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"Caleb, slow down!" Blaine laughed as he chased his soon through central park. He could hear his husband's laughter behind him as he almost tripped when he finally caught up to their three year old son.

"Oh Caleb, don't injure daddy! He had a show this weekend," Kurt told their son. Blaine's weekends were always full with shows but he had most weekdays off.

After graduation, Kurt and Blaine had faced some hard times. They both graduated wanting to go into Broadway, and audition schedules gave them little time together. The first year, Rachel was still in the apartment with them and the three of them fought constantly.

A year after graduating Kurt asked Blaine to marry him. Being legal in New York, they had started planning the wedding immediately. In the process they rediscovered each other. Blaine promised to only take Friday, Saturday and Sunday auditions. Kurt went back to school; Rachel moved in with Finn.

After spending another two years in school, Kurt became a teacher. He taught Biology at the local high school, and was also the director of the school's Glee club. Blaine always joked with him about how he was teaching a class that had once been his worse.

They had wanted to look into starting a family right after their marriage, but Blaine hadn't gotten any jobs yet. With Rachel gone they had more room in the apartment, but a teacher's salary wasn't enough to support a child.

Finally Blaine got his break. He scored the lead in a musical called How to Succeed. Through that, he made some friends in the directing community who soon learned of his crazy intelligence. They begged him to come help direct shows, and he agreed. He had wanted to say no, but they needed the money, and after a short period of time he realized he loved directing almost as much as performing.

Less than a year later, Blaine was directing and starring in shows. He had become one of the most famous actors in the theatre community, and one of the best directors in the state. Because of this he was able to keep his weekend schedule for the most part.

When Kurt and Blaine decided they were ready for a kid, they had a lot of choices to make. Kurt had wanted to adopt, but Blaine wanted the kid to have DNA from at least one of them. They started a search for a surrogate mother, but couldn't seem to find anyone they liked. Both of them were picky, and had a hard time imagining a stranger carrying their child.

"Blaine, can I be your surrogate?" Santana asked on one of her monthly visits. She and Brittany had stayed together and also gotten married, but they didn't want kids. Santana had never been against being pregnant and birthing a baby, but she hated the idea of actually raising the kid. She wanted to focus all her time on Brittany.

"W-what? You…Santana…wow," Blaine was shocked at her offer, to say the least.

"Well, if Brit and I wanted a kid I'm sure you or Kurt would be more than willing to be a sperm donor. Besides, this way you can never ditch me as a friend," Santana winked. She had always played a huge role in the boy's life, often being the middle-man in fights. It was a friendship they knew wasn't going to end.

Around her seventh month the boys had almost regretted choosing Santana as a surrogate. She milked it like crazy, making the boys do ridiculous things for her. They knew it was hormones, but it was hard for them to be angry at their best friend.

When they first saw Caleb, they couldn't have been happier with their choice. He was only three now, so they couldn't yet tell if he was Kurt's or Blaine's, but it didn't really matter. Auntie Santana was convinced Caleb somehow had both their DNA, even if that wasn't scientifically possible.


"Daddy, are you going to be home this weekend?" Caleb asked. He was seven and just beginning to understand Blaine's job. He hated having only one dad on the weekends, Kurt wasn't as good at bed time stories as Blaine was.

"I'm afraid not Caleb, Daddy has to go away for a little while," Blaine said to his son. He was tucking him for bed, and he knew Kurt was watching from the doorway. Blaine had gotten the opportunity to direct and star in a movie adaptation of a musical he had stared in years ago.

His son pouted, the one thing that convinced Blaine he was Kurt's boy, so Blaine kissed him goodnight and left the room. He couldn't stand to upset his son, but Kurt's school was facing pay cuts and the movie was such a great opportunity.

"Blainers, you have to do this. He knows you can't stay, stop feeling guilty," Kurt said. He pulled Blaine into his arms and kissed him. Blaine was leaving the next day and would be gone for three weeks.

"Are you ever going to stop calling me that?" Blaine asked. He knew he was blushing.

"If you stop looking so sexy when you blush, I'll stop trying to make you blush. Deal?"

"K-Kurt. C-Caleb's n-not asleep yet. S-stop that," Blaine stuttered as Kurt pushed him on their bed and kissed his neck.

"I have to go three weeks without you, you can't say no to me tonight," Kurt pouted his lower lip and batted his eyelashes. Blaine sighed and gave in. Their new house had thick walls.


When Caleb started middle school, Kurt and Blaine were anxious. It wouldn't matter if Caleb was gay or straight, Blaine knew from experience that two dads would bring bullying on just as easily. They were shocked when Caleb told them all his friends were jealous.

