Chapter 6: Putting Things Back Together or Not

After fighting their way through, Mindy ended up grabbing the core, likewise poor Grim, Billy and Irwin found their core a well. Rucks had nearly about all the cores ready for the Bastion to be completed. Mindy along with Grim and Skarr were all more than eager to finally be able to get back to their own lives.

"The best part is no one would ever remember this ever happening again" said Rucks.

"Never again?" asked Billy.

"Never, ever, ever, ever" continued Rucks.

"Oh thank goodness" said Grim in such a relief.

"I can finally go back to my garden" laughed Skarr.

"And I can be miss popular again" said Mindy.

The scene went to Irwin who was still worshipping the statue of Mandy as a Goddess.

"And what do you think about all of this Irwin?" asked Grim.

Irwin looked at the statue of Mandy, and then looked at everyone else.

"I agree with Billy, we shouldn't go back to the way things were!" cried Irwin.

"Yea, you tell them that Irwin, and I'm never going to take that test I didn't study for!" laughed Billy.

"Well there are more of us than you losers" said Mindy as she along with the others guarded the machine that could restore their world again.

Billy ran to try to grab the Reaper's scythe from his hands as poor Billy was in a desperate move to ensure that he wouldn't have to take the test. The Kid ended up being on Grim's side trying to help the Reaper in his struggle along with Zia as well.

"Pull harder kids!" cried Grim as he was trying to get his scythe back from Billy.

"I will NEVER TAKE THAT TEST!" roared Billy.

Irwin then took Billy's side and decided to help out as well, the two struggled as they tried to take Grim's scythe away. Mindy obviously took Grim's side as well along with Skarr. They pulled, and they pulled until the scythe flew right out of their hands.

"Runaway scythe!" cried Grim.

The scythe ended up smacking the machine that was supposed to restore their world.

"Oh great, now you've done it!" cried Grim.

"She's going to blow!" cried Rucks.

As everyone else made a daring escape, the machine did indeed blew right up, which would only cause further Calamity and havoc for everyone else around them. The worlds around them then began to split into the multiverses with Mandy no longer being the statue of herself, but instead multiple Mandys from other worlds were not very happy what just happened.

"Great job, you just screwed up my Empire!" roared a Mandy who was an Empress in the world she ruled.

"But it's not me fault, it's all Billy's fault, dish would have never happened if Billy didn't mess around with me trunk" said Grim.

"Oh boy, a million Mandys to all love!" cried Irwin with joy.

"There's no way that none of us would ever like you" said the original Mandy who was back to her normal self.

All the other Mandys took their turns in beating up Billy in their own manner, but Mandy and her other versions were not the only ones upset, Mindy and the other Mindys from the other worlds were also equally upset along with also all the other Skarrs as well.

"I'm so glad that I'm the only Reaper here" laughed Grim with a sigh of relief as the other versions of Mandy and Mindy began to beat up the Billy who caused the Calamity within their worlds to happen.

"Remember kids, this is what happens when you do not want to take a test, and ruin other worlds in trying to get out of it" said Rucks as Grim was nodding with approval to which the scene ends from there.