Name:Harry Potter's Vegas Vacation Challenge

Category: Harry Potter & DC Comics and/or Animated Universe

Sirius fakes his own death and has his will enacted, emancipating Harry for one good reason.

To send Harry to Las Vegas (With Moony as a 'responsible' chaperone).

With fake muggle ID in hand (Perhaps a glamor or two), the two take to the town. But in true Hangover fashion, Harry has too much to drink and blacks out, waking up a day or two later...with a wedding ring.


-Harry has to go to Las Vegas, Nevada (If you want, you can do a Fem!Harry instead)

-Moony has to travel with him as chaperone (If you do Fem!Harry, you either have to have a Fem!Remus, or choose McGonagall or Tonks as chaperone)

-Harry has to get married to a super, Villain or hero is your choice, but has no memory of the wedding.

-He does NOT get a divorce for whatever reason (Wife talks him out of it, he really falls for her, magically binding, whatever reason you want)

-Magical law is different outside Europe to allow for Magical Supers

-Harry wakes up with no idea where Moony (Or Fem!Harry's chaperone) is, but his wife says (s)he was at the wedding.

-Harry's wife was completely (or at least mostly) sober when they were married

-Harry gets married by an Elvis impersonator

-The Potter Luck strikes, Harry, while drunk, won a LOT of money at the casinos, and is in a comp-ed room when he wakes up.

-The Potter Luck strikes again, Harry and his wife have to fight someone before they even leave Vegas, and win quickly thanks to Harry


-No Slash for Harry(Nothing against Homosexuals, but it seems a lot of HP/DC crossovers are guy on guy)


-Takes Place either in August of fifth year, or during winter break, which I think would be easiest to work it in

-The Statute of Secrecy was signed in before the Revolutionary War (Which is true, according to HP wiki it was signed in 1692), so it at least doesn't apply/isn't enforced in America outside the 13 original colonies or not at all in America.

-Harry's wife should probably be at least aware of magic

-Remus (Or Fem!Harry's chaperone) gets drunkenly married

-Probably easiest to stick with one wife, but if you can make more work, I won't stop you.

So I took the challenge and here we go. Presenting "That Night"

Violet Potter glared at Tonks as she was given her dress for the night. "Tonks, this barely covers my ass." She complained as she looked at the outfit.

"That's good." Said Tonks as she changed her hair to a shoulder length blond to accompany her new pink eyes.

"Why are we here again?" asked Violet as she stripped down to her white bra and panties.

"Because Sirius wanted you to have some fun in your life for once." Said Tonks.

"So he sent me to get drunk and have a good time?" asked Violet.

"Pretty much." Said Tonks.

"Okay. Only Sirius could do this and not be called insane." Muttered Violet as she unzipped the dress and was about to pull it on before Tonks stopped her.

"I also got a gift for you." She said as she pulled out a small box. Violet's smile increased a bit as she took it before it fell at the sight of the contents.


Bruce Wayne smiled for the camera as he pushed his way through the horde of reporters. Mentally, he was scowling because of the fact that he should be out fighting crime instead of meeting up with air head blondes that were after his money. He had no time for them, however he needed to keep up the reputation of the billionaire playboy.

Robin was dealing with his team up in Jump city, Something that Bruce disapproved of. There was more important things for Robin to do, yet he continued to work there. Bruce had an idea that he was interested in one of the girls that worked for him.

He walked up to the bar and ordered a shot of whiskey before he sat down on the stool and looked around. The bar was filled with unfamiliar faces although Bruce occasionally spotted a low key criminal.

His attention was drawn to the elevator doors that slide open. Out first came a blonde that went over to a table that was surrounded by two men. One had wild black hair with grey eyes. The other one was a man who had light brown hair that was turning grey and a scar over his right eye.

Following the blonde out of the lift was a raven haired girl that was walking in. Her emerald eyes brightly shining as she wore a small mini dress that covered her curvy, hourglass figure. She had creamy-ivory skin, dark-red lips, high cheekbones, a button nose and almond shaped Emerald-green eyes framed by long thick lashes.

The girl walked up to the bar and stood next to Bruce's stool. "Excuse me." She said in a very cute British accent. "Can I get a drink?"

"If you got I.D." said the bartender, a tall handsome looking man from behind the bar.

"Sure. I got some." Said the girl as she opened up a small handbag and produced a small card that appeared to be a driving license. The girl had to behind forward to give the bartender the I.D, but Bruce didn't mind as he got a great view of the girl's behind.

"Okay, Miss Potter. What do you want?" asked the bartender.

The girl seemed to look up at the options, appearing to be deep in thought when Bruce jumped in. "If the pretty lady doesn't mind, I'd pay." The girl looked at Bruce in shock before smiling gently at him.

"Okay then. You can buy me a drink Mister?" said the girl.

"Wayne. Bruce Wayne." Supplied Bruce before turning to the bartender. "Give me another glass of whiskey and Apple Martini for the lady." The bartender nodded before walking off to get the order.

"So Mr Wayne. Is this a habit of yours?" asked the girl as she sat down on the stool next to Bruce.

"Only if the girls are as good looking as you." replied Bruce as he finished off his first glass. "So does a girl like you have a name?"

"Violet Potter." Said the girl with a cute little smile. "I'm from England."

"I'm from Gotham City." Said Bruce as the drinks arrived and Violet picked up hers to take a small sip.