"Yeah dad, we were talking about our parents jobs. I told them daddy did Broadway and then Josh asked me what my mom did. I told I had two dads, and that you were a teacher. He said he wished he had two dads because his mom was kind of crazy sometimes. I told him that you were too, and then Michael said I was the luckiest because I didn't have to deal with women's hormones," Caleb told Kurt one afternoon. Kurt smiled.

"You'll have to tell daddy that when he gets home from the grocery. Guess what he's making us for dinner tonight!" Kurt loved that Blaine still cooked. "He's making Spaghetti Alla Puttanesca!"

Caleb went quiet. Spaghetti Alla Puttanesca was not only Kurt and Blaine's favorite dish, but usually Caleb loved it too. His silence was worrying.

"Caleb, sweetie, what's wrong?"

"Usually when daddy makes that it means he's going out of town for the weekend, and I was kind of hoping he wouldn't this weekend. Josh and Michael wanted to meet him," Caleb said quietly. Kurt smiled. But before he could answer, he felt his husband's hand on his shoulder.

"Well then Josh and Michael are lucky that daddy got a local job. Daddy shouldn't have to travel again for years, but he has to spend Thursday's at the theatre. How's that sound buddy?" Blaine asked. He and Kurt had been planning on telling Caleb all about Blaine's new job during dinner, but now seemed as good a time as any. Caleb looked up, happy but confused.

"Daddy got a job coaching college graduates to do what he did," Kurt said fondly. He kissed Blaine and then started putting away the groceries.

"Remember that big movie I did when you were little? Well that made us a lot of money. We could live comfortably even if I never worked again. I decided I wanted to help other kids achieve their dreams like I did, so I'm just going to teach musical theatre now. How was school today?" Blaine asked, following his husband into the kitchen.

"Can dad and I make the bread? Oh and dad said I had to tell you this story about school," Caleb said animatedly. He told the story to Blaine in a lot more detail then he had to Kurt. Both parents loved seeing their son so happy again, knowing he'd have both his dad and his daddy around.

Kurt laughed as he watched Blaine try to help Caleb save the bread. Kurt had tried to make it but it hadn't turned out very well. Kurt opened their freezer and pulled out store bought garlic bread. He turned around and Blaine was already there. Blaine kissed him, and then moved away while simultaneously covering Kurt's face in flour.

That night Kurt and Blaine snuggled up in bed. They had spent the night watching movies with Caleb; they watched all of the home videos from when Kurt and Blaine were little.

"We're really lucky, you know that? Some people don't even find love once, we found each other twice," Blaine said.

"Blainers, it wasn't luck. It was this crazy thing called Rachel," Kurt kissed him. They both thought back to how much Rachel had helped them in the beginning of their relationship.

"I think it was a thing called failure, because if you weren't failing Bio and Calc, we'd never have started talking again," Blaine said. "Funny, you teach Bio now. Any cheerleaders in the class?"

Kurt laughed. He had wanted to ask Blaine about looking in to having another kid that night, but he didn't want to ruin such a perfect moment.

"Let's have another kid," Blaine said quietly. He hadn't meant to say it, he didn't want to ruin such a perfect moment. But when he felt Kurt smiling against his chest, he realized Kurt had been thinking the same thing.

"It's amazing Blaine, after all this time you can still read my mind," Kurt laughed. "Santana is not being our surrogate. We're going with a stranger this time around."


They didn't. Santana had somehow convinced them to let her carry the baby again, claiming that it wouldn't seem like Caleb's sibling if they had a different mother. She was much less crazy the second time around.

Taylor Marie was definitely Blaine's girl. She looked exactly like him, and had the signature Anderson-Berry diva trait. Caleb, who looked more and more like Kurt as he got older, loved showing his sister off. He would take pictures of her all the time, usually on his phone so he could send them to his girlfriend.

Blaine had continued his job at the theatre, retiring from acting all together, after Taylor was born. He still helped direct plays and musicals if they were in the area, usually because he was begged to. Kurt kept teaching and running Glee.

"You'll never guess who joined Glee today," Kurt said one night over dinner. Caleb rolled his eyes. He went to the high school Kurt taught at, so he knew all about the Glee club and got sick of hearing the stories.

"Who?" Blaine asked enthusiastically. Caleb would never understand why his dads loved Glee so much.

"Brandon, the head cheerleader. He's Kyle's best friend. I swear Blaine, it's just like us," Kurt laughed.

Blaine realized for the millionth time how lucky he really was.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Like I said, super short. I hope you guys liked it :) I just started a new fic, so if you're interested I'll probably be posting chapter one soon.