Let Him In

Summary: Isolated from his friends for nearly a decade after METEOR, Cloud is summoned to join forces with the most unlikely of people to save the planet from Jenova's legacy. YAOI Top!Cloud/Bottom!Sephiroth

Story Warning(s): M/M, Yaoi, Slight A/U, Pre-Advent Children, Anal, Oral, Uke Sephiroth, Death, Angst, Violence, Language, and other warnings apply.

Chapter warning(s): Slight Language, slight angst

Pairing(s): Top!Cloud/Bottom!Sephiroth

Disclaimer(s)-I do not own Square Enix's Final Fantasy 7 or its characters. Nor do I own the Morrissey's passage, either. I just had an itch to write this, so I did.

A/N: I had an itch. An itch that's kept itching for at least a year. It just kept itching, so one day I decided to finally write it in spite of my other pending fictions. I am by no means a huge FF7 fan nor have I played the games, but I know the story and I like some of the characters…namely Sephiroth, Zack, Cloud, and Vincent. I am no expert so there may be mistakes. Feel free to point anything out, though, and all comments and criticisms are welcome as long as they are constructive.

This will be slightly Alternate-Universe, which means some things will be changed to serve the plot. Also, Advent Children hasn't happened yet and it won't exactly happen the way it did in the movie. Anywho, I hope you enjoy it.

Special thanks to Lady Vectress for pointing out that mistake. It's fixed now. Thank you. :)

"Let the right one in
Let the old dreams die
Let the wrong ones go
They cannot do
What you want them to do."

Morrissey [Let the Right One Slip In]


Wiping the sweat from his brow with his bare forearm, the blond-haired man sighed and wearily stood up from his spot perched on the fence. He gingerly pulled off his gloves one at a time and tossed them onto the ground. Wincing at the sting of salt in his eyes, he rubbed the sweat away with his fingers and grumbled to himself since that did nothing but make it worse.

A passerby would have remarked that he resembled a bird sitting on the fence like that with his rigid posture and spiky blond hair. However, the stranger would not have uttered a word due to the dark look on the young man's pale face.

Looking toward the horizon, Cloud watched the sun descend until it was hidden behind some mountains. The sky was a beautiful assortment of reds, oranges, yellows, and pinks, but he did not give notice to it. Instead, he hopped down from the fence and glanced at it as if looking for specific flaws. Deciding that the patch up job was good enough to hold up for now, he hunched down to snatch his gloves. He then tucked them so that they hung out of the back of his pants.

On the other side of the fence, most of the Chocobos were already fast asleep. All but one. A young and troublesome silver Chicobo with bright blue eyes. It cocked its head to the side as it stared unblinkingly at Cloud. Then its large eyes gawked at the fence before returning to the man again. Ruffling its feathers, the Chicobo strutted forward and stopped near the fence. Looking back at the repaired fence again, it raised one of its large legs and kicked the fence with its clawed foot. Again and again and again…

"Stop that," quietly snapped the blond in weary exasperation. He stepped closer to the fence and glared coldly at the miscreant bird. There were times when he was tempted to just cook the damn bird and eat it for dinner. Maybe if he actually did get rid of this bird then he wouldn't have to spend so much time fixing the fence. Yes, that sounded like a plausible solution to the problem known as the juvenile menace with silver feathers.

As if reading the blond's shady thoughts, the Chicobo uttered a string of foul squawks that sounded suspiciously like it could be the equivalent of cursing for Chocobos. For a split moment, Cloud was reminded of Cid Highwind. Shaking his head at the memory of the pilot, he forcibly dismissed any further thoughts of Cid or anyone else from his mind. It worked for him, or at least, he thought it did.

Cloud lived alone on a ranch that he had built himself. He had built the house, the fence, and pretty much everything else. He lived roughly in the Grasslands area and the closest town was about 100 miles away or so and it was pretty small and insignificant. It was one of those towns that weren't even located on the map.

In spite of his inconspicuous location, Cloud made a pretty decent living. He raised his own Chocobos and ran his own private, yet local delivery service. No one bothered him and he didn't bother anyone. Well, except for the sporadic calls to his PHS. He never answered them, of course. He didn't have the heart to and didn't even know what to say. He had nothing to say.

Vincent was the only one who knew where Cloud was. Everyone else was clueless and no doubt worried about him, but there wasn't much they could do but believe the gunman's assurances that Cloud was all right. Despite Tifa's protests, the ex-TURK, mostly out of respect, wouldn't go back on his word to the blond.

Ten years had passed after the defeat of METEOR and everyone had pretty much gone their own separate ways. Every once in awhile, most of the old members of AVALANCHE would meet at Seventh Heaven just for old time's sake. Sometimes Vincent would show up, but even that was rare occurrence in itself and he would barely utter two words to anyone the entire time. The get-together's were common at first, but as the years passed, they became less frequent with time until it dwindled down to only once a year.

In all those years, Cloud never showed up. Not even once.

It was kind of ironic, actually. In his younger years, Cloud had yearned to be surrounded by friends and to prove himself worthy of something, of anything. Of SOLDIER. In Nibelheim, he had felt alone and cut off from the world due to the town being small and the amount of bullying at his expense. He had wanted to fight back and show everyone that he was not a weakling, not a failure. He had wanted to prove himself.

But now…he found that he wanted nothing more than to forget it all. Just make it go away and move on. Only, what he was doing wasn't exactly moving on even though in his own mind he tried to convince himself that it was.


Flinching, Cloud was startled out of his reverie by a voice that sounded like it had whispered inside his head and outside it. It sounded like it was all around him. Shaking his head and deeming it as some delusion, the blond turned his head just in time to see a whirl of silver.

He felt his heart freeze in his chest and he felt frozen as he watched the silver form fly at him. In his dusty, barely visited memory, he saw gorgeous, yet crazed vivid green eyes mocking him. Daring him.

It wasn't until a few mere seconds before a clawed foot connected with his head that he realized it was not Him but that bloody juvenile avian. The Chicobo had somehow escaped his pen and had attacked the distracted blond.

Knocked onto his back with a loud thud! Cloud saw nothing but a bright light that seemed to protectively encompass him. He felt no pain of any kind as he sat up and glanced around in disorientation. He could see nothing since the light had hopefully only temporarily blinded him.

Then he heard it again. The voice.


Whatever that light was, it seemed to dim down enough until he saw the silhouettes of two people. They were approaching him and it wasn't until they were a few feet away that he could clearly see them. His blue eyes widened until they were as big and innocent as they had once been when he had been an adolescent.


A tall figure in black knelt down on the ground before the blond. A strong hand touched Cloud's face in the manner that a close friend would do. A handsome, pale face with vivid green eyes framed by long silver hair gazed down at him with unfettered compassion. There was even a small, kind smile on that face.

"I have missed you, Cloud."

To Be Continued