Hello any one bothering to look at this! After a one time story failure I wrote, it is time to try again!

Percy Jackson belongs to Rick Riordan

Okami belongs to Capcom

Respectful religions belong to whoever thought them up


They were coming. The rotting smell of oni rose up around the small figure. "Sore dann….sore dann!" Panting, the small boy sent a Japanese prayer on his breath, before the demon scrolls smothered him in evil. Wind took his words past the tall wooden gate, and delivered them to an old woman praying inside the holy Shinto temple.

Slowly she rose, and hobbled outside towards where the oni were starting to feast on the boy's body. All of the bloody demons turned their attention towards the old women. Blinding lights emitted from her body as her geta clicked on the small path in front of the tall gate. "Let my child rest, you foul demons of Yami." came the powerful voice from the now tall and beautiful light standing before them. Shrieks of horror came from the beasts as all fled from sight.

Pausing, she made sure all had left the area before turning to the mangled and broken body on the ground.

Small tears dropped from her eyes, as an even older man came out of the temple. Cringing though, as he saw the boy's body, the man reached down and picked the body up. Looking back, the woman was sobbing, as the blood on the ground stained her white robe scarlet. Looking at the stars in the night, thought

How could I? Another one is lost. My children…why do you leave my side for the underworld so soon these days? Why? Were the ones who did this to my Jiro mentioned in his prayer? I must remember your words again…

"Mother…please tell father I am sorry for leaving... And…punish the ones responsible for my death…Perceus Jackson and the idolatrous Olympians!"

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