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"I don't care who you are!" Tori, my friend said stomping her foot, acting like a five year old, even though she was nineteen. Her freckled face went red from anger, freaking out over nothing again. "You can't take the last bag of chips."

I elbowed her in the stomach, and smiled at the Irish boy, who was looking down at us confussed. "I'm so sorry about her. She freaks out about nothing. And she doesn't konw who she's talking to Mr. Naill Horan."

"Niall Horan? Where have I heard that before?" Tori asked me. But I knew that she'd heard it a million times from me. "Wait, you're that guy from One Direction. Rea has had so many day dreams about you." She paused to look at me blushing, looking down at my black coverse. "Still, you can't take it. I'm starving."

"Well if you're hungry. You can come to the bus with us." Naill said, shugging. Tori opened her mouth the say no.

"Yes." I said. My head shooting strait up from the floor to his smiling face. "That would be awesome. Where are you guys headin' anyway?"

"Chicago." He said and put the chips away. Tori glanced at the Cheetoes but left them, as I dragged her out the door. Parked at the far end of the parking lot was a tour bus. "We had some fans decorate it." Under the layers of spray paint was the origanal red paint only parshly visible. The driver opened the door.

"I cant believe this is happening." I wispered to Tori. The inside was just as cool as the outside. Four more young men sat squeezed on a couch to see the TV. Two guitars were near the back. And 'Taken' was blasting in the backround.

"Oh, hey, girls." Harry laughed turning the TV off. "Fans I'm guessing."

"Obssessed fan," Tori pointed at me, "Couldn't care less." She pointed at herself with her thumb. "Now Rea, you've seen them. Talked for a second. Let's go, we can get food at the gas station." She began to drag me out.

"But I want to talk to her!" Harry said. Tori leaned on the side of the bus, not impressed at all by the cutest band ever sitting right in front of her. "So, Rea right? What's that short for?"

"Milrea." I said. Louis made laughing noise, but covered it by coughing. "Yeah, I know, It's a stupid name. That's why everyone calls me Rea. So, do you think you guys can sign my shirt?" I knew the grin on my face was stupid. My smile was always stupid with braces though. They signed my shirt with a sharpie.

"So, how old are you?" Harry asked.

"Fifteen, almost sixteen." I said. "Can I have a hug?" I asked, but I already had my arms around Niall. The boy's started laughing. I got a hug by all of them then asked Tori to take a pic of us. She flipped me off and started to drag me out. "Wait!" I shouted then did what I always did and bit Tori's hand. She pulled away.

"Yeah, let the cutie stay. I like her smile." Zayn said, though I knew he was just humoring me. He loosened his blue and white varsity jacket. "What do you want sweetie?"

"Can Niall say potato for me? And can you guys play me 'What Makes you Beautiful' for me? It would make my life!" I asked. I'd heard it a million times on my iPod and on the radio, and former boyfriends had tried to sing it to me, but if they sang it to me I would scream like a little girl.

"Tell you what. If you sing it for us, you can come with us on tour. If your parents let you," Louis said being serious, then ended with, "Milrea." And he laughed. But Tori had her hand over my mouth. I licked it and she pulled away.

I had my phone out and was talking to quickly into the phone for my parents to understand. So I took a deep breath and talked slowly, and after a lot of convencing and begging they said yes. On one condition. I hung up. "Tori, you're coming with me." I said. "Mom and Dad said you had to come. They talked to your parents, and they said you have to come."

"Love you too." She grumbled and glarred. She's probably going to kill me durring the night. "Don't you owe them a song." Her smile was evil and dug into me. "How about you give her a guitar too." I'd only just started learning the song a day ago. Louis laughed and handed me an accusic guitar, because he was the closest to it. I took a deep breath, but inside was was freaking out, and I knew I was blushing. I got to the second verse, when my voice cracked.

"Okay, I think she's done enouph." Louis said. "It was my my idea. That was good for no practice. Looks like you're going on stage with us next concert." My mouth dropped, I looked at Tori's who's mouth was nearly to the floor too. "You may just become famous." I smiled, they asked me about my life until fianlly story, after story I fell asleep.

