Author's Notes

And that's the end. A bit of a disappointing one I think but it links into the series so it all works out…relatively.

This fic basically focuses on Kouichi's relationship with two people, Tomoko and his grandmother Kameyo, and Kouji is neither of those. Hence the ending. You know, suddenly the shock comes crashing down...

Enjoy, and tell me what you think.

Grandma's Book of Fairytales

Not all families were so close knit as their twosome. And there was a reason for that.

Tomoko K & Kouichi K

Drabble 08


'Kouichi…you need to know…you have a…brother…'

A part of him wished his grandmother had never told him those words so he could go along living happily in ignorance. But alas, no, the world wasn't quite so kind, and now he was, essentially, a mess.

The first thing was the internal family issues; growing up he had been largely attached to his grandmother, albeit rather unfairly now that he had matured up and had the mindset to reflect back on his earlier memories. Very vaguely he remembered his mother arguing with a shadow of a father about the same issue, and no doubt the memory had been more prominent in his…err, younger youth. But it was quite obvious there was no other choice; too often was Tomoko fretting about bills and funds though the dark haired youth was only aware of a handful of them. His mother was unfortunately very good at keeping things from him, but it had taken a while for him to realise that all had been for his own benefit. Reflecting back, not once had he gone from needing something…not even his mother's company, the hole into which his grandmother had fallen into. Sure he had been hurt at times, but the distancing had not been battling need but rather want, to become more independent and inclusive concurrently…it was a necessity to the growing up process, and no doubt things would be much much worse if it had happened otherwise. Perhaps.

Why did life just keep on getting more and more confusing? Sure he was closer to his mother than ever, especially during the final few weeks where Tomoko had coerced her snivelly boss into some time off, threatening to sue more like, and they had managed to get more family time together then they ever had along with the hopes and slow snail of recovery. Then suddenly throw in a dead grandmother and a brother he hadn't even known he had into the mess, and what else is one going to get?

Tomoko looked even more frazzled than usual, which was to be expected he thought sorrowfully, but not welcome at all. His eleventh birthday had come and gone and it was an especially quiet affair. He spent the afternoon draped on the couch with a tired mother and reading to her as she listened quietly and, for once, listened to the Doctor's instructions and rested.

But she was still unhappy. Sad, tired, with only half of what she should have been getting and toiling for twice its worth.

She smiled up at him, but it was still tired, sad, with the echo of something else. He finally understood the entirety, the reason why his mother had barely been able to face looking at him on that lonely feverish night. Why he still remembered that was a mystery.

But finally, finally, it all made sense. And it hurt. It hurt a lot really that the power to fix it all lay far beyond his reach…and control. And how it must have hurt his mother, knowing another of her children were somewhere with the man she had argued bitterly with and who had eventually left a woman to fend for themselves (forget the times he thought it had perhaps been the other way around). And to have that reminder every day, along with the son she still had drifting away (of which he was entirely to blame in his moment of guilt)…

…he'd just have to do something about that. And find his brother.