Author's Notes

Another collection of drabbles. I intend for the length to be 8 drabbles, but the lengths don't always come out the way I want. A lot of things don't, but then again, that's half the fun.

About the age, I don't know about all but some four year olds can definitely read. I was reading the babysitters club by my fifth birthday; maybe that's why I'm still such a bookworm. Couldn't write to save my life and my speaking English was pretty bad. But then again, English isn't my native tongue. Didn't start getting more than a fifty something till year 8 (form 2 in some countries). Bottom line though is that it's not impossible for four year olds to read picture books. Some people do start prep at 4.

Enjoy, and tell me what you think.

Grandma's Book of Fairytales

Not all families were so close knit as their twosome. And there was a reason for that.

Tomoko K & Kouichi K

Drabble 01


Even at four years of age, the twins were as different as could be. Kouichi was quietly attempting to read Momotaro the Peach Boy…actually, he was pretty much reading, between looking at the pictures. He'd taken to books like bees take to honey, and his grandmother, had been more than happy to help. She had even gone so far as to buy the book he had spread open on the living room rug.

Kouji on the other hand was running after the soccer ball. Which was perhaps the better option seeing as their parents were currently in the living room, and arguing a little louder than they should have been with a child still present.

'If you cannot even be home longer than it takes to sleep, eat, drink and do anything else that is absolutely necessary…' Tomoko looked like she was gritting those last words out; perhaps she had another wording in mind and was aiming to make it more child-friendly for the benefit of the child who had raised his focus from the book and was now watching with worry and a slight fear. Almost as if he could sense the tension between his father and mother, and drew a small breath as said mother finished her sentence. 'Then maybe you should reconsider your role as a father.'

The other's face turned into one of rage and the young boy lifted his book off the ground and hid behind it, blue eyes peeking over the rim.

'Don't you dare insinuate that I care nothing for my children. I work long hours to ensure the best for my children. You know…' He continued on.

They were using words too big for the young child, but he could tell his parents were arguing about something.

'If you're not going to come home enough to spend time with your children and your wife, then you either leave one or the other.' The tone was restrained, almost cold.

'Is that a threat Tomoko?'

'Maybe it is.' Okay, there was a bit of childishness in that. Apparently Kousei thought that too.

'I did not marry a child Tomoko.'

'Nor did I marry a man who immerses himself in his work and leaves no time for his family.'

A pause. A draw of breath.

'Tomoko…what will it accomplish if I drop my job. You know with the international economic crisis the likelihood of finding another job is very low. Besides, you can't care for both of them on your own. You wouldn't even be able to take care of one!'

The woman's eyes narrowed. 'Are you insinuating I am unable to care for my own sons on my own?'

'That is exactly what I'm saying!'

'Stop yelling,' Kouichi whimpered quietly as the yelling attracted the younger son who trudged in with muddy socks. But Kouji was the only one who heard the plea.

The phone rang at that point, and it was quieter for a few minutes…until Kousei hung up.

'They need me in the office,' he muttered with a half-glance to his wife. Admittedly the timing couldn't have been far worse.

The other's expression turned stony, and even the two young sets of blue eyes blinking and huddling together could tell that some gigantic slab of earth was going to move.

'We were supposed to spend the night together,' she said coldly. 'Our anniversary. If you want to walk away from that, fine. But don't consider yourself a part of this family any longer.'

'You don't have the power or the right to decide that.'

Then he picked up his briefcase and walked out the door.

'tou-san!' Kouji tried to run after him. The other just sat on the floor, still clutching his book with the beginning of tears forming in his eyes.