Intro/Summary: Kurt Hummel and Rachel Anderson-Berry were friends in elementary school, and that's when Kurt first met Blaine Anderson-Berry. Kurt and Blaine had a cliché puppy love, back in 3rd grade, but then Blaine and Rachel were taken out of public schools. Instead they went to a very high class, "genius" private school called Dalton Elementary. When Kurt followed the public school route, facing endless bullying in middle school, Rachel and Blaine attended Dalton Middle. Rachel began to fail classes in 8th grade, she simply wasn't as smart as her twin brother, so when Rachel started attending McKinley High School, Blaine hoped she and Kurt would become friends again. That wasn't the case. Kurt had somehow found his way to popularity, in his freshman year, by joining the Cheerios and simply by being nice. Blaine, attending Dalton Academy now, began to think he'd never see Kurt again. But then Dalton Academy had to shut its doors due to lack of funding, and a corrupt principle, and Blaine started his senior year at McKinley, much to Rachel's appreciation. He learned within the first day that Kurt hadn't change a bit, except for the fact that he had completely forgotten about Blaine and Rachel. However, Fate seemed to be playing in his favor when the much feared Cheerios coach, Sue Sylvester, heard of Blaine's intelligence, and Kurt's lack of.

"Now, Porcelain, you know I don't like failure, so what would make you think it was acceptable to fail a class?" Sue asked the minute Kurt had walked into her office Monday morning. He was shocked, there was no way he was actually failing, so he never noticed the other figure in the room. "Let alone two classes. For cripes sake Hummel."

"Failing? I can't be failing. I mean I know I'm struggling with Calculus- " Kurt stammered.

"And with Biology. You have a D- in both. Which you're right, Tickle-Me-Doughface, isn't failing. But it's too close for Sue Sylvester's comfort. If you don't get your grades up in the next two months, as much as it pains me to say it, you're off the squad."

Off the squad? Cheerios was all Kurt had. He tried Glee, for a month in 9th grade, and though he loved it his tormentors did not. Being openly gay, he had faced endless bullying in middle school and was determined to make it different in high school. After learning from an ice cold slushy that Glee club couldn't do that for him, he decided to try cheerleading. It took some adjusting, but the girls quickly warmed up to Kurt's genuine, honest personality, and that combined with his role as captain easily made him the most popular guy in school. He supposed if he got kicked off he could try Glee again, he knew he'd be able to make friends, but he couldn't stand the thought of the bullying. Not that long ago Karofsky had actually apologized for how he treated Kurt in middle school.

"Okay, but how do I get my grades up in time?" Kurt asked, biting his lower lip from anxiety.

"Well that's why I have young Burt Reynolds in here, he's some sort of genius from that recently bankrupt private school. He's gonna tutor you," Sue said, and Kurt finally noticed the dorky, but fairly attractive boy in the chair next to him. He seemed very anxious, and for some reason very familiar.

"Hi, I'm Kurt," Kurt said, and extended his hand to the boy.

"Blaine," the boy said in response, and anxiously shook his hand. Why did that name sound so familiar? Before he could think about it too much, Sue began to talk again.

"Angel Face, don't go getting all infatuated with tub-o' gel over here. You need to focus on studying. Well you need to focus on Cheerios first off, studying comes second. Now both you get out of my office, I'm expecting a call from the senator about renaming this sad little town Sue-City," Sue said, with a tone that clearly said this conversation is over.

Kurt knew he recognized Blaine from somewhere but he simply couldn't think of where. After all, he had made himself forget almost everything from before freshman year, simply because he couldn't bear the pain of remembering.

"S-so u-um Kurt-t when do you, um, when do you want to study?" Blaine said. Kurt found it endearing, how he was so nervous he stuttered.

"Well Cheerios takes up most of my week, and I'm usually with the girls on weekends but I'm sure they'd understand. How about Friday after school for a little bit, and then all day Saturday?" Kurt said. After noticing Blaine's distressed look he quickly added "unless you have plans, which being a weekend would be totally understood."

"Oh, n-no I-I'm free. I'm just sh-shocked you'd spend your weekend studying."

"Cheerios is important to me, if I don't get my grades up I won't be able to hang out with the girls ever, so sacrificing a few weekends in the mean time is no big deal," Kurt said thoughtfully while pulling out a piece of scrap paper. He scribbled down his number and smiled, handing it to Blaine. "Text me Thursday and we'll finalize the plans, if that's alright with you."

"Y-yeah sounds good," Blaine said, blushing while he took the paper from Kurt. It was the first opportunity Kurt had to actually check the boy out. While his figure was quite appealing, his fashion sense needed some altering. He had on suspenders and a bowtie, and Kurt was quite certain he didn't see any socks between the flood-length trousers and dress shoes.


"Blainers! I saw you talking to Kurt this morning. He doesn't remember you, it's really time you move on," Blaine's peppy twin sister said, the moment he walked into Glee club that day. He'd been in public school for 2 months, and had quickly learned how low on the social ladder he was. But in the choir room, he realized that there were others just as low as him. Well, at least close to as low as him.

