Harry Potter's Magical Restorations

Summary: Harry tries Quidditch and being an Auror, but finds that he doesn't like either. Mione suggests professional restoration due to his skill and enjoyment of it. Draco contacts him to restore Malfoy Manor and rid it of Dark Magic.

A/N: To those that are waiting for updates on my other fics…I apologize but this story idea is one of the main reasons for my inability to work on other stories right now. It refused to not be written so I really had no choice in the matter.

Main Pairing: Draco/Harry

Warnings: Umm…Slash…Duh…Most of my stuff is slash, ya'll should be used to this by now…

Chapter 1

"Oh come on Mione, he's tried everything we thought he'd like…what's left?"

Harry was nodding in agreement as Ron spoke. After the war and graduation Harry had drifted from one job to another. He tried professional Quidditch but each team he tried just saw him as a trophy player. Auror training made him miserable because he was tired of fighting. He even tried working at a few of the shops in Diagon Alley, but the customers just stood around staring at him and asking questions instead of shopping. He honestly didn't know what was left because he refused to even consider politics. He knew Hermione was planning something though, he could see it in her face as she gave them both an amused smile.

"Harry, what have you been doing in between jobs?"

Harry gave her a long sigh and glared at Ron when he snorted.

"You already know the answer to that Mione, I've been dealing with the press and fans, and helping our friends restore their homes and heirlooms. What does that have to do with finding me a job?"

Hermione shook her head.

"It has everything to do with it Harry. You love restoring things, and our friends aren't the only ones that need help in that area either. I can help you start your own restoration business."

Harry finally agreed to try it and Mione got to work turning Grimmauld Place into Harry's Base of Operations. Harry chose that house because it was the first he had renovated, and it felt more like home to him than anyplace else. Getting rid of Mrs. Black's portrait had taken him and Mione a good week as she shielded him while he unraveled each strand of magic. Mione turned the only downstairs bedroom into a home office and even created a magical mail sorter for him. She gave it three main categories; Business, Personal, and Junk. Personal was for mail from close friends and those he considered as family. Business screened for certain keywords related to restoration. The Junk bin weeded out everything else he'd rather not deal with, such as marriage proposals and angry howlers. She also spelled the entire sorter to destroy anything that came in with a curse, potion or anything harmful on it or in it.

It had been about a month since he'd started and he'd already helped six people fix family heirlooms that had been broken or cursed during the war. He was rather surprised when a rather fancy envelope dropped into his business bin one Saturday morning. He nearly threw it out when he saw the Malfoy seal on the back, but his curiosity made him want to at least read it first.


If you're still reading this then I thank you for at least hearing me out. I inherited Malfoy Manor after my father's demise, as I'm sure you've read in the paper by now. I have been attempting to restore the manor and eliminate the dark magic and curses within; this has proven to be far too great a task for me to handle alone. I am willing to pay you whatever price you set after you see how much needs to be done. I am also willing to provide you a room her in the manor along with meals for the duration of the project. Respond if you are willing to at least take a look at what is needed.


Draco Lucien Malfoy

Harry blinked a few times after reading the letter twice. He and Malfoy had stopped fighting after the Room of Requirement incident where Harry saved the blonde's life, but the two still weren't exactly friends. He decided to risk it and left a note in case anything happened so Ron and Mione would know where he had gone.

Ron, Mione,

Went to Malfoy Manor to check out a possible job. If I'm not back by Monday come and find me.


He grinned as he thought of the look on Ron's face if he actually ended up reading that. He grabbed a small bag that had all of his tools and gadgets in it and headed for Malfoy Manor. He apparated just outside the main gate and groaned as he realized he couldn't even see the manor itself, just a very long walk ahead. He almost jumped when a magical carriage pulled up in front of him and realized that there were several of them on either side of the entrance. The ride was shorter than he expected and he soon found himself knocking on the door. He was a bit surprised when it was Malfoy, not a ouse elf, who answered.

"Welcome to the Manor Potter, and thank you for at least deciding to take a look the problems."

Harry juse gave him a helpless little shrug.

"I can't help myself, my curiosity wouldn't let me walk away. Now, show me what's going on in this…gigantic…house."

Malfoy smirked and gave him a full tour, highlighting all of the problems along the way.

"As you can see, there is quite a lot that needs work. Now you know why I wrote to you."

"No kidding. The Death Eaters really did a number on this place while they were here. I'm not going to lie Malfoy; this will take quite a bit of time, effort, and energy."

"As I stated in my letter, I'm willing to pay whatever price you set and allow you to reside here during the project. I am also willing to help out wherever possible."

Harry let out a small sigh as his brain was already sifting through all of the information he'd gathered.

"Can you give me a couple days to talk it over with my business partner?"

"Take as long as you need, I'm in no rush."