Six months later:

Jane got her wedding fantasy...sort of. Her and Gabriel married on the the closest public baseball field to Fenway. Her mother and Maura insisted she wear something nice for the ceremony; a simple, white dress that was longer in the back than the front and tied behind her neck, as it was the only one she would agree on. Nothing flashy for any event in which Jane was the center of attention. After agonizing hours of begging, she finally talked them into letting her wear a David Ortiz jersey at her reception with a black pair of yoga pants and her favorite Under Armour running shoes. As much as they disapproved the idea, Jane's argument of "it's my wedding" was hard to deny. She and Gabriel danced to 'Kiss From A Rose' by Seal for the first time as husband and wife, Jane still not able to believe that she had actually agreed to marry someone, after vowing she never would.

"This is perfect." Gabriel whispered in her ear as the song faded. "I wouldn't trade this for the world." She smiled, compared to a little over a year ago, this felt genuine. The pieces to her puzzle were slowly falling into place.

Although reluctant, she danced with her father and brothers as Gabriel did the same with Maura and Angela. Jane trying her hardest not to laugh as she overheard her mother tell Gabriel over and over that she was so happy her daughter found someone finally and that he was a good man. Maura had cried off and on the entire day, tears of joy of course. The last time was after she caught Jane's bouquet.

After a short honeymoon to Martha's Vineyard, Jane returned to work, still slowly adjusting to her new role as wife. And soon mother. She had been getting sick again, this time not from grief.

Gabriel had just arrived home from a week in Texas, a serial killer that was finally caught. Jane met him at the door, a dazed smile on her lips as she welcomed him home. "What's this about?" He asked her with a grin of his own.

"Well, I didn't want to tell you over the phone but…" It wasn't until then he noticed the test stick in her hand that his eyes widened and he let out a choked laugh.

"Really?" He asked.

She nodded and leaned in to kiss him. After they separated, he took her hand and led her to their bedroom, and when he hit the lights she knew that she no longer had to be afraid when darkness fell.

A/N: Very short additional finale/prequel. Meaning I might make a sequel to this story, I may not. Depends on what kind of ideas hit me next ( I was thinking of actually writing one without Dean, maybe a finale for Casey or a normal case). Thanks again for all the support! Much appreciated to those of you who read and reviewed and those who followed either me or this story.