Chapter 5

Once Regina Jackson, the United States secretary of defence had arrived everything began to get quite hectic. Michael ordered Sophie to stay put and not to go near the man again, she tried to protest but he told her sternly.

'What are we going to do?' Helen asked him.

'There has to be a way to break it…' he whispered, making sure Sophie couldn't hear as she sat quietly in the corner. Thankfully her eyelids were beginning to drop from exhaustion.

'I don't think there is, but then again I'm no expert on alien bonding techniques!' Helen said bitterly. They were both slightly angry about this but didn't know how to address the problem. Their conversation was cut off as Sophie sped past them and into the room where the man was sleeping.

'What did you say?' she whispered, bending her head down to hear him.

'Water…' he croaked a little more loudly and suddenly Helen, Michael and Jackson entered. He drank a cup of water whilst they watched; Michael picked up Sophie and held her close, standing in the corner as far away from the alien as he could.

'Who are you?' Jackson asked, 'Who do you represent?'

'My name is Klaatu. I represent a series of species.' He said informatively. 'I need to speak with you leader.'

'I'm the closest you're going to get to our leader.' Regina smirked, 'So what do you want?'

'I will only speak with your leader.' He said decisively. The smirk disappeared from Jackson's face, to be replaced with a grimace of repulsion. She turned and flounced from the room, the others followed.

Once they had left the room she packed up and down for a few minutes before beginning to issue orders.

'He will be sent to a secure location, drugged and interrogated. I need someone qualified to give him the injection.' She turned to Michael who was still gripping Sophie.

'No daddy!' Sophie squealed.

'What is that child even doing here?' Jackson asked irritably.

'With all due respect Ma'am, I thought that we were all going to be blown up, I wanted to spend a little more time with my daughter.' Michael said, 'and I refuse to do it.'

'Well it must be done!'

'I'll do it.' Helen said suddenly.

'No!' Sophie said, she was quickly hushed by Michael as Jackson shot her an annoyed glance.

Sophie and Michael watched as Helen injected Klaatu.

'What's going to happen to him daddy?' Sophie asked, holding onto her father's hand. 'Will it hurt him?'

'No.' Michael said, not taking his eyes off of Helen injecting the liquid into his arm.

Sophie wanted to go home, she was tired, she was scared but at the same time she wanted to spend more time with the strange alien man. But her mother wouldn't let her, she knew that. So she leant against her father, allowing her eyelids to drop from exhaustion. He sat her down and the last thing she saw before her eyelids closed completely and she drifted into a fitful sleep, were Klaatu's eyes connecting with her own.