"Don't call me Blainers. And I know that Rachel, but Coach Sue asked me to tutor him. So that's what I'm going to do and if he doesn't remember me then I'll pretend I don't remember him either," Blaine said, quickly seating himself on the other side of Rachel's boyfriend, and Kurt's step-brother, Finn Hudson.

"Wait, you and Kurt used to talk?" Finn asked, clearly confused. "I mean I know Rachel an' him were friends back in like, elementary school, before you guys went to Dayton but I didn't know you two talked."

"Dalton," Blaine corrected. "And yes, we knew each other quite well in 3rd grade."

"They were practically dating. Well as much as two third graders can date. It was so cute; the way Blaine followed Kurt around like a lost puppy. Kurt, just as much a diva as he is today, loved the attention. I think he used to love my baby brother too, but he doesn't even remember being friends with me, let alone ever knowing Blaine."

"Rachel, we're twins. Don't call me your baby brother. And Finn, please don't say anything to Kurt. I really want to see if he'll be able to figure it out on his own with the tutoring and stuff," Blaine said with pleading eyes.

"Sure dude, no problem," Finn said, before turning all his attention to Rachel, an adoring look on his face. The dude was whipped; Blaine realized that the first time he'd been to the Anderson-Berry house. Their dad's loved him, and he had made Blaine's first week at McKinley a lot easier. Being semi-friends with the quarter back of the football team didn't make him popular, but it made the slushy facials come around a little less often. The locker shoves, however, not even Finn could lessen.

Blaine was bullied for a lot of reasons. He was in Glee club, which basically meant he could expect a red, blue, or purple stained sweater-vest at least twice a month, and he was considered a "nerd" which brought endless laughter and jokes at his expense. But to top it all off, he was openly gay. At Dalton this was accepted, honored even, that someone would be so willing to admit something that was frowned upon by many people. But at McKinley, it was only okay if you were Kurt. Otherwise, admitting you were gay meant being shoved into lockers, pushed to the floor, and/or tossed in the dumpster at least once a week.

Glee club made public school worth it though. Dalton had a glee club, The Warblers, which Blaine was the lead of, but most private schools didn't. After Dalton shut down Blaine could have attended West Academy, the other prestigious private school in the area, but they didn't have any of the things Blaine loved to do. They didn't have a Glee club, in fact you'd get a detention for singing in the halls, and they didn't have a fencing club or even a gym to work out in. Those things made Blaine's decision easy, so eliciting many squeals from Rachel, Blaine told his dads he wanted to start going to McKinley. Although McKinley didn't have a fencing club either, they had a Glee club and a very nice gym. Blaine now fenced on Sunday's, since his dad's had found a private studio in the area.

After Glee, Rachel drove herself and Blaine home. "Rachel, I'm not quite sure where Kurt and I are going to study this weekend, but if it's at our house can you not be there? I know this sounds odd but I really don't want anyone other than me to remind him we used to be friends. And also, you're kind of annoying when you want something, and I know you want to be friends with him again,"

"Rude! But since I adore you, and want Kurt to be my future brother in law, I'll spend the weekend at Finn's. Carole is always begging me to; she wants to spend a little girly time with me. And judging by that look you're worried I'll say something when Kurt is home, but I won't. And if you two chose to study at his house, well then I'll make Finn take me out to dinner or something. But don't get your hopes up; he doesn't seem to remember anything from before his popularity. Not even the fact that he was my only competition in Glee," Rachel's mouth seemed to move a mile a minute.

"Wait, Kurt was in Glee? When? He can sing, dance, lift more than I can, and he's attractive. Why did we ever go to Dalton?" Blaine said, not realizing it was out loud until Rachel replied.

"Oh Blainers, you're little crush is adorable. He was in Glee for a month freshman year. I already told you all this, but I know you rarely listened to me back then," Rachel answered. Blaine was about to scold her for calling him Blainers again, but then he had a flash back to where the nick-name came from. He spent the rest of the drive home remember said terrible nick-name sliding out from the lips of the boy he most adored. Kurt had called him Blainers when they first met in 3rd grade, and hadn't stopped until they stopped talking.


The week seemed to pass agonizingly slow for Blaine, who couldn't wait to be alone with Kurt on the weekend. All his classes were boring, since they weren't even near the academic level of Dalton, and the moments when he saw Kurt in the halls were rare and short. He silently cursed himself for taking all advanced classes, and therefore eliminating any chance of being in a class with Kurt.

While Blaine found himself bored and full of day dreams in class, Kurt found himself very, very confused. When he wasn't wondering what in the world the teacher was talking about, he was trying to remember why Blaine was so familiar. The few times he saw the boy in the hall were too short for conversation, the best he could offer was a smile while he found himself inwardly giggling about the boys clothes. That week alone he had managed to show off a new bowtie every day, and never seemed to wear socks. Kurt wondered if he even owned any, and also wondered why he'd never noticed the adorable, nerdy boy before.