"So Bruce Wayne. Why don't you tell me about yourself." Said Violet.

"You mean you don't know who I am?" asked Bruce, a tiny bit disappointed.

"Should I?" asked Violet with another smile.

"I'm a billionaire. I own Wayne Enterprises Wayne Enterprises was officially erected in the 19th century and thus is one of the oldest companies in the world. We make a large profit every year due to our efforts to supply good quality equipment to the people."

"Making what?" asked Violet, looking very interested.

"Pipelines that carry natural resources, weapons, planes, entertainment and whatever market we can get to grips with." Said Wayne.

"Sounds impressive. What type of profit do you make." Asked Violet as she sipped at her drink.

"Top secret." Said Bruce with a smile.

"Wow. Impressive." Said Violet. "But what about you?"

"Meaning?" asked Bruce.

"What does Bruce Wayne the billionaire like as a person?" Said Violet, the emerald eyes meeting Bruce's darker ones. Bruce just laughed as he finished off his next drink along with Violet. The pair continued to chat a bit more as Sirius and Remus who were now very drunk climbed onto the table and started to sing.


"What time is it." Said Violet as she turned to face the clock. The digital clock showed the figure of 2:30. "I think I should go, Bruce."

"Do you have to?" asked Bruce as he quickly got to his feet before he wobbled a little.

"I need to go and get some sleep." Said Violet as she leaded against Bruce's extremely hard chest. The man seemed to tower above her short frame.

"Why don't you come back to mine?" whispered Bruce, very drunk from the whiskey.

"Is that a proposal." Asked Violet as she looked up the handsome face.

"It can be if you want it to be." Said Bruce with a smile before he picked up Violet by her waist and pulled her into a deep kiss.


Alfred Pennyworth considered him to be a very calm man under great surprise so therefore it was a good example of his character when Bruce Wayne and some girl stumbled in about four am in the morning. The girl was being carried by Bruce and was giggling as Bruce spotted the butler. "Alfred. Good news! I've got married" he yelled as he continued to carry the girl across the flat to the master bedroom before the doors slammed shut.

Alfred sighed with tiredness as he headed to his room. "We'll sort it out in the morning." He muttered.


Violet felt herself being set down as Bruce dropped her down on her bed with a drunken grin, the golden ring on her finger flashing in the night. Bruce then stumbled off into the bathroom as Violet took off what she had, bar the lacy, dark-red underwear which was given to her by Tonks.

Looking up, she saw Bruce standing in the doorway, lust filled eyes roaming over her body, making her heat up at the intensity in his gaze.

"What is that?" Bruce growled.

"My sleep wear," Violet said innocently as she sidled over to him, her hips swaying as she did.

"You wear this every night," he asked.

Violet smiled seductively, "oh no," she purred as she pressed up against him and placed her hands on his chest lightly, "this is a special one, it's sole purpose it to be ripped off in a fit of passion," she breathed out, biting her lip when he felt his large hands drift down to grip her ass tightly and pull her against him more firmly.

"Then we'd better put it to good use," Bruce murmured huskily before he kissed her hungrily, causing her to go weak in the knees as he coaxed her tongue into a battle of dominance. Bruce smiled as he quickly won it and gripped her ass tightly, rotating hips against her lower stomach. Violet felt her face heat up when she felt his clothed hardness pressing against her. Her bra was then unhooked and slipped off her by his hands, only to be thrown to the floor. They were quickly joined by the rest of his clothes, although Violet missed her chance to see the hard cock because of Bruce attacking her mouth again.

"Bed," Violet breathed, her emerald eyes darkening with lust.

Bruce smirked and picked her up before moving over to the bed, throwing her down and pouncing on top of her, pressing her body firmly against the bed with his body.

Both of them were lost in the sensations the other was causing. Violet ran her hands up and down his bulging arms, all over his chest and abs and over his back, his muscles rippling under her touch.

They laid down upon the bed together and his lips met hers once again in a heated kiss. His mouth moved from hers to her left cheek and to under her neck. He sucked the flesh there, making her moan and then moved lower. He took the left nipple into his mouth, something had longed to do since he had first seen her tongiht, and began to suck on her nipple. She gasped, her pussy feeling like it was on fire. He pulled away from her breast with a smile and continued his trek downher body, kissing her stomach, firm with toned with muscles. He reached the junction of her legs, the scent of her arousal intoxicating him.

She then shivered as the strong fingers slowly peeled off the panties, revealing herself to him. She was ready to kill him for making her wait so long. He came up finally back to her lips after making stops at her neck and kissed her again. His cock then came to rest at the soaked entrance of her pussy. She growled, demanding he do something and he did, thrusting the thick shaft of his cock into her needy pussy, breaking through her virgin barrier quickly, causing her to whimper in pain and pleasure. A small orgasm gripped her immediately, she had been worked up so much that she had cum the moment he had entered her. He had been tempted to pound away, but he kept a moderate pace, fucking her through several orgasms as she slowly adjusted to the feeling of the cock touching her inner walls, enjoying how strong and tight her pussy was.

Feeling her hips rising up against his, he picked up the pace. She gasped, feeling another orgasm building up. She then let out a cry that sounded like a roar of passion and he slammed home one more time and came, giving her body his seed.

That was all the strength that they had because the pair slowly drifted off, Bruce never pulling out, the fleshy member still inside her along with its cum.

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