Omake – Ino slips up

It had been five days since the start of their unorthodox relationship. Five days since their first kiss. And two days since Ino had stumbled across them in the alleyway. Kankuro was leaving tomorrow to head back to Suna and Kiba was still trying to wrap his head around everything that had happened.

Five days ago they had started a relationship, a secret relationship, one that only the two of them knew about. Two days ago a third person had been let in on the secret. And now, in a single day's time, they would be apart once more. Six days. That had to be the shortest time any couple had ever spent together. Not, of course, that they were breaking up, but Kiba still felt himself doubting that they would really work out in the end.

If they were both from Konoha then yes, it probably would have been harder to keep it a secret, but they would have been able to see each other more often, been able to spend more time together. It took a good three days to even get to Suna from Konoha, and there was no way he would be able to get that sort of time off to go and visit. Every little piece of logic that his brain had was convincing him that a long-distance relationship was pointless, but then he'd see the teen who had invaded his thoughts and he would decide that it was all worth it, only to sink back to his thoughts when left alone once more.

That's why he was heading towards where the puppeteer was staying, Akamaru in tow. He needed reassuring once again that everything would be all right. He hated feeling weak and confused, it made him feel like a girl, but at the end of the day he couldn't help but wonder. As his mind drifted towards such dark thoughts his feet automatically carried him to where he wanted to be. His musing was cut short though when a voice interrupted him.

"I never would have guessed that you were gay Kiba. I guess I'm not as good at reading people as I had hoped." His eyes widened in shock and he flushed in embarrassment before paling rapidly in realisation of what the girl beside him had just said. It was a good thing that from where she was standing his hood blocked the view of most of his face.

"I don't know what you're talking about Sakura." He shot back stiffly, mentally banging his head against a wall when he heard how defensive he sounded. The pink haired medical nin had a knowing smile on her face, one that meant all sorts of trouble for whoever it was directed at.

"Oh wait, that's right. Ino said it was supposed to be a secret and under no circumstances was I to talk to anyone about it." There was a malicious glint in her emerald green eyes that made Kiba back up a step. As the words processed in his mind he frowned, turning to face the girl who had a seemingly on again off again friendship with Ino. Glancing around the street he breathed a sigh of relief when he confirmed that it was mostly deserted.

"What exactly did Ino tell you?" He demanded quietly, taking a step closer so that they could talk without being overheard by anyone who might walk by.

"I can't quite remember… Something about you and Kankuro…?" She tapped her chin thoughtfully as though trying to remember, but he knew it was all an act. It would seem the girls were currently in a competitive phase.

"Who did you tell?" In truth he wasn't sure he even wanted to know, but the look on her face told him all he needed. She had told more than enough people, probably all for the purpose of getting Ino in trouble. Those two never ceased to piss him off. "Dammit! Ino is so dead when I see her." He swore angrily, but he couldn't help but wonder if it wasn't perhaps a good thing. If everyone knew there was no reason to hide, and maybe, just maybe, everything would work out in the end.

A/N: Hey again. So, I got a bit bored and decided what the heck, let's write a little bit extra for Secrets! I'm in a mood at the moment where it doesn't matter if I write something that isn't at least 2000 words long, which I suppose is a good thing otherwise there is just no way I could have written this in a single hour because my mind wanders too much. I couldn't be bothered putting Kankuro in this bit, even though I love him to pieces, so you'll just have to live without I'm afraid.