Thursday afternoon Kurt received a text when changing out of his Cheerios uniform. He started changing in the Girls locker room when some of the homophobic football players threatened to quit the team if "the fag" didn't get out of their locker room. Although hearing that term made him cringe, he still found it comical that the boys were too scared to say anything to his face. His dear friends Santana Lopez, Brittany Pierce, Quinn Fabray, and Mercedes Jones watched his face form a slight smile as he read it.

"Hummel, do you have yourself a little sexting buddy?" Santana smirked at him. Having her for a friend definitely made life interesting, and a lot safer since no one dare mess with her.

"Shut up Lopez. That's nasty. And for your information, this is a text from my tutor," Kurt said, not realizing his mistake until Santana spoke again.

"Aww Kurt, you hopeless virgin. I guess a tutor really would be your only way to learn about sex."

"You know, you're lucky I love you, or I might have to say something hateful in return. I'm failing Calculus and Biology, Sue said if I didn't bring my grades up I was off the squad," Kurt said, cringing at the way Quinn's face lit up at the end of his sentence.

Kurt ignored the rest of the girls comments and left the locker room, re-reading Blaine's text, 'Hey Kurt, it's Blaine. Just checking to see if we are still going to study this weekend, and wondering where and when you'd like to meet. Text me back when you can, thanks.' It made Kurt smile the way Blaine had kept spelling and grammar correct in a text message. The boy seemed nervous to be studying with Kurt, which he hated to admit, gave him a few butterflies too.

He quickly sent back, 'ur house at 4. Does that work for u?' and was very pleased when Blaine replied almost immediately agreeing to the time and sending Kurt his address.


After finalizing his plans with Kurt, Blaine started to get nervous. He knew Kurt wouldn't recognize the house, since they moved when he and Rachel were in 5th grade, and there weren't any pictures on the wall to give him away, but Blaine really didn't want Kurt to figure out who he was so quickly. He spent all day at school Friday thinking about what to do and what to say, making a lesson plan. And hoping that the lesson plan would be ignored, and Kurt would kiss him, and remember him, and– no. Blaine couldn't let himself have those thoughts, at least not in school. He re-adjusted his bow tie and tried to listen to what his teacher was saying.

After school he practically ran to his locker and then to Rachel's car. His petite sister skipped out, holding her boyfriends hand as he awkwardly tried to match her pace.

"Aww, wook at wittle Blaine, nervous for his study date," Rachel taunted him.

"Shut up. Is Finn riding with us? Does he even fit in your car?" Blaine hated Rachel's car, he was pretty sure Finn did too. Although the small Ford Fiesta could fit Rachel and Blaine comfortably, Finn was considerably larger and bumped his head getting in and out of the car. He also couldn't fit his legs comfortably in the front seat of the car, let alone the back.

"No and no, Kurt's driving me home. He got a new car over the summer, so he loves driving me around in it to brag when he can," Finn answered, before Rachel could speak. As Finn kissed Rachel and whispered something in her ear that made her blush and giggle, Blaine smiled to himself at the thought of Kurt bragging about a car. It seemed like such a Kurt thing to do.

The ride home was silent, each Anderson-Berry child dreaming about their own plans for the night. When they pulled into their garage Blaine practically bolted from the car. He needed to pick up his room so he and Kurt could study in there. And figure out whether he should make himself look better, or maybe throw on jeans and look like he couldn't care less. Kurt must already know he was nervous, since Blaine had stuttered when he talked to him, but he could play that off as shock.

He watched Rachel rush around to pack for Finn's house while debating whether or not to change. He didn't think he'd ever make a decision when a perky brunette head popped into his doorway.

"Blaine. Please change out of that preppy, overly-academic outfit and wear something more casual and, God forbid, fashionable. Whether you'll admit this or not, you're hoping to make Kurt fall in love with you tonight. Although I'm worried you're about to get your heart shattered into a million pieces, I wish you the best of luck," Rachel said. She left, making Blaine more confused about his clothes than he was before. Right before she walked out of the house she shouted up the stairs "jeans, a white tee shirt, grey cardigan, and some socks for Christ sakes!"

Blaine changed into the outfit his sister had suggested, gingerly tying his bowtie onto his bow tie rack, a present from Rachel from his last birthday, and hooking his suspenders around a hanger in his closet. Other people may not think his clothes were fashionable, but he did. And he took good care of them too.

At 3:45 Blaine made his way downstairs and mindlessly flipped on his favorite cartoon, Algebraic Ants, anxiously awaiting the arrival of his guest.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Oh boy, wrote that surprisingly fast. Inspired from the countless fics on Tumblr, I decided to do my own take on Cheerio!Kurt and Nerd!Blaine. I liked the idea of Kurt being a nice person from the start, not just in the end. And the Anderberry sibling AU is my biggest obsession. You can expect chapter two by the end of the week, and I'll probably have figured out how many chapters there will be total by then. Leave me reviews? :3