Temperance sighed, tieing her back her hair in a tight bun.
ever since the arivial of there child 7 months ago her hair had grown down to her lower back, she kept trying to get it cut but always something would come up either at work or at home she just never had time.
one day Angela and Herself whent out for a quick lunch before they had to go back to work.

"so sweetie, how has parenthood been?"

"Oh Angela" she sighed snd sat down" it's lovley but i've had no time for myself!"

Angela laughed and nodded indicating towards her hair;"Sweetie i've noticed, heck, hodgins even noticed, you know what he said?" she chuckled "Wheres Dr.B? oh there she is... couldn't see her under her hair." they both laughed and Temp. sighed "I don't know Ang. some days i just wish Booth could take her for the day , you know?" Angela simply nodded, said a quick good-bye and ran back to work, not to work, but to go see a certain someone who needed a good talking too.

Temperance sighed not even wanting to know what kind of plan Angela was concoting, she looked down, pokeing at her salad she saw a familiar face and groanded,' its sweets, crap!' she put on a fake smile and looked up to him as he sat down

"Doctor Brennan!Hi, Hello, uhh well how have you been latly?"

here we go she mumbled under her breath

"I've been fine , just very pre-ocupied thats all"

"yes i know, well.. i dont know because im not you but, well..uh-"

"Yes, sweets I know what you mean, but if you dont mind i must leave now..i - uh - have to pick some grociaries up"

"oh uh yes.. i understand uh well see you later then."

and with that brennan was off, not to go shopping but to get out of this awkward convo