It was way to cold for Jane Rizzoli as she stepped from the warmth of her car into the bitingly frigid wind. It was the middle of January, the last of the Christmas cheer around the city had been cleared up nearly a week ago and now all that was left was snow, cold and nights that came way to soon to end gray and gloomy days that had become normal for Boston as of late. However, duty called and Jane was not one to ignore it. She trudged through snow, not entirely up to facing the scene that lay ahead. The call was to an empty office building at the very inside of her jurisdiction, one male victim and was she had been warned as 'a lot of gore'. As of late her stomach had been bothering her. She woke in cold sweat and then found it very hard to fall back asleep after the nausea had worn off. She couldn't wait to see how she would fare today.

"Hey detective." Officer Ray Lutz lifted the yellow tape and offered a smile.

"Cold enough for you?" She asked, returning his smile with one of her own. She ducked under the police tape and was immediately greeted by darkness. Pulling out her flashlight she clicked it on and followed the wet footprints of the responding officers, careful to keep strictly to their path. Lights shown bright in a room right beside the stairwell and as she rounded the corner of the doorway she stopped dead, jaw dropping at the sight of red arches of arterial spray and splashes from what would appear to be blunt force trauma. Jane's ex-partner was crouched next to a very badly ruined dead body. Her presence did not go unnoticed for long.

"Hell of a way to spend a Friday night, huh Rizzoli." Korsak said, shaking his head.

Finding her voice, and with her usual sarcasm, she responded "What, think I'd have a hot date or something?" They both gave a light laugh, trying to make light of such a grave situation. "What do we got?" She was getting straight to business now.

"What I told you over the phone, plus no I.D. Face has been beat to the point of unidentifiable and to make it worse he's got that nice slice to the throat. It would take a heartless son of a bitch to do this."

"Yeah, anyone that goes through a mess like this must have been pretty pissed off." Now Jane was right next to the body, her flashlight beam adding to the portable lights that were set up in the room. With complete concentration she examined the battered face, the slit throat, all the blood. She knew his throat was cut first, considering the heart would need to beat for the spray on the wall to be consistent. But why the face? His fingers were still intact, so were some of his teeth so it ruled out the possibility of hiding identity. With a thousand possibilities running through her mind, she stood. "Did you call CSU and the coroner?" She asked Korsak, still in a daze as she mentally took notes of the scene.

"I did. Doctor Isles and her team will be here in less than a half hour and CSU in fifteen."

Jane stiffened at the mention of Maura's name. She glanced at Korsak before quickly refocusing on the wall. "Well CSU will get the photos and any other evidence. We can't do much else until the body's identified. I should probably head back and see what I can dig up."

"Ah come on. You can't keep avoiding her forever. It's been over two months."

She signed. "It's complicated Korsak. She doesn't want to talk to me yet. I killed her father."

"Yeah well he shot a federal agent and was going to shoot you. You had no choice."

"That may be true," she shook her head "but it's up to her to forgive me. I've already apologized."


Back at Boston P.D. Jane stared blankly at her computer screen. She was trying to connect the owners of the building before it shut down to the body. Everyone was accounted for and many were to old to match. Her mind was no longer on her task though. Korsak's words had hit a nerve. Maura hadn't spoken to her in a non professional manner since her father died. Her words echoed in her mind nearly everyday for two months.

"He didn't make it. I hope you feel like a hero."

That's what she had said to her in the waiting room of the hospital. After that she checked on Agent Dean the moment he was out of surgery, just to assure he was going to live since her heart had led her to shoot her best friend's own father. Since then her own mother (who still lived in Maura's guest house and got along with her just fine) tried to get the two to reconcile to no prevail.

"Go home."

Startled, she jumped and looked over her shoulder at Frost, standing a few feet behind her. "Excuse me?"

"I already checked with Doctor Isles and the CSU techs. The autopsy is in the morning and the blood is being run for possible matches. There's nothing more we can do until tomorrow Jane, it's past two A.M. You should go home."

Jane hadn't noticed the time. "Yeah...yeah okay." She said. "I've been on this thing for hours and hadn't even noticed." Even as she pulled on her jacket and shut down the monitor he still hadn't moved. She finally faced him. "Something else ya need Frost?"

"Are you alright? You seem distracted."

"I'm just great." He clearly did not believe her. "Really, I'm okay. You go home too and I'll see you in the morning."


She didn't remember the drive home, nor did she remember climbing the stairs to her floor. After she let herself in the door of her apartment all she could focus on was making it to the bathroom and emptying the contents of her stomach, and later, as she slouched against her cool bathtub did she allow herself to break down and cry until she ran out of tears and strength.