This is the prologue to my first Spirit: SOTC story. I hope you guys enjoy it.

I (sadly) do not own Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron


It was a crappy day out when one of the absolute craziest things in the world happened to me, a regular Minnesota farm girl, named Rebecca. Most people (who are what I would call sane) would call it down right impossible.

I was watching one of my favorite movies in the world. Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron. It had to be one of the best movies out there. Anyway, so I was watching it with my sister on this freezing cold, not to mention wet, day (It was actually a few days after Christmas but there wasn't any snow on the ground) and suddenly there's something wrong with the television. It had just shut off on itself which it never does.

So I asked my sister if she had one of the three remotes and she, of course, had to say no. So then I thought that it was just strange power outage type thing with it. I went to see if I could fix it before I had to go get mom or dad up from there naps. I couldn't find anything wrong with it and I was getting pretty ticked at that point. I pressed the power buttons just to make sure. That when IT happened.

The TV screen went white and I had the urge to touch it. The moment I did, however, I was sucked into this weird portal faster that you could blink. I started screaming as I fell. It seemed to go for about two minutes before I land with a thump on the ground. That's how I ended up in this mess.

So thats the prologue. Chapter 1 coming right up! Please R+R.