The Day the Earth Stood Still

I just wanted to try this out, it's kinda been mulling over in my head for a while so I thought I'd finally write it!

It's kinda another character added in and then continuing to a certain amount of time later… well that's the plan anyway

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Chapter 1

It had been one night. That's all, she couldn't deny there was chemistry between them but she and Michael were never going to be together again. It had been before she'd even met Andrew, Jacob's father. But her daughter had been born and was now two years older than Jacob.

Helen was thinking about them both as she made dinner. Jacob was such a smart boy but he was constantly answering back, she could understand why. He was frightened after he lost both his parents. He didn't seem to understand that he still had her, that she loved him and wouldn't leave him. Her daughter of Michael, Sophie, was also smart. She had curly, frizzy brown hair and dark eyes, she never got to see as much of her father as she liked and Helen wished she could change that but he was always very busy.

She shouted up to them that dinner was ready when the phone rang, she could hear them arguing and began to shout at them to wash their hands and come down but the phone call was important, and slightly distressing.

The man on the other end of the phone told her that she had to go with the people knocking at the door, as if by cue there was a knock just as Jacob and Sophie emerged at the bottom of the stairs, still arguing.

She opened the door and the children joined her, Jacob just nine, Sophie just eleven.

'Dr. Benson?' the man said, she was scared, nearly speechless. 'You need to come with us, is there anyone to take care of the boy?' the man said.

Helen couldn't make sense of anything, there were a lot of police outside there was so much noise, so much commotion, but she was most confused as to why only Jacob needed to be cared for, not Sophie too. Luckily her neighbour, Isobel, called up to her at that moment.

'Isobel!' Helen exclaimed running down the steps towards her friend, 'Please could you look after Jacob make sure he gets some dinner, I don't know what's going on…' she said.

'Sure,' Isobel replied, 'but why only Jacob? Why not Sophie too?'

'I don't know…' Helen said and turned back towards the man.

'Why not my daughter? Why does she have to come with me?' she asked. Jacob had already got his coat and was leaving with Isobel; Sophie was stood in the doorway looking frightened.

'Because her father has requested that she is bought.' The man said, 'now I must insist that we leave now.'

'Daddy? I get to see daddy?' Sophie began to grin, looking excited at the idea of being able to see her father.

'Michael?' Helen asked, and the man nodded. 'Ok,' she said running back inside, 'let me just…' she didn't finish but grabbed her jacket and scarf and forced Sophie to put on her own jacket and shoes.

They were forced into a car and Helen held her daughter close as the police took them towards something that was much bigger than anyone could ever imagine.