I woke up feeling like I was moving. Then remembered what happened yesterday, I was in the tour bus. I opened my eyes and looked up at Niall. I don't remember falling asleep on his shoulder with his arm around me, but, I wasn't going to argue. "Morning. We're almost in Chicago." He smiled down at me.

"Where's Tori?"

"She's asleep on one of the beds." He said. "Now, let's hear you sing." I blinked and saw Zayn, Liam and Harry watching. I shook my head. "What will get you to sing?"

"Food. And a guitar." I said thinking about it first before I said it. They laughed, and a McDonalds McGrittle and coffee was set in front of me. I scooted a little away from Niall, feeling a little awkward with it. Yeah, my dream came true, I meet them, and even sang to them, but it was still awkward. I drank the coffee. "I'll sing after coffee. I need my coffee."

"If you can sing three of our songs well you can go on stage with us." Zayn said. "We talked about it when you were sleeping."

"You talk about me when I sleep?"

"You, yourself talk in your sleep." Niall said. "And drool." He glanced at his shirt, it did look damp. I looked down at my feet, my shoes were off, so you could see my fuzzy white-and-red socks. I wiggled my toes, hoping they were watching my feet and not my red embarrassed face. I bite my tongue. "Hey, I think it's kind off cute."

"You'd be the first to think that." I mumbled. I finnished the Mcgrittle and drank the rest of the coffee. Tori was up and sitting alone at the table her mouth shut. She wasn't interested in talking to the boys. "Alright give me a guitar. I'll play 'What makes you beautiful.', 'I Want', and 'Another World.'" I played them, nervous the whole time, and usually sped up durring the chorus.

"You're really good at playing the guitar. Pretty good at singing. Just calm down babe." Niall said, his accent seemed to be thicker than the day before. Maybe it was just me. "Can you play infront of a large crowd?"

"Yeah, but. You guys are much worse then a large crowd. The crowd isn't famous. Or as cute as you guys." I said. Strumming randomly to calm my nerves. "I have to call my parents, I need more clothes than a sweat shirt and sweat pants. Where are we staying tonight?"

"At the Chicago Inn. Cozy place, not many people go there, so we never get crowed by screaming girls." Harry said, "I like the girls, but. Sometimes I need a break too." I nodded slowly not sure what to say and got my iPhone out of my pocket at went to the back. I passed the bathroom, and there was bunks after that, three bunks for six people. Louis was laying on one of the beds with his lap top out.

"Should I leave?" He asked.

"No, I just have to make a quick phone call." I said, and clicked on the 'mom' contact, laying on the bed across from him. They said they were sending me my lap top, pajamas, and two clean sets of clothes, and a bathing suit in case the hotel had a pool. Off the phone with mom I checked my text messages. David Yeyer had three messages sent that read:

Message One: Look girl, if you ever want me back, you better come home running to me.

Message Two: Still not home? Good. You don't deserve me.

Message Three: You know what I can do. I can make you do what I want. Throwing a shoe at me won't work this time, hidding behind William won't work this time. YOU CAN'T STOP ME.

I sighed. He wasn't the nicest boyfriend ever. Well, now ex-boyfriend I guess.

"Anything wrong?" Louis asked looking over at me.

"No. Nothing." I put my phone back in my pocket and went out to talk to Tori, who still hadn't said a word all morning. "Tori." She nodded, showing she heard me. She still wasn't happy about coming along. "I think your parents are sending you clothes." She nodded again. "I really think you should give this a chance."

Her eyes scanned me quickly. "Sure, but that's not what's bothering you." My eyes went over the boys, then grabbed Tori by the arm and dragged her in the back for more privicy. Louis smiled as we walked by. "What is it?" I handed her my phone and she put in the passcode:5693. To spell 'LOVE.' She went strait to texts.

"See. You know he can find me from anywhere. I swear he has a tracking device on me." I tried to make a joke so I wouldn't cry.

"But I thought that the police already dealed with him."


"But you said that you told someone that...You didn't tell anyone, did you?" I shook my head, knowing if I talked I'd start to cry. Tori gave me a hug. Out of no where, another body was pressed on mine with a hug. Louis had joined in.

