Chapter One.

'WRETCHED CHILD!' Dellio Ellisbenski spat.

'I'm sorry father! I really am!' Millena screamed as his hand smacked hard across her pale face, causing her dark blonde hair to swish furiously behind her.

'I swear one of these days I'll take your sorry existence back to the Merciful Sisters! Then I will finally be rid of you!

'Yes father. I'm sorry father. It won't happen again.'

'You're damn right it won't happen again! A respectable architect's daughter, feeding pigeon's and conversing with urchins! The nerve! Now I want you straight up to you room. No supper.'

'Yes father.' Mellina timidly mumbled.

As she slammed her bedroom door, tears running down her face, Mellina thought back on all the times he had struck her. All the times he had called her names. Common. Bitch. Stupid. Ugly. Improper. Well fuck him. 'I don't need HIM anymore!' she screamed at herself. 'He's not my father anyways.' she mumbled as she stuffed shirts into a backpack. Running away is my only option. Picking the old fool's pocket a few times each week had been worthwhile. Millena really had enough money to fend for herself.

'Signorina?' Her maid, Margareta called from the door. 'What are you doing?' Margareta was short, with dark hair and a warm loving face. She was the only person Mellina could really confide in.

'I'm finally getting out of here Margareta! I'm leaving his sorry ass and heading off into the world alone.' Mellina beamed at her only friend

'I'll miss you Tesoro.' Margareta whispered while folding one of Mellina's pairs of jeans

'And I'll miss you.' Mellina stuffed her wallet and phone into her bag and zipped it up

'If he asks about me, you will use my favourite words, won't you?'

'Si.' Margareta smiled.

'Bene.' Mellina jumped from her window onto the soft grass bellow.

'Take care.' Margareta called from the window

'Promise!' Millena's voice lingered in the air, then it was gone.