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Chapter 3 –

I have to admit, I was pretty shocked when I stepped in the fort to. More from the size of it than anything. I saw Spirit eyeing the guards and then the horses. Seeing them in formation like that really set him off. I just decided to pretend to be the good girl for a little while longer. I jumped a little though at the sound of the Colonel firing his pistol.

I eyed him on the giant dark bay stallion he was riding. "What seems to be the problem here gentlemen?" I heard him ask in a completely relaxed and calm tone. It was obvious that he had done this many times before. I just snorted. Just wait pal.

"We have two mustangs here sir; the stallion's a bit crazy though." I heard one of them say. I gave a soft laugh. This was going to be amusing. I saw him walk up to Spirit putting the riding whip under his chin. "The army has dealt with wild horses before; this one will be no different." That's when Spirit took the whip and broke, spitting it at the Colonel's feet. He just gave him a smug look. "Induct these animals Sergeant." "Yes sir." Was the reply before having us dragged over to Murphy.

"Okay Murphy. They're all yours." Spirit snapped at him. "Stallions' a wild one though." I saw a man come out of the shadows. One word. Creepy. "We'll see how wild they are when I'm done with them." He smirked.

About an hour and a half later, Murphy was covered with bruises, blood, had a broken hand, and a black eye. At least I didn't get to see how painful the branding was. In the meantime, I was laughing at the Murphy getting kicked or letting my head droop and snort from boredom.

"Corporal, round up some volunteers to take this animal to the stables." I heard the Sergeant ask. "Not the stables." Said the Colonel, intervening. "Sir?" the Sergeant asked, probably scared at the next task of having to handle Spirit. "The corral. It's time to break that horse." Here came the fun part. At least I would probably get to wait awhile to get my mane cut.

I spent the next few hours in the stable with the other horses while watching Spirit literally kick some butt. The horses were simply amazed at how he could withstand so many riders on his back. I simply just smiled and stared.

After the last rider that dared try ride was thrown off and Spirit was running around scaring the men, Colonel finally ordered Spirit to be tied to the post without food or water for three days. I on the other hand had to go see the now conscious, but extremely crabby, Murphy.

Murphy had made sure that my halter was extremely tight on my face and it hurt. I knew that it was time to throw the act. I bit his bad hand like Spirit did. He wasn't too happy with that so he hit me in the face. "You stupid, mangy mustang! You'll pay for that!"

Murphy's ranting had brought some attention. Seeing that I hadn't been putting up a fuss so far, many of the men figured that I was going to be alright with the grooming.

They guessed wrong.

I eventually found a way to knock him unconscious but that wasn't till after my mane and tail were cut. I got to skip the shoes and the branding though. Thank God.

The men were too tired and scared after trying to break Spirit so they decided that tomorrow would be a better day to try. If they think for one minute that I'm going to willingly let them ride me, then they had another thing coming.

The next day I gave them some trouble tacking me up by lying on the ground. A few of them were brave enough to eventually go in and get me standing. I snapped at them a little but otherwise put the façade back on and let them tack me without any further problems.

When the first rider came in, he was extremely nervous. I kept the act up and let him get on my back. When the gate opened I stood still making them wait a little longer. I smirked when I saw men and horses alike give me curious glances. I then decided to start the show. I immediately ran out and decided to do something a little risky; I jumped and landed on my back. I think I broke the poor man's bones in a few areas but it was enough to let them know that I was not someone to be taken lightly.

Many of the horses, including Spirit, were staring at me with their mouths opened. I just shook myself off and let the man get out with some help. I trotted back to the gate but didn't go in. I was daring them to come in and catch me. When none did I felt a sense of triumph.

I walked into the gate, waiting for another rider. After awhile, one volunteered. Poor sap.

I had injured only one other rider after the second volunteer. I hope his insurance covers wheelchairs. So I was considered too dangerous for riding and was only to be kept around for 'increasing the herd's numbers.' Apparently there was a shortage of mares and I could be too valuable to pass up. I was put in a separate pen away from other horses. At least it had food and water.

I looked at my reflection in the tank and a few teardrops made ripples in the water. This is not how I wanted to end up in life. Turned into a horse and kept for breeding at some fort in the middle of freaking nowhere. I just hoped that my life would get better soon.

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