Author's note: Hi all, I'm having a bit of writer's block right now, so I'm taking a wee bit of a break from 'Distracting Ranger' to wrestle my muse back into her cage.

Never fear, I promise that I will finish it and that I will begin posting again very soon, but I wanted to give you an update rather than just leave you all hanging. I abhor unfinished stories so I solemnly swear that I will finish it. Soon. I'm just trying to work out the serious conversation (which almost all of you requested) in my head. I've got the monkey wrench scene already written, but I can't seem to freaking get Ranger and Stephanie to sit down and have a real, grown up discussion.

My muse has decided to run off with Lester Santos instead of Ranger (take that, Batman!), so I've begun posting a new story, titled 'Loving Lester', which was spawned by the fabulous feedback I received from you all in earlier chapters of this story when Steph was dating Les. So if you liked those chapters/ scenes, please give 'Loving Lester' a shot. It's pretty much complete already, so no worries that my muse will run away on it. It just needs a few connectors to make the story flow and to be edited.

Turns out I'm a Tart, too. Who knew? ;-)

So please add me to your author alerts if you'd like to get notice of new chapters of 'Loving Lester'!

As a little teaser for what happens when a monkey wrench gets thrown in… in a role reversal, Ranger's going to need Stephanie's help to recover from this one!

But I promise there is no real monkey. I thought that monkey in the later books (Carl?) was pretty dang annoying.

Thanks for your patience! And if you have any ideas of how the conversation should go between Ranger and Stephanie, by all means, let me know!