"Hug fest!" He said cheerfully. "So, what's going on? Yo lied to me, something was wrong." I wasn't going to tell him, but then it all spilled out. How from even before we were dating I'd get pushed to the ground, or had a item flung toward my face. How he broke my nose with a rock, just because I cancelled our date. How he said he loved me. "Whoa, slow down. Did you ever like him?"

"I thought I did." I closed my eyes, feeling dizzy. For a second I thought I might pass out. But a hand held me up.

"You said it yourself, 'I'm with the cutest band ever, they can do anything." Louis said.

"When did I say that?" I asked, not remembered saying that, just more of, 'I love you guys.' and, 'you're so cute.'

"We'll do anything to keep David from getting you as long as your with us." He said, "And I know because you talk in your sleep." That made me laugh a little. Soon we made it to our hotel.

We only had thrity minutes to be in the hotel. Me and Tori had gotten our own room by request from Tori. We weren't too far away from the outdoor stage. It was still hours before the concert was going to even let people in. "Nervous?" Tori asked. I nodded.

"Okay, who ever is not going on stage, or on crew needs to leave back stage now." Someone in charge said, I couldn't read what his shirt said, but he seemed in charge. "Yes, that means you two." He began scooting Tori and I out.

"No, leave Rea." Harry said, and took me the other way. I looked over my shoulder to look at Tori, being kicked out, and instantly got a funny feeling in my stomach. I had a feeling I'd need her through this, but I did have the boys I guess. "We need to practice."

Without microphones we practice on stage, I thought it was weird up on stage with them. I couldn't imagine about a million screaming girl, with mircophones on. But after a long time of singing and a few jokes later, we were off stage getting make-up on. I drumbed my finders nervously on my knee, as a college aged girl did my make-up.

"First time? I haven't seen you before." She asked. I nodded. "I'm sure you're great." She said cheerfully. She finnished my make-up. Pale green eye shadow brought out my blue eyes. My lips were a shell pink color. I smiled looking at myself in the mirror.

"Thanks! I look awesome." Was all I could say, while I was being dragged off to get a dress on. A man stood in front of me looking over me over and over.

"I know!" He snapped his fingers. He pulled out a dress from the rack. It was a strapless with black and white stripes running horizantal across it, then black stripper heels. I went into the changing room looked at myself in the mirror. The dress only went half way down my thighs, it seemed to short. I didn't like dresses anyway. But I ignored it, 'cause in minutes I was being pushed onto stage from the guy before. My mircophone had to be taped to my neck, because my ears where to small for it.

I smiled and waved awkwardly at the crowd. The music started, and I began to relax. After the first song I was smiled and chilled with the boys near me. I smiled feeling good about myself. Harry gave Niall a look and Niall nodded, stepping forward.

"Hey everyone." Niall waved. "What do you guys think of this young lady," He raised his arms at me, "Milrea Shone." The croud cheered. I blushed looking down at my stripper heels. "What would you think of her coming with us for more concerts?" They screamed louder.

"I'm sure they don't mean it. They're cheering for the boys." I wispered to myself. I jump and laughed and sang for the rest of the concert as if it had never happend. It still lingered in my mind. Finally when we were all off stage, laughing.

"Good job." Harry smiled at me. Some girls ran up with back-stage passing freaking out, and jumping up and down. I stepped aside, so they could get the boys autographs. "Hey ladies. You're cute aren't you." The girl giggled backing up to her friends.

"Hey, I want yours too!" The girls said after the boys, shoving pens and paper at me. I was shocked, but signed, not having it down strait. I could barely write quickly anyway. They smiled and thanked me.

I looked at the boys confused, "That was weird." I finaly said after they left. "I'm going to go get changed." I put the dress away, back in my layed back outfit. I went outside after the boys. It didn't take to long to get to the bus at a normal time. But with screaming fans, the girls wanted to be all over the boys, so it only took forever. I sat down on the couch next to Tori.

"You did good out there." Tori said. "I'm not suprised buddy." She smirked.