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DISCLAIMER: I don't own the Pevensies, or any other characters mentioned that were created by the wonderful C. S. Lewis. I'm just playing with them for a while. I promise to put them back safely.

This is a series of oneshots set in the Golden Age, that lovely long gap that's left mostly to the imagination. This one is set straight after the coronation, as shown on the film.

Queen Lucy the Valiant could not sleep.

It was uncomfortably warm under the blankets, but Lucy dared not poke her head out of them. The sound of her own breath was unbearably loud in her ears, and despite the heat, a chill crawled over her. She desperately wanted a gasp of the cool, clear air that wafted enticingly outside of her cocoon of safety, but she was sure that if she should reveal the tiniest bit of herself, the vicious monsters that lurked in the shadows would attack mercilessly. Her bedchamber was extremely dangerous. Grotesque, carnivorous creatures sprung out of the darkness the second it had fallen. They circled her bed, searching for an opening to get her.

Lucy summoned all of her courage and peeked out of a tiny gap in her blankets. The shadows loomed over her and leered frighteningly. She did, however, spot her only escape route. The door. If she could reach it without being snatched, then it would only be a short run to the safest place in the entire universe-Peter's room.

But Peter would be soundly asleep by now. He wasn't afraid of the monsters. Lucy had once thought that he wasn't afraid of anything, and she knew better now, but she didn't think there were many things that Peter was scared of. He would be slumbering blissfully, and Lucy was sure to wake him up if she went charging into his chamber. He and Edmund were both still recovering from the injuries they had sustained in the battle, and needed their sleep. She did not want to wake him. She remotely wondered if Peter might be angry with her-but quickly banished that thought from her mind. Peter was never really angry with her, and he had never turned her away before. Still, she knew what Peter was scared of, and that was her or her other siblings coming to harm. If she stayed here, the monsters were sure to get her.

Lucy took a deep breath, then flung the covers aside, hurtling across the floor. Her toe caught painfully on a table leg, and tears sprung to her eyes, but she hobbled quickly on, seizing the carved doorknob and tugging open the huge wooden door. She flew down the corridor towards another door at the end on the opposite side, hearing her own slam and the certainty that the monsters had followed her caused a thrill of fear to shoot down her spine.

She pulled open Peter's door and shut it carefully behind her, blowing out a long breath that she hadn't known she'd been holding. There was no way the monsters could follow her in here. She padded across the floor towards the enormous bed, and bounced lightly onto it. Lucy looked down at her golden big brother and smiled. The cut above his eye had not quite healed, but he looked calmer and more relaxed than she'd seen him look since they'd entered Narnia.

"Huh? ...Lucy?" Peter mumbled.
She shifted guiltily, a flushed, sheepish expression stealing adorably across her face.
"Sorry, Peter. I tried not to wake you."
Peter grinned blearily. "S'alright, Lu. C'mere...you ok?"
"Yes," Lucy smiled and slipped under the covers, snuggling into her sleepy brother's side, whose arm automatically wrapped itself around her, safe and secure.
"There were dark shadows in my room, and it's so big...I kept thinking that there were monsters hiding in them..." She shuddered, fear prickling over her skin. Peter's arm tightened, but when he spoke, she could hear his amusement.
" Lu, there are shadows in my room too, you know."
"Yes, but...you're in your room..." Lucy frowned, not happy with her explanation. Peter chuckled and the warm, chesty sound chased all thoughts of monsters in the dark from her mind. Her big brother would protect her. Besides, if there was anything creeping around, it wouldn't dare come into Peter's bedchamber, not if it had seen how he fought at Beruna and she'd spotted Rhindon on the other side of her brother's bed.

Yes, she was much safer here.

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