometimes!" Roxas thinking, parring her next attack, "I'm going to trip, I swear."

There were blocks, near-trips, and misses as the pair fought for the next 30 minutes.

Finally, Xion decided to stop. "Roxas, break time!" she panted, sweating heavily.

Roxas stopped, also sweating. "I agree, but let's be quick. It's sea-salt ice-cream time soon~"

They sat at the corner of the training room, taking sips of their water (the only free thing from the Kupo Store) while chatting with few silences.

"We probably should start training again now." They blurted out together at the next pause.

They looked at each other and started laughing.

Roxas stood up sadly to start training again. Xion, also standing up sadly, took a step towards the kendo swords and accidentally brushed his hand.

They jumped apart, surprised at the sudden contact, and blushed immensely.

"Ah... oh... uhhh, s-s-sorry." Roxas apologized, stuttering while still blushing.

"Dammit blush!" he thought, "Go away!"

"Ahhh, no, m-m-my f-fault." Xion said, stuttering as well.

"W-Well, better start t-training now, huh." Roxas said.

They proceeded to fight again, still blushing, a little less though, and shakily.

Roxas wasn't very good at fighting shakily and blushing, and almost tripped over his feet.

A gust of wind travelled through the room through the air conditioner being turned up from the controls in the main control room, and caused a unattended sword to fall over.

At the sudden noise of a castoff weapon choice falling over, he jumped, and tripped Xion accidentally.

"Whaaa!" she squeaked, falling towards the floor.

"Aah, sorry!" Roxas said while diving to catch her.


he ended pulling her up,

towards him,

and their lips touched,

sending a warmth through them both.

Eyes wide open, Roxas's brain was running around at a mile a second, wondering what was happening, and why hadn't Xion (or him) pulled away YET?

Xion's eyes fluttered shut, as she kissed him back, sending a jolt of electricty through him.

There had been a niggling thought at the back of his mind all training session, and he realized it.

He liked Xion.

Roxas also realized something else.

He liked this. He liked this a lot.

So he shut his eyes, put his arms around Xion, and kissed her back.

A/N: Yeah, there's like a thousand trillion things wrong with this, but still hope you enjoyed! Am trying to figure out if I'm for this pairing or Axel&&Roxas yet. C: Alice xx